Where to See Christmas Lights in San Antonio

San Antonio Riverwalk during the Christmas season at dusk
••• San Antonio River Walk during the Christmas season at dusk. Getty Images/Kimberly Brotherman

When the sun goes down each day during the holiday season, there are some areas of San Antonio that light up the Christmas spirit with twinkling lights. If you're going to be in the San Antonio area during the month of December, read on find out where you can partake in the festivities, Texas-style.

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    Starting December 15th, several Windcrest neighborhoods will light up their homes to various Christmas themes. Though not as many homes participate as in years past, there is still plenty to see. In fact, many still count Windcrest as the standard when talking about neighborhood Christmas lights.

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    Downtown & the River Walk

    Annually as of the day after Thanksgiving, the River Walk and the surrounding downtown area is strewn with festive lights. Take a drive and enjoy the lights, then park and walk up and down the River Walk.

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    University of the Incarnate Word

    Since the UIW campus is full of trees, it is naturally a great place to hang Christmas lights. You can see them when you drive down the intersection of Broadway and Hildebrand, but once classes are out for the semester, it is easy to drive around the campus and see the rest. The lights are turned on at 6 p.m. nightly and goes through the new year.

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    The Forum

    Behind the shopping center known as The Forum is a series of blocks of homes with lights that have been trying to give Windcrest a serious run for their money. Head south on Olympia from the shopping center and decide for yourself.

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    Shavano Park

    Not every single block in Shavano Park is lit up, but it is easy to find the ones that are if you drive around just a bit, or follow the cars that are already sure to be there trying to find the beautiful displays.

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    Santa's Ranch

    Technically this isn't in San Antonio, but Santa's Ranch is just south of San Marcos and is well worth the drive to see a 50-ft tree and drive through an entire park of light displays. Load up the car, print out the coupon on their website and get filled with holiday cheer.