Christmas Fun in the Northwest

Fun Things to Do During the Holiday Season

Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth, Washington, USA
Christmas Lighting Festival in Leavenworth, WA. Getty Images/Danita Delimont

We have many different ways to celebrate Christmas in the Northwest. Our mountains and forests are great places to go choose and cut your own tree or to enjoy snow sports such as tubing and skiing. Holiday parades, tree lighting ceremonies and craft fairs are offered in almost every community, making it a great time for a Christmas-themed getaway.

Christmas Parades in the Northwest

Santa often makes his first appearance of the season at Christmas parades. As many Northwest cities are on or near the water, the Northwest has a tradition of boat and ship parades, where the decorations and lights reflect off the water. The effect is simply beautiful. Many of these holiday parades take place during the days following Thanksgiving, while others run throughout the season.

Christmas Light Shows and Festivals in the Northwest

The twinkles and color of lights are everywhere in the Northwest during the holiday season, whether on a yacht, a downtown storefront or a path at the zoo.

Outdoor Christmas Fun in the Northwest

It might be more than a bit chilly, but getting outdoors during the Christmas season can be fun for the whole family. Most of these outdoor events include hot cocoa or fresh doughnuts, making them an extra special treat.

  • Cut Your Own Christmas Tree: The Northwest's national forests sell permits allowing you to cut your own tree. You'll also find U-cut Christmas tree farms throughout the Northwest, too, and often you barely have to venture out of the cities to find the farms.

Holiday Trains in the Northwest

Kids love Christmas and they love trains -- combine the two and you're sure to have some serious holiday fun.

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