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So it's the holiday season in Oklahoma City. The Thanksgiving turkey is still giving you that sleepy feeling, football and Christmas movies dominate the television schedule, and shoppers crowd the malls looking for that perfect present. It's a fantastic mixture of festivity and frustration. Well, here's something to help you get through it all.

This is your Christmas in Oklahoma City headquarters. Get all the information you need for nearly every aspect of the holidays from decorating and food to shopping and events.

Myriad Gardens and Oklahoma City
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Christmas Decorations

First, you should get your home ready for the season. This undoubtedly will put you in the Christmas spirit and prepare you for the more frustrating moments ahead. Make sure to:

Sooner Mall
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Christmas Shopping

Now that you are filled with holiday spirit, you have the energy and fortitude to begin your shopping, certainly not a relaxing task this time of year. Plan to:

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Christmas Food

With all (or at least most) of the shopping out of the way, you can concentrate on food. After all, what are the holidays without all the great treats and traditional dishes?

  • If you plan to do the big Christmas feast, find the best grocery store for your food purchases. In all likelihood, you're looking at many of the same places and items as when Thanksgiving grocery shopping in OKC.
  • But if you don't or can't cook, check with the restaurants that offer eating out for Thanksgiving dinner. Many of them also do full meals for Christmas.
  • And last but not least, you can always head out to eat on Christmas. Though not many, there are some restaurants open Christmas in OKC.
Downtown Christmas Oklahoma City
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Christmas Events and Attractions

If all goes well with the above, much of the weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Now it's time to live it up. For the Christmas season, make sure to:

Christmas Travel

For many, the holiday season is one of family and togetherness. That often means trekking across the city or state to visit friends and relatives at parties and gatherings. A little preparation can go a long way. Consider:

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, but there's a lot to keep your mind busy or frazzle your nerves as well. Take everything step by step for Christmas and break it down. That makes the frustrations less frequent and the spirit much more cheerful.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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