12 Colorful Pictures of Christmas in India

Children decorating Christmas tree in India.
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    Making Decorations in Kashmir

    Making Christmas decorations in Kashmir.
    Yawar Nazir / Contributor /Getty Images.

    Although India isn't a predominantly Christian country, Christmas is still widely celebrated. These Christmas photos capture the spirit across the country.

    Paper mache Christmas decorations are made by Kashmiri Muslim artisans. They're sold in markets in India, as well as exported all over the world.

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    Packing Decorations for Sale

    Kashmiri Christmas decorations.
    Yawar Nazir / Contributor/ Getty Images.

    Kashmiri Muslim artisans pack handmade Christmas decorations ready for sale.

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    Christmas Decorations for Sale

    Christmas decorations for sale in India.
    Sharell Cook.

    Christmas decorations are sold at a market in Bow Bazaar, Kolkata.

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    Santas for Sale

    Christmas santas for Sale in Kolkata.
    Sharell Cook.

    Santas and Santa costumes for sale at a market in Bow Bazaar, Kolkata.

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    Santa Hats for Sale

    Street vendors speak to a potential customer as they sell Christmas items at the roadside, in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral on Christmas Day, in New Delhi, India
    Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

    Street vendors sell Christmas items by the roadside in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Delhi on Christmas Day.

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    Christmas Tree Vendor

    Christmas tree seller in Delhi.
    Daniel Berehulak / Staff /Getty Images

    A street vendor sells plastic Christmas trees in Delhi.

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    Christmas Candles

    Lighting candles for Christmas in Delhi.
    Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images.

    People gather to light candles and celebrate Christmas at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Delhi.

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    Christmas Parade in Kerala

    Cochin Carnival parade at Christmas.
    Tim Draper/Getty Images.

    The Cochin Carnival, in Kerala, coincides with Christmas and features a colorful parade. These theyyam performers are getting into the spirit with their special decorations (notice the tinsel and white Santa beard?).

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    Christmas at Church in Kerala

    Christmas at chuch in Kerala.
    Tim Draper/Getty Images.

    Christmas celebrations in the square next to Santa Cruz Basilica in Kochi, Kerala. Kerala has a relatively large Christian population.

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    Midnight Mass in Mumbai

    Midnight Christmas mass being held at the grounds of a school in Mazgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
    Dinodia Photo/Getty Images

    Midnight Christmas Mass taking place in the grounds of a school in Mumbai. However, Mumbai has many Catholic churches where Midnight Mass is held. Here are nine popular ones.

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    Family Christmas in Mumbai

    Family Christmas in Mumbai.
    Ele Rein / Contributor /Getty Images.

    A Catholic family in Mumbai celebrates Christmas with a nativity scene.

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    Christmas Mass in India

    Christmas mass in India.
    Yawar Nazir / Contributor /Getty Images.

    Priests perform Christmas mass at Holy Family Catholic Church in Srinagar, India.