Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Solo Trip

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Solo travel is something that can cover both a short trip or a long term expedition, but wherever you are going to, it is important to make sure that you are looking after your feet by choosing the right footwear for what you will be doing. There are several different factors that you will want to take into account, but one of the most important things is comfort, otherwise issues such as blisters and pressure sores can cause you a real misery. Here are some tips for making sure that you look after your feet as well as you can, while still being practical.


Weight And Space Restrictions

This is one of the biggest problems that many people will be concerned about when they are preparing for a solo trip, and being aware of what you can practically carry with you is important to your preparations. If you are going on a vacation where you are likely to be staying in one place for longer periods, the weight of your footwear isn't too much of an issue, but if you are going to be carrying your luggage every day in the form of a rucksack, you won't want it to be weighted down by too many pairs of shoes. It is also worth bearing in mind that many airlines will have restrictions on luggage, so you may have to consider space as well as the weight of your luggage.


Planning Your Footwear Options For Your Activities

When you are looking at the different pairs of shoes that are among the candidates to be included in your luggage, it is important to take into account the different types of activities you intend to do while you are away. It is vital that you do not underestimate how much walking you are going to be doing, as many people will be unfamiliar with walking often and for longer distances than they are used to, so the right footwear can help here. Also, if you are going to be visiting cities and heading out to bars and nightclubs, you may need to take something other than clunky walking boots with you as well.


All Round Travel Shoes

Unless you are going to be heading up into the mountains and walking for longer distances over several days, most people will find that a pair of comfortable trainers with a sturdy, supportive sole to be sufficient. It is best not to start the journey in brand new shoes, so make sure you have worn the trainers in with a few weeks of wear before you get on the plane.


Compact Smart Shoes

If you are going to be attending a few formal events or you are likely to be going out regularly, you can look for footwear that will be smart without taking up too much room in your luggage. A pair of stylish sandals can easily be fit around other items of clothing when it comes to packing, but the key thing is not to take too many pairs with you. For men who are likely to need a pair of formal shoes, they cannot really be reduced in size, so packing your luggage intelligently, and stuffing these shoes with socks and underwear will not only save space, but will also help to keep the shape of the shoes.


Flip Flops, Sandals And Slippers

Along with your main pair of shoes, having something comfortable and light to wear when the need arises is also worth considering, although again you also should bear in mind the space you have available. Flip flops (or thongs as they are known in some countries) are lighter and easier to pack than bulky sandals, and are ideal if you are heading out for a beach holiday or going to a warmer destination where you will want to cool your feet. On the other hand, a warm pair of moccasins or slippers can be comfortable if you are going to somewhere cooler but still want something you can change into.



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