Choosing the Correct Slalom Water Ski

Boat Speed and Body Weight Play a Factor

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When you graduate from two water skis and are ready to tackle the world of slalom waterskiing don't rush off to buy the slalom water ski you think best matches the color of your wetsuit. Take a moment to consider several factors. The two most important things to consider are your weight and the speed at which you usually ski.

  • Sizing Charts
    Your weight and boat speed play a factor in how the slalom water ski performs. Use the chart at the end of the article as a general guide when choosing your water ski size.Goode offers a Water Ski AMP Selector Guide that may also be of use to you. AMP is short for Ampliation, which means "sizing". Goode created an AMP chart to define a ski's length and flex.
  • Skill Level
    When considering the make of a slalom water ski, choose one to match your skill level. If you are a beginner, do not go for an aggressive ski which could cause injury if you are not able to control it. Manufacturers design skis to match all skill levels.
  • Bindings/Boots
    You want your water ski bindings to be snug but not tight. If the boot is too tight you run the risk of breaking an ankle, leg, or knee because the ski may not properly release from your foot upon falling.There are several different kinds of boot makeups. They range from simple toe plates where you point your foot straight in to advanced high wrap bindings which snugly cover the entire foot as well as high on the ankle
  • Fin System
    You generally want to have an adjustable fin system. This will allow you to change it to fit your skiing style, whether you make smooth carving turns, quick round turns, or quick sharp turns.

Slalom Water Ski Size Chart

Boat Speed 26-30 mph 30-34 mph 34-36 mph
80-110 lbs 63-64" 62-64" -------
95-120 lbs 65-66" 63-64" 63-64"
115-140 lbs 65-66" 63-64" 63-64"
135-160 lbs 67-68" 65-66" 65-66"
155-180 lbs 69" 67-68" 67-68"
175-200 lbs 69" 69" 67-68"
195-220 lbs 72" 69" 69"
215 lbs and up 72" 72" 72"
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