Chinese New Year in Macau

Where to celebrate Chinese New Year in Macau


Chinese New Year in Macau is the city’s biggest and boldest annual celebration. Families swap gifts, share wishes for the new year and eat too much - think Christmas but with firecrackers, dragon dances and lots of noise. 

You can find out more about the actual celebration of the event in our Guide to Chinese New Year, while below you’ll find the specific Macau celebrations – with dates and addresses. Crossing the water? We also have profile of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

In 2016 Chinese New Year falls on February 8th, (the date changes from year to year) although the celebrations last for a couple of days.

Chinese New Year at the Temple

Temples in Macau are full to bursting at Chinese New Year as locals ply their favourite deities with goodies and gifts in the hope of buying some good luck in the New Year. Amidst the crowds and haze of incense you’ll find dragon dances and drumming groups as well as fortune tellers promising to give you a glimpse into the future. We’ve already been future gazing with our piece on  Chinese New Year horoscopes for the year ahead. The liveliest temple for Chinese New Year in Macau is the 16th century A-Ma temple and the best day to visit is traditionally Chinese New Year’s eve.

  • Details: A-Ma Temple
  • Address: Largo de Barro
  • When: 6th - 8th February

Chinese New Year Parade in Macau

Macau’s flagship event is its Chinese New Year parade. This festival of floats, dancers and drummers will feature 18 lion dances, a variety of local and regional floats and the blockbuster attraction - a 238 meter dragon. The parade will sway its way from Senado Square through to the ruins of St Paul.

  • Details: Chinese New Year Parade
  • Address: Ruins of St Pauls
  • When: 8th February

Chinese New Year Fireworks

It wouldn’t be a Chinese festival without blowing up some fireworks and for Chinese New Year Macau tends to let off a whole factory. It promises to be truly spectacular. The best vantage point will from the base of the Macau Tower or facing back across the water from the waterfront on Taipa.

  • Details – Chinese New Year Fireworks
  • Address – Macau Tower or along the seafront
  • When: 8th February

Flower Markets for Chinese New Year

Flowers are an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations and in the run up to the big day flower markets spring up to satisfy the demand for kumquat trees and other good luck flowers. These are best visited at night – after 8pm – when they are packed with families hunting down their favourite tree and arms wide with flowers. The atmosphere is celebratory and you’ll find plenty of sweet food and drink to fill up on. Macau has two locations; one at Fisherman’s Wharf and the other at Tap Seac Square – the latter is by far the better option.

  • Details: Tap Seac Square Flower Market
  • Where: Tap Seac Square
  • When: From 6th - 8th February

Macau Casinos at Chinese New Year

Macau’s casinos are promising a bonanza of promotions and deals for Chinese New Year, although it’s worth mentioning that most of them are designed to part you and your money by way of betting incentives. Beyond betting, the MGM Grand has thrown together a 22 metre high tech dragon to greet visitors while the Grand Lisboa will be offering prize draws and giveaways, while the Venetian Macau are running Chinese New Year meal promotions.