Chinese New Year Horoscopes for 2017

What Does the 2017 Year of the Rooster Hold For You?

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Your Chinese New Year horoscope can define everything over the next 12 months, from job prospects and love life, to stock market tips and what color socks to wear to bring luck. Your Chinese horoscope is determined by the year you were born, with each year represented by an animal. Use our Chinese zodiac guide to match your birth date to the correct sign. Below is our annual (and completely light hearted) look at what the wise old men say is in store for the Chinese New Year of the Rooster in 2017.


If you're interested in finding out more about Chinese New Year, see our Chinese New Year guide where we reveal the traditions and superstitions that surround the celebrations for the Year of the Horse. Not sure which sign you are? 

Profile of Rat Characteristics and Personality

While you shouldn’t have to spend 2017 dodging those cowboys from rento-kill, it’s not going to be a fantastic year down in the sewers. Try and curb your natural instinct to be directly ambitious or you are likely to find your tail caught in a trap. Instead, play it smart. There are chances to get your hands on a brick of brie or two if you stay determined, work hard and don’t make any rash decisions. Romance is also possible, but whether you’re looking for someone new or trying to ignite romance at home, don’t push too hard or they are likely to flush you down the toilet bowl. 

Profile of Cow Characteristics and Personality

Pack your bags, you’re going to Pamplona.

There will never be a better time to run with the bulls than 2017. Overcome your natural fear of change and use the energy from the year of the rooster to batter down the barn doors and go get what you want. It’s a particularly fantastic year for wandering into new pastures to find new friends,  or even someone to spend the next harvest festival with.

For those who already have an udder half, get out and about and try something new together – grab the bull by the horns in 2017 and you’ll be a happier heifer for it. 

Profile of Tiger Characteristics and Personality

Well, 2016 was probably about as much fun as a safari day out. If you managed to avoid being made someone’s trophy rug last year, then you’ll find 2017 a little easier. You’ll still need to keep that fiery temperament under control and avoid encounters with strays who want to yank your tail – but keep calm and focused and you have every chance of ending up a fat cat. There should be plenty of opportunities out on the savannah for a better career or a new challenge to sink your teeth into. 

Profile of Rabbit Characteristics and Personality

Get a shovel and start digging a very deep burrow; 2017 is likely to be a stinker for rabbits. You’re laid back by nature but that means you’ll struggle to make progress in a period that’s filled with energy. You’ll need determination at work and business to make sure you’re not the one who misses out when they start handing out the carrots. It’s not a fantastic year for romance, but if there is someone you want to make feel special take everything in short hops and you might be able to put a bit more bounce in your step.

Profile of Dragon Characteristics and Personality

It can be lonely being a dragon – if it’s not have a go Lancelot’s tossing spears at you, then it’s bands of dwarves trying to lop off your head with an axe. Well, 2017 is the year you should escape your cave and spread your wings to find new friends in new places. Your loyalty and honesty will endear you to others, and if there is someone you have had your eyes on now is the time to make your move. Adding to your pile of treasure will be a little trickier – you can make headway at work or in a new business but keep that temper under wraps or expect to get burned. 

Profile of Snake Characteristics and Personality

Do you have a spare skin hanging around? Dust it off because 2017 is the year to dress to impress. Whether you want to climb the ladder at work, make a big life decision or find that perfect snake in the grass to settle down with, your intelligence and calm personality will shine through this year.

Just be sure to squeeze the year for every bit of success possible. 

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More Chinese New Year zodiac signs for the Year of the Rooster, 2017. 

Profile of Horse Characteristics and Personality

You could gallop through 2017 like a Derby winner or be led around like a donkey – it all depends how uch you want to succeed. The year of the rooster isn’t a naturally lucky one for horses, but you’re hardworking spirit does offer the opportunity for prosperity if you’re willing to jump over a few fences.

Set career or business goal at the start of the year and work towards them slowly to find yourself pulling out ahead of the pack later in the year. 

Profile of Sheep Characteristics and Personality

Always wanted to do more than sit around being turned into woollen sweaters? Well, this year is your year to prove that there is a wolf in that sheep’s clothing. You are gentle and thoughtful, but combine this with the passion of the rooster and you have a chance to find that perfect partner or make an existing relationship even better. Nor should you worry about following the herd at work or in your private life, the flock are your friends and together they can help you make some of those big changes you have been bleating on about.  


Profile of Monkey Characteristics and Personality

Time to break out the big plans – and maybe some bananas. The year of the rooster suits your natural ambition to achieve more, whether that’s reaching the next branch of the tree at work or building yourself a new treehouse at home – 2017 is the year to go and get what you want.

 You’ll need to monkey around less than usual (the year of the rooster is all about focused energy) and there will plenty of swinging around needed if you are to succeed – but apply yourself and you can be the king of the jungle. 

Profile of Rooster Characteristics and Personality

Well, cock-a-doodle-do, it’s your year at last.

2017 is the Chinese New Year of the Rooster and you can expect to spend the next twelve months as king or queen of the coop.  Success is possible in all your endeavours, but with plenty of energy it’s an especially good time to feather your bed with some cash – that might mean a change in career or company, or launching a business yourself. Ignore rivals that try to ruffle your feathers, if you stay positive your hard working nature and energy of the year will ensure that it’s you that is crowing over 2017. 


Profile of Dog Characteristics and Personality

You’ve been working like, well, a dog for the last while. Don’t stop. It might have felt like you were chasing your own tail last year, but in 2017 all your hard work will start to pay off and you’ll find that familiar wag back in your walk. There should be opportunities in the workplace, so don’t be afraid to tell your boss that there are things you’re better at than rounding up sheep. Whether you want someone to share a kennel with or just to roll around in the hay, romance is also on the cards. The year of the rooster does promises some conflict – so don’t be surprised if old flames and friends alike dig up a bone of contention or two.


Profile of Pig Characteristics and Personality

When pigs fly, they say. Well, wait till they see you pull on your superpig outfit and soar through 2017. The Chinese new year of the rooster is a fantastic one for swines of all sizes – as long as you can get your snout out of the trough and grab every chance with both trotters. You’ll need to be uncharacteristically energetic but if you’re willing to throw a little caution to the wind you might find yourself with new friends to roll around in the mud with or a chance to bring home some extra bacon at work. Be bold and go and get what is yours - this is the year to release your inner hog. 

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