Chinese Buses from New York to Boston

Cheap Transportation from NYC to Boston

If you need to travel between New York City and Boston but are on a tight budget, here's a travel tip for you: the Chinese bus. Actually, there are several Chinese bus companies that offer regular service between Chinatown in New York and Boston's Chinatown.

As of this writing (updated January 1, 2015), there are two Chinese bus companies that charge $12 to $30 for a one-way ticket between NYC and Boston:

Both Chinese bus companies allow you to purchase tickets online.

Popular competitor Fung Wah Bus has been shut down since March 2013 by the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Bear in mind, we're not talking about luxury transportation here. If you're seeking a comfy ride and many amenities en route, you may prefer to take the LimoLiner between Boston and New York. However, if you're a college student or other traveler with limited means, you'll be among frugal comrades in addition to many Chinese travelers.

Several other bus companies are affordable alternatives to riding the Chinese bus from NYC to Boston. It's worthwhile to compare rates from these bus services:

  • Megabus (one-way fares from $12-$51)
  • BoltBus (one-way fares from $15-$40)
  • Greyhound Express (one-way fares from $14.50-$56 with discounts for Web purchase)
  • Peter Pan Express (one-way fares from $10.50-$56)
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