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Visit the largest Chinatown neighborhood in the United States

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Since the late 1870s, Chinese immigrants have been settling in the New York City area. Despite the Exclusion Act of 1882, which prohibited Chinese immigration, the community and geography of Manhattan's Chinatown grew. Since 1965, when the immigration quotas were repealed, the immigrant community of Chinatown has grown and the census of 1980 indicated that New York Chinatown is the largest Chinese American settlement in the U.S.

The streets of Chinatown are great for wandering -- there are fabulous stores for buying Asian groceries and goods (which make great souvenirs) and even the sometimes stinky seafood markets are worth a look. When you get hungry, there are many options for delicious, affordable food representing a wide variety of Chinese cuisines, including restaurants specializing in Dim Sum, Cantonese cuisine, congee and seafood.

There is a very helpful Explore Chinatown Info Kiosk located on Canal at Walker & Baxter. It's open daily: weekdays 10am - 6pm and weekends 10am - 7pm with bilingual staff available to answer your questions and provide free maps, guides, and brochures.

Chinatown Map

Chinatown Subways:

  • 6
    - Canal Street
  • N, R, Q, W
    - Canal Street
  • B, D
    - Grand Street
  • J, M, Z
    - Canal/Centre Street
    - Chambers Street

Chinatown Neighborhood Boundaries

  • Broadway on the West
  • Rutgers/Essex Street on the East
  • Madison Street/Worth Street on the South
  • Broome Street, Grand Street and Canal on the North (Little Italy is in between Canal and Broome Streets between Baxter and Mott)

Chinatown Architecture

  • Many buildings have Asian inspired facades, featuring pagodas and tiled roofs.
  • Narrow tenement buildings create a bustling, slightly congested environment.
  • The Church of the Transfiguration and the Mahayana Buddhist Temple are among Chinatown's architectural gems.

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