Child Friendly Hotels in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has lots of wonderful hotels, but if you have younger children and want accommodations with space for them to run and play, a kiddy pool and even a playroom, check out these child friendly hotels. Though it’s never easy to travel with toddlers, these hotels will make the trip more pleasant for everyone in the family. Each property also has baby cribs (cots) available to lend, but they can run out so you must reserve in advance and double check that one is available before you arrive.

These options are on the more expensive side, but there is another option that's just as good. The Buak Haad City Park in the southwest corner of the Old City has a nice playground and plenty of open space for kids to play. It's also near some of the city's old style, inexpensive guest houses.

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    Tamarind Village

    ••• Tamarind Village

    This resort in the middle of the Old City is a well-established favorite of travelers who want a little luxury and comfort but still want to be in the center of the action and walking distance from the city's great restaurants. The resort complex is built around a main courtyard with other open spaces that take advantage of the lush, green surroundings. The décor, which takes advantage of lots of natural materials and earth tones, is very low key but the attentive and friendly service and attention to detail make Tamarind Village an indulgence.

    • Why it’s great for kids: Though this hotel does not have a playroom, it has a beautiful, expansive courtyard/garden area that’s perfect for little kids to run around in. There is also a lovely swimming pool. The resort is upscale but don’t be turned off; staff are kind and friendly to kids.
    • Address: 50/1 Rajdamnoen Rd., Chiang Mai +66 5341-8896.
    • Price: From 4,200 Baht ($125) for a double room.
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    The Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai

    This large, upscale resort is just a mile outside of the Old City of Chiang Mai. The Shangri-La’s style, modern Northern Thai, is subdued but elegant, and the rooms and common areas are luxurious and large. The grounds are beautiful and feel huge considering how close to the city center you are. Though you probably won’t be walking to the Old City from here, you can take a quick/cheap tuk tuk or arrange for a car to take you the three minute trip (read up on getting around Chiang Mai. One of the night markets, which extends past the Old City walls, is very close to the hotel and a great place to look and see or shop in the evenings. Upgrade to the club floor if you can, it’s worth it for the drinks and snacks.
    • Why it’s great for kids: The massive pool is a big hit, plus there is an indoor kids’ center with a playroom.
    • Address: 89/8 Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai +66 5325 3888.
    • Price: From 3,800 Baht ($125) for a standard double room.
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    This resort, a drive from the Old City but less than 30 minute away, is a lovely choice if you want to experience the beautiful landscapes of the north and also enjoy the more cultural, historic urban area. The Veranda Resort is split in half; one side is all about traditional northern Thai style and the other contemporary, sleek design. The surrounding nature is stunning: mountain ranges, rivers and lush, green rice fields. Rooms are very modern and come equipped with all the latest technology. Even the smallest ones have almost 500 square feet of space. At over 1,200 square feet, the two bedroom suites are massive. They also come equipped with kitchen appliances if you want to prepare food in your hotel instead of eating out for every meal.

    • Why it's great for kids: There’s a kid’s club with daily activities such as painting and movies. There is also a play area where kids can hang out.
    • Address: 192 Mu 2, Banpong, Hangdong +66 5336 5007.
    • Price: From 2,600 Baht ($80) for a...MORE double room.
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    This expansive, beautiful Lanna-style resort has lush grounds and large rooms and villas. The architecture of the buildings and salas is really lovely (Balinesque almost) and the plentiful windows and open-air rooms take advantage of the natural beauty of the landscape. It’s more than a mile outside of the Old City, so you can’t walk to the center, but if you are comfortable with the idea, it is a quick ride in a tuk tuk or car to wherever you want to go. Siripanna Villa Resort has all the modern amenities you’d want, including a fitness center, flat screen televisions and WiFi (though the resort charges a per day rate that’s quite expensive). The resort itself is also expensive, though it’s a value for what it offers.

    • Why it's great for kids: The location just outside the center, large family rooms, kid friendly pool and outdoor areas where kids can play tends to attract lots of families with small kids. Older kids will enjoy the miniature rice paddies, which let you learn about...MORE the rice growing process step by step. There are lots of water hazards, though, so you might be doing a lot of chasing.
    • Address: 36 Rat Uthit Rd., Chiang Mai +66 5337 1999.
    • Price: From 5,000 Baht ($160) for a double room with breakfast.