How to Plan a Cheap Vacation in Las Vegas

Get the most from your money in Las Vegas

Planning a Las Vegas vacation can be scary if you start adding up the numbers. Consider a few clever ways to stretch your vacation dollars as you plan your Las Vegas vacation.

What You Should Do Las Vegas?

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    If you spend less on eating you can spend more in other areas of your vacation, shows, entertainment, drinks and gambling. Ask yourself, do you really want to spend $200 on one meal, of course not, have a cheap meal and see a good show for the same amount of money. I tell people everyday that they can have a Las Vegas vacation that does not have to cost a lot of money. Food costs are the easiest to bring down. You have to eat but you don't have to eat for a lot of money in Las Vegas.
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    Cut the cost of your vacation in half by finding a good deal to Las Vegas. If you are the type who spends most of the day and night out on the town consider whether or not you should spend a lot of money on your room. A comfortable place to leave your things and take a nap does not have to cost a fortune.

    As you plan your trip to Las Vegas compare prices on hotels and shows with If your looking for package deal you can also try Best of Vegas. have some patience and you'll find that while there are a lot of similar prices out there some good deals do exist.

    TripAdvisor has plenty of user submissions to help you narrow down your choice. Just remember, sometimes people are more apt to talk about the negative than the positive.

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    If you are smart you'll find a few coupons and coupon books in taxi cabs and online and be on your way to free stuff and 2 for 1 meals. There is no shame in saving money, so use the coupons for an extra sandwich and a free deck of cards. You can also look for the casino players club booth at the resort you are staying at. They are not as lucrative as they once were but it's still possible to get something free.
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    You don't have to gamble, you just need to look like your gambling. Sit at a slot machine and wait around for a waitress to come around to take your drink order. Add a decent tip and you could save yourself a fortune on alcohol. Find a nice bar and if they have video poker machines you will get a free drink. TIP: Do not be afraid to ask the bartender if you get a free drink if you are playing the video poker machines. Do it quietly and discreetly. This makes no sense but I have found that while it is common knowledge that you get free drinks at the tables and slot machines it is not always well known at the casino bars. The staff is willing to give you free drinks but they don't regularly tell you to put money in to the video poker just to get the drink for free.
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    If you are a fan of entertainment Las Vegas is the place for you. The drawback is that entertainment can cost a lot of money. Try out a few of these shows that will not set you back the big bills but still give you a lot of entertainment. Make sure to check the coupon books in the taxi cabs or the back of the magazines in your hotel room for coupons and discounts for shows.
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    Free is always good but often you get what you pay for. In Las Vegas free can often mean a great show that pulls nothing from your bankroll. I can spend an entire day walking around Las Vegas and get so much free entertainment that I wonder how the place makes any money. Well, I know how they make money, it's all the chocolate that is available.
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    Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

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    Cheap hotels do not automatically mean crusty carpets, thin walls, lumpy mattresses and peculiar smells. It just means that they know how to offer you a better price for a bed in the most exciting city on the planet.
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    Find a Cheap Flight to Las Vegas

    The airlines are feeling the sting of a slow economy and that means it is up to you to go after that bargain. Pay less for a flight and use that money to treat yourself to something nice in Las Vegas.