5 Cheap Date Ideas in NYC

Your Love Isn't Cheap, but NYC Is Pricey; Try a Fun, Affordable Date

Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

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Romance in NYC can be expensive. Rather than breaking your bank account on an extravagant date or staying at home to save money, you could just be smarter about how you spend your time together. There are plenty of relatively inexpensive options for doing something special and memorable in NYC, and it may mean more than a pricey outing. Here are 5 great cheap date ideas in Manhattan.

1. Fall in Love With Culture at a Museum

Even with the crowds, visiting an affordable museum can make for a great date, depending on your shared interests. There are so many major museums in Manhattan to choose from, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the American Museum of Natural History, and, for something a little spicy, the Museum of Sex.

2. Head to a BYOB Restaurant

A dinner date in NYC can be pricey, but you can save money by finding a good bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) restaurant. Not only can you save on drinks, but you can also pair your favorite beer or wine with the items on the menu. There are plenty of great BYOB restaurants in Manhattan that have no corkage fee (or have a reasonable one), which means that you can have a romantic dinner together without paying a fortune for imbibing.

3. Set out for a Scenic Spot

One of the best things about being in NYC is that you're never short on scenic locations. Strolling through Central Park, walking along The High Line, or enjoying the view from the Brooklyn Bridge are guaranteed great dates. The locations don't even have to be major destinations. You may want find places that have personal significance to you both, like lingering on the street corner where you first kissed, or passing by the restaurant where you went to on your first date. Mix the scenic with the sentimental for an evening that means something to you both.

4. Visit Locations From Your Favorite Romantic Films

If you and your date are cinephiles, you can also make an entire day of visiting the romantic locations from your favorite movies. The website onthesetofnewyork.com has an exhaustive list of shooting locations for films shot in New York, from classics like Manhattan and Breakfast at Tiffany's to newer films such as Sleeping with Other People and Trainwreck. Whether you traverse the city from location to location or wind up at one spot in particular, be sure to find those personal, meaningful places to stop by as you and your date go on a cinematic odyssey of the city. (Tip: You might also consider a guided tour: try one of these 5 great NYC film tours.)

5. Catch a Bawdy Burlesque Show

Rather than do something traditional and basic, why not do something a little more artsy and sexy by catching one of the city's bawdy burlesque rooms? First opened in 1999 on the Lower East Side, The Slipper Room is a great choice, which has played host to a wide variety of live performances, and most notably, some excellent burlesque shows. It touts excellent atmosphere, and affordable prices, to boot. 167 Orchard St., btwn Stanton St. and Rivington St.; slipperroom.com

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