Cheap Mexico Airlines With Bargain Airfare

List of Cheap Mexico Airlines

Beach in Tulum
Beach in Tulum. Cultura Exclusive/Tanveer Badal/Getty Images

Cheap Mexico airlines are easy to find, with Avolar, Azteca, Click, Interjet, vivaAerobus, or viva Aerobus, and Volaris offering competitive and inexpensive fares.

More cheap Mexico airlines will probably be on the way as Mexico privatizes major airline AeroMexico. The cheap Mexico airlines below are like Southwest in the U.S. and budget airline easyJet in Europe -- cheap airfares to sometimes (to Norte Americanos) obscure or remote airports, though some, like RyanAir's vivaAerobus, will be serving a few U.S. cities, too.

Check out the list of current cheap Mexico airlines below and bear in mind that you may have to use Mexico buses to get around to the airports, or that the buses may (likely) provide cheaper long haul Mexico travel than flying within Mexico. Most sites are in Spanish and the deals are very hard to find -- persist and it may be worth it. Different airlines serve different hubs, meaning you may have to search a couple of airlines to put together the ultimate route you want. 

List of Cheap Mexico Airlines

  • Aviacsa - Aviacsa's hub is Mexico City and it's got one of the larger destination maps among the budget Mexico airlines. Aviacsa's site has an English section. Aviacsa phone number: 1-800-758-2188 or 54 82 82 80 in Mexico.
  • Click - Click Mexicana serves many very cool and somewhat less touristy areas, like beach resort Huatulco (south of Oaxaca city) and colonial Merida (play a few days, then drive to Cancun and Tulum), with often very cheap Mexico airfare specials.
  • Interjet - Interjet offers Veracruz, Tampico and Monterrey routes among its cheap Mexico airfares
  • vivaAerobus or Viva Aerobus - RyanAir's Mexico airline started offering cheap Mexico airfare in September, 2006 -- RyanAir is the cheap European airline champ based in Ireland and will be teaming with Mexico's IAMSA bus company for the Ryanair Mexico airline.
  • Volaris - Volaris airline is one of the cheap Mexico airlines with a Bajio Leon (San Miguel de Allende) routes, as well as a Tijuana-Cancun route. Volaris telephone number: 1-800-7VOLARIS.

Mexico Travel Planning

You can always cobble together a cheap Mexico airfare using a US airline sale or a student airfare to a US-Mexico border city like San Diego (take the bus to Tijuana) or Juarez, then grab a cheap Mexico airfare from one of the cheap Mexico airlines. Enjoy Mexico!