Looking for Cheap Lobster in the Boston Area?

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    Fresh Catch Serves Affordable Seafood Every Which Way

    Lobster Croissant at Fresh Catch Near Boston in Mansfield MA
    ••• My little girl and I would have been satisfied sharing this enormous, buttery lobster croissant for lunch. But we couldn't resist some of the other menu selections at Fresh Catch. © 2012 Kim Knox Beckius

    "It's like heaven for Mini Me and me!" I Tweeted when our server at Fresh Catch in Mansfield, Massachusetts, delivered an enormous grilled croissant overflowing with hot buttered lobster to our table. The two of us discovered this seafood restaurant and fish market in a southern suburb of Boston after a Junior Patriots Cheerleaders rehearsal in Foxborough. And even though we were so stuffed we had to go for a walk after lunch before settling into the car for our drive home to Connecticut, we were back at Fresh Catch six days later... because we couldn't resist the allure of lobster for breakfast!

    Fresh Catch was our idea of heaven for two reasons. Lobster prices are surprisingly cheap considering the restaurant is located in Greater Boston, where dining tends to be pricey. As of our August 2012 visit, you could order a 1-1/4-pound steamed lobster with coleslaw and French fries for a market price of just $9.95. Compare that to the price for a single steamed lobster at Lega...MOREl Sea Foods at Long Wharf in the heart of Boston during the same month: $27.95. [2014 Update: As of August 2014, a single steamed lobster at Fresh Catch is $14, and twin lobsters are $24.]

    But what really made us giddy was the sheer variety of lobster dishes Fresh Catch serves. We certainly weren't expecting an extensive and inventive seafood menu when the GPS directed us into the parking lot at 30 Chauncy Street in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

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    Fish Market Meets Sports Bar

    Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant Mansfield MA
    ••• First impressions can be deceiving! We were also unimpressed that we waited 10 minutes before anyone seated us, even though Fresh Catch wasn't terribly busy. Once we had a table, though, service was friendly and efficient. © 2012 Kim Knox Beckius
    Fresh Catch's nondescript strip mall location is definitely deceiving. Inside, the feel is: Fish market meets sports bar. We watched Olympic volleyball on the restaurant's multiple flat screens. Fresh Catch would be a great place to eat seafood chowder, clam cakes and fried lobster while watching a Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics or Bruins game.
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    Creative Crustaceans

    Chilled Lobster
    ••• If you've never tried Lobster Cocktail, you're in for a treat at Fresh Catch, where this appetizer is an entire lobster!. © 2012 Kim Knox Beckius

    In addition to the decadent warm lobster croissant ($15 as of 2014/$17 after 4 p.m.), we couldn't resist ordering a pound of Maine steamers with broth and drawn butter, served with French fries and cole slaw ($8), and we also shared a whole chilled lobster ($12), which was served with a tangy-sweet cocktail sauce. Our server brought us fresh cornbread, too. It was substantially more food than my nine-year-old and I anticipated, and we lamented that our stomachs weren't bigger because we really wanted to try lobster guacamole and lobster deviled eggs: two special summer menu items.

    The menu at Fresh Catch in Mansfield also features raw bar items, like oysters and littlenecks harvested in Cape Cod waters; salads including a Lobster Cobb Salad and a lobster salad-stuffed avocado; sandwiches including a fried whole clam roll and Lobster Reuben; fried seafood platters; baked lobster mac & cheese; fish dishes and seafood entrees prepared every imaginable way; and burgers, steaks...MORE and chicken for those who aren't fans of sea fare. The Mansfield restaurant also has a full sushi bar.

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    Lobster for Breakfast

    Lobster Benedict for Breakfast at Fresh Catch
    ••• You haven't truly lived until you've savored lobster for breakfast, and with Lobster Benedict on the menu, Fresh Catch is an ideal place to scratch this indulgence off your bucket list. © 2012 Kim Knox Beckius
    When we were back in Foxborough later the same week for my daughter's Gillette Stadium debut cheering for the Patriots during the 2012 preseason opener, we stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Boston Foxborough (book direct) in Mansfield, just a short drive from Fresh Catch. I remembered seeing "Now Serving Breakfast" painted in the restaurant's window, so I asked my husband to call to check whether their breakfast menu featured lobster. The answer? "Of course!"

    Once again, we over-ordered. But how could we resist trying the Lobster Benedict ($8.99 single as of 2014) drizzled with Hollandaise? Or the Fresh Catch Omelet ($11.99) teeming with lobster meat, scallops, shrimp and cheese? Or my favorite: the Mariner Breakfast Sandwich ($9.99), a flaky grilled croissant filled with scrambled eggs, fresh Maine lobster and Hollandaise and served with home fries. Breakfast--like lunch and dinner--is surprisingly affordable at Fresh Catch, especially when you consider that the...MORE only thing I ate the rest of the day was a salad for dinner.

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    Cheap Lobsters and Seafood To Go, Too!

    Cheap Lobster at Fresh Catch Restaurants in the Boston Area
    ••• Fresh Catch in Mansfield was truly a lucky find! You'll find cheap lobster and seafood dishes at the Boston-area chain's other two restaurants, too, as well as at Fresh Catch fish markets. © 2012 Kim Knox Beckius

    In addition to the Mansfield restaurant at 30 Chauncy Street (508-339-5187), Fresh Catch has two other Massachusetts restaurant locations at 473 East Washington Street in North Attleboro and at 285 Washington Street in North Easton. All three restaurants have sushi bars. Fresh Catch also operates Fresh Catch On A Roll at 73 West Main St in Norton.

    If you're going to the Fresh Catch in Mansfield, here's a tip: Bring a cooler. You'll love the cheap prices and fresh selection at the adjacent fish market, too. And somehow... you'll find room to consume more seafood when you get home!