11 Cheap Hostels, Guest Houses and Budget Hotels in Jodhpur

Where to Stay in Jodhpur on a Budget

Visiting the "Blue City" and looking for a cheap place to stay? Here are 12 of the best hostels, guest houses and budget hotels in Jodhpur. Most are located near the clock tower market at the front of the Fort, or in the blue part of the Old City behind the Fort, and have superb views. The chaotic clock tower market area has plenty of restaurants and shops, whereas the blue part is traditional and non-touristy. It's up to you to decide which you'd prefer!

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    King's Retreat is a lovely heritage property with ample old world charm, including high ceilings, arched windows, stained glass, and an outdoor courtyard with fountain. The property is decorated with vintage photographs of past kings as well. It has heart and soul, with hosts that can't do enough for their guests. There are seven rooms, and a rooftop restaurant that serves cold beer and fantastic food (the home-style Indian thali is recommended).

    • Location: Clock tower market area.
    • Rates: From 1,200 rupees per night.
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    This budget heritage hotel is more than 500 years old. It was a gift from the Maharaja of Jodhpur to the present owners' great grandfather, who was a commander in chief of the Maharaja's army, in 1778.  It's been carefully restored, and the 11 rooms are adorned with family portraits, traditional decor, and other nostalgia. The suites are particularly elaborate and atmospheric. It's worth splurging on!

    • Location: Back of the Fort (around 20 minutes walk from the clock tower).
    • Rates: From 1,200 rupees per night.
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    A super popular homestay with five air-conditioned rooms, Geeta Mahal is only a 10 minute walk from the Fort. Its rooftop restaurant offers a spectacular view, as too does the blue guest room. Clean rooms with comfortable mattresses, free wireless Internet, and a congenial host (with a great sense of humor) make it a winner! As with most heritage buildings in the area, do note that you'll need to climb the stairs as there's no lift.

    • Location: Between the clock tower and the Fort.
    • Rates: From about 1,000 rupees per night. 
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    Jaswant Bhawan is a relatively new, characterful heritage homestay in Jodhpur that's quickly made a favorable impression on guests. Be prepared to access it via narrow and not so clean alleyways though. However, the hospitality is worth it. The host family (owner and his nephew) are very welcoming yet relaxed, and offer freshly prepared food, beer, and cooking lessons. There's a lovely courtyard, a rooftop to chill out on, and five spacious rooms. 

    • Location: Back of the Fort.
    • Rates: From 550 rupees per night.
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    Jewel Palace Haveli is a tastefully renovated 400 year old property with eight guest rooms spread over its entirety, from the basement to the third floor. The young owner, who's an experienced traveler, is doing a great job of running it. Inside, the property has been beautifully decorated with Rajasthani furniture, handicrafts and paintings. Each room has a unique ambiance, and some have outstanding Fort views. All are air-conditioned but do be aware than many don't have windows (so choose wisely!). There's a rooftop restaurant with Fort views as well.

    • Location: Back of the Fort, next to Jaswant Bhawan Homestay.
    • Rates: From 450 rupees per night for a single room and 650 rupees for a double room with a shared bathroom. Rooms with private bathrooms are priced at 1,200 rupees upwards. Fort view rooms cost 1,700 rupees.
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    This very popular guesthouse calls itself a boutique homestay. It has has 14 spacious and attractively decorated rooms, spread over three floors. Most have a private balcony where you can enjoy an amazing view of the Old City. The hosts, two brothers, are helpful and welcoming. Guests will appreciate the diverse variety of food on offer. 

    • Location: 5 minutes walk from the clock tower in the city center.
    • Rates: From 700 rupees per night.
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    The renowned Heaven Guest House is run by a delightful Jain family. The hostess, Nisha, has more than 25 years experience in the hospitality industry and is a real hit with guests who love her. There are 12 rooms to choose from, some with TV and air conditioning. The food at the rooftop restaurant is cooked by the family. 

    • Location: Between the clock tower and Fort.
    • Rates: From about 650 rupees per night.
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    Pushp Guest House is a friendly and intimate place to stay with just five rooms, and a host who speaks perfect English and loves to cook. It's essentially a homestay, as the family who owns it lives on the first floor. The property is centrally located in a rather grungy, narrow (but quiet) street. Rooms are nicely painted and airy though, and the rooftop restaurant is invitingly decorated as well.  Home-cooked vegetarian food is served. Do note that the family has a dog. Rates start from 800 rupees per night. 

    • Location: Near the clock tower.
    • Rates: From 800 rupees per night.
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    Jodhpur is known for its blue houses, and Cozy Guest House is situated in the bluest part of the Old City. Dating back 550 years, the building has belonged to the same Brahmin family for eight generations! This guest house could be considered a hidden gem, as it's tucked away through a maze of alleyways and is only accessible by an uphill walk. However, some people may find it to be too isolated. There are 10 rooms of various sizes.

    • Location: Close to the back of the Fort but quite a distance from the clock tower market area.
    • Rates: From about 400 rupees per night.
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    This reliable, brightly painted budget hotel has been in business for over 20 years. It's run by a father and son duo -- and they do a fabulous job of taking care of their guests. Service is personalized and attentive. There are room types to suit all travelers, from a dorm to a newly remodeled "Golden Hut" room with garden on the roof! The rooftop restaurant has great views, free wireless Internet, tasty vegetarian food, and real coffee.

    • Location: On Station Road, close to the railway station.
    • Rates: From 250 rupees per night for a dormitory room. Private double rooms cost from 850 rupees per night.
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    Hotel meets hostel at CrashPad Hostotel to provide backpackers with stylish yet inexpensive and fun accommodations. The property has three rooms. The decor is fresh and contemporary, with Rajasthani touches, and the owners are extremely helpful. Facilities include attractive common lounge, plenty of games and books, free wireless Internet, fully-equipped kitchen, washing machine, and travel assistance.

    • Location: A quiet residential neighborhood, around 10 minutes drive east of the Fort.
    • Rates: Expect to pay 399 rupees for a bed in a dorm (mixed only) and 1,299 rupees for a private double room.  All rooms are air-conditioned. Breakfast is extra. Discounts are available for long-term stays.