Cheap Sightseeing in and Around Hong Kong

Victoria Peak Tram in Hong Kong
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Our list of cheap Hong Kong sightseeing is intended to be light on the pocket, but heavy on enjoyment. Although you won't need to take out a bank loan to enjoy these sights and activities, they are in many cases still Hong Kong's best. A combination of cheap Hong Kong sightseeing with quality Hong Kong sightseeing.

Take a Junk Ride

Junks, with their 'bat wing' sails, used to clog up Hong Kong's Harbourfront, before making way for gargantuan container ships and decrepit cruise liners. Constructed as early as 2AD, these traditional boats have almost fallen out of existence. However, thanks to the HKTB, tourists can take a free one-hour ride, in one of the few remaining junks, the Duk Ling.

Price: Free
Contact: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Go Horseracing

Hong Kong horseracing is arguably the most exciting in the world. With a nominal HK$10 entrance fee, minimum bets as low as HK$10, spectators inches away from trackside, and regularly packed crowds, the experience is one not to be missed. Hong Kong has two racecourses; one at Happy Valley in the city; and one in at Sha Tin in the New Territories. The racecourse at Happy Valley is a hands-down world-beater; regular Wednesday night races are conducted against the backdrop of a circular wall of skyscrapers, making the place feel like the Coliseum.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club has information about upcoming races.

Price: HK$10


Take a Tram Ride

Riding the tram on Hong Kong Island is one of the best deals you'll get in the city; it's also a great way to sightsee. In operation since 1902, the trams are virtually unchanged since they hit the streets, slim and painted in a Royal Green the trams meander along Hong Kong Island, stopping roughly every 300m. For just two dollars you can cross the whole of Hong Kong Island and see almost the whole city in the process. Take the tram from North Point to Kennedy Town, which will take you roughly 1hr, and take you through Central, Admiralty as well as some more 'local' areas.

Price: HK$2
Where: Hong Kong Trams

Museum on Tuesdays

Hong Kong has a host of top-class museums, although the entrance fee to them is minimal, usually no more than HK$20, Tuesday is completely free. One museum that frequently earns star reviews is the Hong Kong Heritage museum, for a full list of museums check out the government's Leisure Services Website.

Price: Free

Visit a Temple

Quintessentially Hong Kong, and free to boot - the city's temples are a must visit. The various temples around the territory are all dedicated to various gods from various religions such as Buddhism and Taoism and vary from massive complexes to tiny, 'shoulder to shoulder' rooms. All temples are ornately decorated and fantastically colorful; they have none of the stuffiness of traditional churches and are usually buzzing with life - and with people on special holidays. Feel free to wander in to any of the temples and have a look around.

One of the best is the Temple of the 10,000 Buddha's in Sha Tin.

Price: Free

  • Various locations around the territory
  • Temple of the Ten Thousand Buddah's
  • Sha Tin Station
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