Cheap Guide to Spring Break in Las Vegas

Spring Break for the Broke College Student

Blvd. Pool at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Spring Break is upon us and it brings back memories of eating value menu, fast food cuisine and beer that had the distinct taste of lower intestines. Having a limited amount of money at Spring Break should not be a problem in Las Vegas and I am going to try to live like a broke college student for the greater good of the next generation of pencil pushers/computer hacks.

All you really need is a good pool, the best pools in Las Vegas for Spring Break and some cheap food, The best places for cheap food during spring break in Las Vegas.

Are you ready?

Find a cheap room for spring break in Las Vegas

Before You Plan Your Spring Break

Breakfast in Las Vegas

Start your Spring Break off right with a good meal in the morning. Since money is an issue you need to consider this as an opportunity to get in as many calories for as little money as possible. What better way than the Las Vegas breakfast buffet?
Don’t fool yourself, if you’re staying at a nice hotel (on your budget, you’re not) the buffet will set you back way too much. You need the great deal on breakfast. These are the Cheap breakfast buffets in town:

  • Circus Buffet : Circus Circus Breakfast, 7 AM to 11 AM: $8.99,
  • Fantasy Market Buffet : Palms Breakfast, 8 AM to 10:30 AM: $5.99,
  • Ports O' Call Buffet : Gold Coast Breakfast, 7 AM to 10 AM: $5.95,
  • Roundtable Buffet : Excalibur Breakfast, 6:30 AM to 11 AM: $10.49,
  • The Buffet : Golden Nugget Breakfast, 7 AM to 10:30 AM: $6.99,

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Looking For More Ways To Eat Cheap In Las Vegas?

Swimming Pools

It’s Las Vegas so you most likely will be at the pool, as long as the weather cooperates.

If you decided to go cheap have no fear, it’s quite possible that a few thousand of your college aged peers did as well. While the evening will bring clubs and bars the afternoon is pool time and that is just as good as any nightclub in Las Vegas.
My choice for best Spring break pool is surprising to many but logical. The nice pools in Las Vegas usually come attached to an expensive hotel room. If you can afford the room rates, the pools at the Mandalay Bay, the Mirage and the MGM Grand will be great but if you are on a budget you’ll end up elsewhere.
The Tropicana is where you should set your sights upon. The pool at the Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas is easily the best place for spring break budgets. The pool is huge and you can always find those budget minded college co-eds roaming the shallow waters near the swim up blackjack.
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Lunch/Dinner on a Budget in Las Vegas

I have to remind you that even though you are on a budget during Spring Break in Las Vegas you must eat. The biggest Spring Break mistakes usually start with a few missed meals and nothing in your stomach to help absorb the large doses of alcohol that will get consumed. More cheap food options in Las Vegas

Also, take a look at the best affordable restaurants in Las Vegas

Cheap Food Courts in Las Vegas:
The Village Eateries at the New York/New York Hotel
The Farmers Market at the MGM Grand Hotel
Cypress Street Marketplace at Caesar Palace
The Food Court at the Fashion Show Mall

Reasonably priced restaurants
Cheesecake Factory at Caesars Palace
Maggiano’s at the Fashion Show Mall
Regale Italian at Excalibur

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Cheap Las Vegas Nightlife for Spring Break

Las Vegas nightlife can get very expensive so you need a plan to conserve as much money as possible while still having an incredible time. You need the bars and nightclubs with little to no cover charge and the potential for a life changing experience. The cheapest place on the strip with the least amount of pretentious people and the most amount of potential for fun is the Carnaval Court at Harrah’s.

This place is festive and you can easily spend the entire day there. No line in front where you have to grease some guy $50 just to get in and reasonable drink prices in a fun atmosphere.
After hours in Las Vegas is huge these days and at Spring Break it’s time for you to “kick it Old School” at the Peppermill fireside lounge. When others are headed to the flashy Disneyland strip after hour’s clubs you will be at a place where Las Vegas is still Las Vegas. Get there early to get a booth and hang out and get a dose of real Las Vegas.

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Try eyecandy lounge at the Mandalay Bay, it's free and it can be the alternative to the club scene that will empty your wallet.