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Exterior at ARIA at CityCenter in Las Vegas

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We have heard that the best things in life are free, but in Las Vegas they are not just for the birds and the bees. Cheap, free and affordable means your vacation budget will go a long way.

You have heard that Las Vegas can be cheap. You heard that there are free things to do in Las Vegas. (not parking) You even have people telling you that Las Vegas is very affordable. All you need is one easy place to find everything that is cheap, free and affordable in one place!

Start with Aria Resort and Casino

This simple, easy to use guide should help you navigate the good deals in Las Vegas as they are organized by hotel and give you plenty of options when traveling on a tight budget. You don’t have to be cheap to appreciate these options as you’ll quickly find that luxury Las Vegas hotels offer cheap and free things to do while cheap hotels are just plain old affordable.

Scroll down and click on the hotel of your choice (alphabetical) or click through the slideshow to find the hotel you want. Each hotel also has links to nearby Las Vegas hotels and the cheap options available within close proximity of the resort that you are planning on staying at.

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What Is Cheap At Aria Las Vegas

Big Edge by Nancy Rubins at Aria Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Aria Las Vegas can be considered a luxury property so finding something that falls into the cheap category can be a stretch but I think you can walk in a find a few very surprising deals.

The Cheap

  • CityCenter Art Collection (free) is probably the best deal in town because you never have to open your wallet. Download the free app or grab a guide at the concierge and set out on your tour of the art collection.
  • Five 50 Pizza Bar for slices of pizza. If you want a bit more of a meal they offer an $18 two course meal with either soup or salad and pasta or pizza. If you are there with a friend get all four and you’ll taste everything for under $40.
  • Happy Hour at Julian Serrano – Head in Sunday through Thursday and quench your thirst with red or whit sangria for $5. The happy hour menu features albondigas, pinxto de chorizo, iberico sliders and brava potatoes. Do it tapas style and you’ll save money while feeling culturally significant.
  • Lemongrass features a $39 early evening menu. The 3 course meal is perfect for the pre-theater crowd.
  • Javier’s at Aria has a bar menu that while not extremely cheap does boast some decent guacamole, yes, chips are available, throw in a beer and you can get out of there full for under $20. Why list it as cheap? Well, at times the atmosphere makes it worth spending the money at the bar for a chance to meet an interesting new friend.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, Aria Buffet and it is well worth a visit if you have a big appetite and you do not mind spending a little money. It’s not cheap but you will get a lot of food but after you consider the cost you could probably get a better deal at a few other restaurants at Aria.

The Splurge

Bar Masa / Testsu are both special places to sample some of the beauty of Chef Masa Takayama. Though they are not cheap they are well worth the experience. If you crave the very best ingredients and you do not startle easy when looking at prices on a menu, this should be explored.

What’s Free At Aria Las Vegas:

The public art collection is free to view and it can be found around the property. The app to help you through the tour is also free to load on your smart phone.

Hotels Nearby: Monte Carlo, Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, Paris Las Vegas

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What Is Cheap At Bally's Las Vegas

Bally Las Vegas Grand Bazaar
Zeke Quezada

Bally's Las Vegas is very affordable if you are looking for accommodations with a location right in the center of the strip. The rooms are a bit dated but by no means are they bad. This is an average hotel for below average prices.

The Cheap

  • Tony and Tina’s Wedding. Yes, it is $119.89 but you will get both a meal and entertainment. You might be able to find a coupon on the internet so try not to pay full price. Just married? You get in for free and bachelorettes can get in free as long as at least three of the girls in the bachelorette party pay for a full price ticket.
  • You’ll need to eat so grab a Nathan’s Famous hot dog and then catch a game at the Sports Book.
  • The Sports Book is a great place to watch a game and you don’t have to gamble to take advantage of the huge television screens and lively atmosphere. If you place a bet your drinks may cost you less but if you buy your own cocktail you won’t lose your money. Catch 22, right?
  • Fast food options from burgers to pizza canbe found right outside at th eGrand Bazaar Shops.

Is There a Buffet?

No buffet but cheap food options nearby.

The Splurge

The Sterling Brunch at Bally’s is legendary and is one of those over the top experiences that seem like part of history. The meal is exceptional and well worth it if you love the big ticket items. So, make sure to have refills on champagne and over do it on the lobster, crab, sushi and prime rib.

The Must Do

Jubilee is no longer open but it was classic. Beautiful showgirls and big productions that left you gazing at the stage in awe. This is what Las Vegas entertainment looked like before the French Canadian Circus came to town. Showgirls and show boys sing, dance and thoroughly entertain on the big stage with big sets and big entertainment.

What’s Free At Bally’s Las Vegas: The light show at the Grand Bazaar Shops is free and you can be dazzled by it nightly. Also, a slow walk around the new attraction might help you find a few inexpensive mementos to take back home with you.

Nearby Hotels: Paris Las Vegas, Bellagio, Flamingo, Caesars Palace


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What Is Cheap At Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountains
Zeke Quezada

Bellagio Las Vegas is a luxury property so you would not expect to find anything that could make the cheap list, right? Well, no, Bellagio is the home to two of the best free attractions in Las Vegas!

The Cheap

  • The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens (free) are one of the best attractions in Las Vegas and they are not only free but seasonal so that means you can come back over and over.
  • Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, Fiori Di Como (free), in the lobby, is not an attraction that makes you race over to Bellagio but it is worth taking a look at if you are into art and al of that good stuff. There is art at Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art but you’ll need a $17 ticket for that.
  • Fountains of Bellagio are an icon that cannot be missed and that free show runs throughout the day and is free.
  • Happy hour at Harvest is not exactly cheap but relative to the regular menu it feels like you are stealing.
  • Lily Bar & Lounge is just right if you want nightlife but you don’t want to deal with table reservations and crowded dance floors. No cover and an ultra-lounge feel right in the center of all the casino action but removed enough from it that it feels like an upscale club.

Is There a Buffet?

There is a buffet and it is quite good. The problem is that the price is on the high side for those of us that are a bit strapped for cash.

The Splurge

If there is one place that you must consider for a life-altering meal it is Le Cirque at Bellagio. The setting is a combination of elegance and luxury coupled with a casual and approachable atmosphere that makes you feel as if you have been a regular here since the moment they opened the doors. As for the food, well, it is among the top restaurants on the Las Vegas strip.

The Must Do

You’ll need to have a meal with a view of the Fountains. If there is one of those very “Vegas” things to do this is it. Try LAGO or go big at Picasso and enjoy some of Chef Julian Serrano’s culinary masterpieces.

What’s Free At Bellagio Las Vegas: The fountains, the gardens and the view from below of the Dale Chihuly glass culture in the lobby.

Nearby Hotels: Cosmopolitan, Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Bally's


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What Is Cheap At Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace
Zeke Quezada

Even if there is not a single thing to do or see that is cheap at Caesars Palace you most likely will still walk in and see what all the fuss is about. After all, Caesars Palace is the definition of what Las Vegas has been about for the past few decades. Not to worry, there are a few things to see that won’t break the bank.

The Cheap

  • The Forum Food Court is a glorified food court but that does not mean you should avoid it. You can enjoy affordable food slightly more expensive than fast food but with so much more going for it. Earl of Sandwich is dirt cheap and Smashburger is a burger that you must try.
  • Absinthe at Caesars Palace is among the best shows in Las Vegas and can be considered one of the best deals when you factor in the pure entertainment value. However, you’ll need to seek out a deal on the internet or look for the people handing out discount coupons near the Absinthe ticket booth in front of the property.
  • A meatball and a glass of Red wine might set you back $25 at Rao’s but if you factor in the atmosphere at the bar and the fact that you would never get into the New York City Rao’s you might find this relatively cheap by Vegas standards.
  • Check out the Pub Menu at Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill, the meatloaf at Spago in the Forum Shops and noodles at Beijing No. 9. All have are great options for sharing a meal and saving some cash.

Is There a Buffet?

The Bacchanal Buffet is sprawling, expansive, huge and delicious. You will pay way too much for dinner at $52 so unless you are starving and figure to only have one meal in a day I would ignore the temptation.

The Splurge

Nobu at Caesars Palace, well, I should say that the complete splurge would include Nobu Hotel and dinner at Nobu. If you can only do one head into the lounge at Nobu and have a drink and some impressive Japanese cuisine.

The Must Do

Absinthe is one of those Las Vegas shows that some people tend to overlook in favor of a Cirque du Soleil show. Don’t make this mistake, once you see it you’ll realize that it has all the elements of what you want in a Las Vegas show. Or, you’ll be so offended that you’ll send me a nasty email and tell me that I am wrong.

What’s Free At Caesars Palace Las Vegas: The Forum Shops offer a fascinating location for people watching. Is that a thing? It is in Las Vegas. The Fall of Atlantis animatronic show is free and worth a look if you have never seen marble statues talk and window shopping does not cost a dime.

Nearby Hotels: Bellagio, Flamingo, Bally's, The LINQ, Mirage

What Las Vegas Hotel Will You Stay At?

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What Is Cheap At Circus Circus

Going Cheap in Las Vegas at Circus Circus
Zeke Quezada

Do you really have to ask if there are cheap options at Circus Circus Las Vegas? This is the budget travelers dream with low-cost options at every turn. However, you have to know that quality and appearance suffers just a bit at this property as it does have a lot of wear and tear on the place.

The Cheap

  • To start you have to mention that hotel room rates at Circus Circus are very reasonable. Don’t get caught up in the look of the hotel and the fact that there are a lot of kids around. The rooms are average and for the price you can deal with worn carpet in the common areas of the hotel.
  • Circus acts inside their Carnival Midway are both free and very entertaining. These circus acts perform regularly starting at 11 am and include jugglers, clowns, acrobats and plenty more performers. Best of all they are free!
  • If you find a coupon for Adventuredome the price for this much fun is a steal. If you pay full price you still get theme park quality rides and attractions with no lines. There is a good chance you’ll give up before El Loco closes.
  • The Westside Deli and the Pizzeria are both dirt cheap and can feed the whole family for relatively next to nothing. Well, you know what I mean. The options are just right for families looking to limit their spending while on vacation.

Is There a Buffet? Yes, it is relatively cheap and if you have kids it cannot be beat because if your child is under 4 they eat for free, if you are cheap that means that you just might make your 7 year old act like a toddler to get a free meal. Not to worry as $10.99 for dinner for a kid is a good deal these days in Las Vegas. Adults pay $17.99

The Splurge

The Steakhouse at Circus Circus is surprisingly very good and relative to other steakhouses on the Las Vegas strip it is cheap. (Steakhouse cheap is really not cheap but on a relative scale it is)

The Must Do

You must go into Adventuredome and ride El Loco. It won’t be fun. It won’t be entertaining. It will scare you. It will twist you. It will rattle your insides. Where was I going with this?...Ride it and you’ll find out why it is called El Loco.

What’s Free At Circus Circus Las Vegas: The Circus acts are free daily and they are worth a few hours of your time.

Nearby Hotels: SLS Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas


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What Is Cheap At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cheap Pool Day at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

The definition of in the know and all that is considered modern and hip can be found at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, well, that is what the marketing scheme is and they do a good job of making you believe that Cosmopolitan is really “just the right amount of wrong.” But, can you find a good deal here?

The Cheap

  • Secret Pizza is not so secret anymore but it is still a good deal for a quality slice. Grab some pizza and then sit out in the common areas of the resort and watch the people at the high-end restaurant watch you as you eat cheap.
  • The Wallworks project (free) is an impressive garage art installation that features urban artists and their public art in a parking garage. Roam the four floors on display free of charge.
  • Rose.Rabbit.Lie is a hidden gem that requires very little from you to have a good time. Walk in and find a seat in one of the rooms or bars and enjoy the entertainment. You can move around each room and get a feel for the atmosphere. Dinner is not cheap but a drink at the bar will get you right in the heart of the entertainment.
  • Lunch at Milos is only $20.18 , while that may not sound real cheap believe me when I tell you that it is a crazy good deal.
  • During the summer, Monday night means Dive-in Movies! Go out to the pool and see a movie under the stars. Hotel guests are free.
  • It's a cheap meal but an expensive sandwich, but Egg Slut is worth a try.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, and it is wicked good. Now, it is not cheap but this one of the few buffets in Las Vegas that I believe is worth spending a little extra money on plenty of quality options are available and as I always say, if you plan on skipping a meal before or after this is the right way to go.

The Splurge

If you can get a reservation at e by Jose Andres, that is the ultimate foodie experience but an outdoor concert by the pool works or the VIP experience at Marquee Day Club followed by a night at Marquee nightclub.

The Must Do

You have to try to stay at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and get yourself a view of the strip from a terrace. You can see the lights of Las Vegas from your bed or you can sip a drink from a lounge chair on your terrace. 

What’s Free At Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas :

Art, art and more art. If you like to sight-see this is a must for art lovers as the garage art and art around the property are all free. Check out Lucky Cat and you might interact with art that celebrates fortune.

Nearby Hotels: Aria Las Vegas, Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, Paris Las Vegas

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What Is Cheap At Excalibur

Excalibur Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Yes, this a budget hotel so by definition, you should be able to get a few good deals. You should know that it is still a very good option even if you are not looking for the bottom of the barrel deals. 

The Cheap

  • The Food Court is always a good idea if you want to save on food. Sure, it is fast food but it is also very cheap.
  • Buca di Beppo does Italian food family style and for a family of four is hard to beat for a quality, affordable meal.
  • All Day Buffet Pass is $35 and if you do not mind eating buffet food all day long there is no reason why you should not do this. Well, there are reasons but none that compare to the simple fact that it is very cheap!
  • 2 Shows for $75 at Excalibur and Luxor. This is one of those deals that is a must try. Each ticket comes out to $37.50. You can choose from 7 different shows ( a few have an extra charge of $15, $10 or $5) 
  • Fun Dungeon is a lot of cheap entertainment if you are traveling with kids and you can bet that you will come home with a few stuffed animals.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, and while it is not amazing it is adequate and they have an all-day buffet pass that can save you a lot of money.

The Splurge

It is a stretch to find a splurge at Excalibur unless you head into the Steakhouse and then pay full price for a show. This is a great resort for the budget minded visitor so even when you splurge you are spending less.

The Must Do

Not sure that there is anything that you would regret not doing but you will have fun at the Bar at Dick’s Last Resort and The Lounge at Excalibur has fun live entertainment Thursday – Sunday.

What’s Free At Excalibur Las Vegas:

Free does not really exist unless you consider posing for a picture of a beefy guy in the lobby or walking around the Fun Dungeon. However, with so many cheap options, if a strict budget is what you have, this property is among the best choices for you.

Nearby Hotels: Luxor, Tropicana, New York - New York, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay


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What Is Cheap At Flamingo

Flamingo Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

This property should charge a premium just for its center strip location but lucky for the budget traveler it does not. Room rates can often be among the best on the Las Vegas strip so that is a bonus along with the cheap options at Flamingo Las Vegas.

The Cheap

  • Legends in Concert is a tribute show with plenty of entertaining and talented performers. This is a great deal for the longest running tribute show in Las Vegas.
  • Carlos ‘n Charlie’s has adequate food but the back patio has a very festive atmosphere that should not be missed.
  • Flamingo Food Court provides you an opportunity to grab some calories for a low price. Not gourmet just quick fast food that is cheap.
  • Drinks at the bar at Margaritaville. How can you go wrong with that? Get a table along the side that faces the LINQ and you get some fun people watching as well.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, this buffet is right along the lines of middle of the road. It is above average buffet food for a below average price. The one difference about the Paradise Garden Buffet is that currently, it is a brunch buffet, therefore, you can only have an early meal here. That is a good thing because if you have a late breakfast you will only be having two meals a day.

The Splurge

Dinner at Center Cut Steakhouse followed by a show. You could see Donny and Marie but I would suggest walking across the street to Caesars Palace and taking in Absinthe.

The Must Do

Donny and Marie is probably a show that appeals to the age group that grew up watching their television show. If you feel like you are either a little bit country or a little bit rock n roll, well, then you should see them perform in the Donny and Marie Showroom.

What’s Free At Flamingo Las Vegas:

The Wildlife Habitat is not only free but it is also kid-friendly. You’ll see a variety of exotic birds, fish, and turtles as well as a few Chilean flamingos. They have two free live feedings each day.

Nearby Hotels: LINQ Las Vegas, Harrah's Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Bellagio

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What Is Cheap At Harrah's Las Vegas

Stephanie De Melo / TripSavvy

Harrah’s Las Vegas is located center strip, right across the street from the Mirage and the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace so its location is worth a premium but you really don’t pay that much more. Two doors down the LINQ has entertainment options and the hotel has enough cheap options to keep your budget under control. Their newly renovated rooms make Harrah's Las Vegas the best deal on the strip.

The Cheap

  • Big Elvis is not just a lounge singer and he is not just an impersonator. He is a little taste of how Las Vegas can make a tribute show an interactive event that will please any Elvis fan. The show is free!
  • Carnaval Court is that spot you dream of when you are on vacation. It is relatively cheap and the fun happens throughout the day. Music, dancing, drinks and no attitude. Toss out the velvet ropes and enjoy another type of Vegas nightlife.
  • The Piano Bar at Harrah’s is right off the casino floor and it is an opportunity to have a lot of fun while spending a little bit of money. The dueling piano players entertain and engage the audience. Find a seat or stand just outside and you might find yourself singing along.
  • If you need a cheap food option Fulton Street Food Bar has a few options for the budget minded visitor to create a meal. It is a step above fast food but it is cheap and quick.
  • Mac King Comedy Show: Humor, magic, good, clean fun. Dollar for dollar the best show in Las Vegas.

Is There a Buffet?

Flavors the Buffet is open all day and is relatively affordable. I still think you can walk outside and grab a cheap meal at Chipotle and McDonald’s if you are really on a strict budget but f you want to load up on calories for the ​entire day this has potential.

The Splurge

The Oyster Bar at Harrah’s Las Vegas is not exactly a super splurge as it can be downright cheap if you order well but if there is one place where we budget-minded vacationers look for a deal it is right here. Load up on oysters and seafood and check out how affordable a little extra can be on vacation.

The Must Do

Mac King Comedy Show is one of those throwback shows to a time when entertainment was clean, safe and meant to just make you laugh. This show can be confused for an afternoon time filler but once you experience Mac King you’ll realize that it is among the best options on the strip regardless of what time the curtain goes up.

What’s Free At Harrah’s Las Vegas: Hit the Piano Bar and enjoy some entertainment that does not cost you a cent. Well, as long as you don’t have a cocktail, if you do, there are some drink specials but even the drinks will not cost you as much as plenty of other places in Las Vegas.

Nearby Hotels: LINQ Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Flamingo

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What Is Cheap At The LINQ Hotel and Casino

Stephanie De Melo / TripSavvy

The Cheap

  • At Hash House A Go Go the portions are huge so you will be sharing something and that alone cuts your food bill in half.
  • Flour and Barley offer pizza by the slice and a nice patio to have a seat and people watch from.
  • Auto Collection is an impressive room filled with cars that are not only on display but are also for sale.
  • Jeff Civillico is going to make you laugh and going to make you juggle. Well, he might not make everyone juggle but there is a good chance that someone from the audience will be juggling.
  • LINQ Block Party means that Tuesdays nights along the LINQ you will find discounted rides on the High Roller plus drink specials and food specials all around the LINQ complex.
  • Matt Franco is an entertaining magician with an affordable evening show.

Is There a Buffet?

No buffet here so you will be forced to have a good cheap meal that does not involve an all you can eat sign. If you really need one go next door to Flamingo or to Harrah’s.

The Splurge

See a show at Brooklyn Bowl and have dinner and drinks. It is hardly a major splurge but you can find a way to drink yourself to an embarrassing check when it comes time to pay.

The Must Do

If you are at The LINQ then you can walk out to the outdoor shopping and entertainment district. You’ll see the giant observation wheel so there is no chance you can miss it. Get a ride on the High Roller or just grab a cupcake from an ATM machine at Sprinkles.

What’s Free At the LINQ Hotel:

The Auto Collection is free as long as you download their coupon before you head to the box office. The Auto Collection website

Nearby Hotels: Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Flamingo, Harrah's Las Vegas

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What Is Cheap At Luxor Las Vegas

Zeke Quezada


The Cheap

  • 3 attractions for $57 is actually a fabulous deal because this pertains to more than Luxor. You get a choice of Bodies: The Exhibition, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, CSI at MGM Grand, The Roller Coaster at New York-New York, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and The Secret Garden at Mirage.
  • 2 Shows for $75 at Excalibur and Luxor. This is one of those deals that is a must try. Each ticket comes out to $37.50. You can choose from 7 different shows ( a few have an extra charge of $15, $10 or $5) 
  • If you head into the corridor that connects Luxor and Mandalay Bay, Mandalay Place cheap food options like Burger Bar, Hussong’s Cantina and Slice of Vegas will help cut your food costs way down.
  • Happy Hour at Tacos and Tequila means $5 drink between 11 am and 6 pm. $5 food specials include nachos, quesadillas, guacamole, and flautas.
  • Happy Hour at Public House means you can watch a game and $3 beers as well as ½ priced appetizers Mon-sat 4 pm to 6 pm and 10 pm to close.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes. MORE The Buffet at Luxor is open daily at 7 am and prices range from $17.99 for breakfast to $23.99 for dinner. If you are serious about wanting to eat at a buffet even with all the great restaurants nearby that can get you a better deal, try the Take 2 Pass that allows you to have the Excalibur Buffet and the Luxor Buffet all day for $35.99 weekdays and $39.99 weekends.

The Splurge

Tender Steakhouse is worthy of a big meal with a large price tag. They have a unique menu that is big on cheese. If you love cheese you will be able to snack and sample on some real beauties on this menu. Also, try the game tasting trio of venison, elk, and wild boar.

Nearby Hotels: Tropicana, New York - New York, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay

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What Is Cheap At Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • Aureole Happy Hour is one of those cheap options that I like to point out that is relatively cheap compared to what you might pay at this restaurant or in relation to other high end places to eat. Sit in the lounge and look up at the wine tower and you’ll know what I mean.
  • Happy Hour at SkyFall Lounge is worth noting because the views are impressive and starting your evening with a long look down the Las Vegas strip can even double as a romantic date night.
  • 3 attractions for $57 is actually a fabulous deal because this pertains to more than Luxor. You get a choice of Bodies: The Exhibition, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, CSI at MGM grand, The Roller Coaster at New York-New York, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and The Secret Garden at Mirage.
  • As a whole the Kumi Menu is not dangerously expensive but clearly whenever you start adding up sushi plates the price tag can soar. Try the Michael Jackson ONE Prix Fixe Menu and the cost comes down on a few popular items.
  • Check out Mandalay Place for shopping and cheap food options like Burger Bar, Hussong's Cantina and Slice of Vegas

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, but the all you can eat fest is not cheap. Try Citizens nearby and you might find that their comfort food concept is just as good of an option for less money.

The Splurge

Dinner at Stripsteak and the Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson One. The price tag might get ridiculous but it will be a night that you will not soon forget.

The Must Do

The Beach at Mandalay Bay. Spend a day on the lazy river or catching some waves. If you avoid cocktails by the pool this is a very cheap experience.

What’s Free At Mandalay Bay: There is no cover charge at EyeCandy Sound Lounge and if you avoid too many cocktails you can have a fun night in a pseudo nightclub atmosphere. The Mizuya lounge also offers nightly entertainment for free right off the casino floor.

Nearby Hotels: Luxor, Tropicana, New York - New York, MGM Grand,

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What Is Cheap At MGM Grand

Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • 3 attractions for $57 is actually a fabulous deal because this pertains to more than Luxor. You get a choice of Bodies The Exhibition, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, CSI at MGM grand, The Roller Coaster at New York-New York, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and The Secret Garden at Mirage.
  • Food Court that is also known as The District is good for quick fast food that will not cost you much money.
  • Brad Garret’s Comedy Club can be a good deal for a nights worth of entertainment.
  • Wolfgang Puck Late Night Menu is a chance to have a meal afterhours and if you are sharing you actually won’t spend all that much money.
  • The Grand Pool Complex at MGM Grand Las Vegas is a budget travelers dream as there is plenty to do and it can easily entertain you for no extra cost.
  • Happy Hour Small Plate Menu at Pub 1842 is perfect for watching a few games

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, the Grand Buffet is pretty grand but when you think about cheap food options nearby it may not be the best choice if you are strictly looking to spend less. Dinner is $36.99 on the weekends.

The Splurge

A night at Hakkassan Nightclub, dinner, lounging, dancing. This mega club can handle your entire evening’s worth of entertainment. It will cost a bit so be prepared.

The Must Do

L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon has to be on your list of things to do but understand that it is also a splurge item as it is not cheap. The dining experience is as good as it gets on the Las Vegas strip.

Nearby Hotels: New York-New York, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, Tropicana

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What Is Cheap At Mirage Las Vegas

Mirage Las Vegas Pool
Courtesy of MGM Resorts International

The Cheap

  • 3 attractions for $57 is actually a fabulous deal because this pertains to more than Luxor. You get a choice of Bodies The Exhibition, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, CSI at MGM grand, The Roller Coaster at New York-New York, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and The Secret Garden at Mirage.
  • The free erupting volcano show.
  • The sports book is a great place to sit and watch a few games at once. It is free and it is worth an afternoon of any sports fans life
  • Breakfast at the Pantry at Mirage Las Vegas

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, considering the amount of options if you skip one meal in the day this might work out as an alternative to an actual restaurant meal. You have to be hungry to get your money’s worth.

The Must Do

The Beatles LOVE is one of those shows that is a must. The music of the Beatles and the magic of Cirque Du Soleil, you cannot go wrong.

What’s Free At Mirage Las Vegas: A Volcano erupts out front and you should definitely see it once in your life.

Nearby Hotels: Caesars Palace, Treasure Island, Venetian/Palazzo, Harrah's

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What Is Cheap At Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino

800 Degrees Pizza
Photo by Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • 800 Degrees Pizza is a must even if you are not on a budget. This spot gets you a great view of the Las Vegas strip and a pizza for under $10
  • Drink specials at Diablo’s with a view of the strip. The atmosphere is festive and drink specials change regularly.
  • The food court is perfect for those traveling with kids as you can feed the family for less money.
  • The lazy river at the pool is cheap and affordable as long as you don’t buy drinks.
  • The Pub at Monte Carlo is great for watching a few games and sampling a few beers. Happy hour gets you food and rink specials
  • Dinner and a Show Package for Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo include discounts at Yusho, The Pub, 800 Degrees and d.Vino.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes. If you buy an all day pass for $34 it can actually save you money. Dinner is $24.99 so it is your best bet if you have a group of people who either eat a lot or a can never decide on where to eat. As always, it is possible to get a less expensive meal elsewhere at this property of higher quality.

The Splurge

Andre’s is a fine dining spot that is always worth the extra money if you are looking for a romantic, white table cloth fine dining experience this is it.

The Must Do

Walk outside to the Park Las Vegas and T-Mobile arena. Entertainment and food and rink rule at this new attraction.

What’s Free At Monte Carlo:

If you are staying at the Resort ask about free buffets with your stay when you book. The offer exists but you have to make sure that you ask for it and hope that it is available during your stay.

Nearby Hotels: New York/New York, MGM Grand, ARIA, Planet Hollywood

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What Is Cheap At New York - New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

New YorkNew York Hotel and Casino
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil is probably the most affordable Cirque show on the strip. It is however, the most niche of the offerings so you will have to have an open mind and a sensual side to your need for entertainment. In other words, don’t be a prude, have some real Las Vegas fun.
  • The Bar at Times Square is a great deal and a good cheap Las Vegas thing to do. Get into the bar before 7pm and there is no cover but you will probably be standing for the dueling pianos that perform 7 nights a week 8pm to 2am. Happy hour is 3pm to 7pm Monday – Friday. A great alternative to a noisy nightclub.
  • Village Eateries Food Court includes cheap food options from hot dogs and pizza to tacos and deli sandwiches.
  • Hershey’s Chocolate World is free but the calories are not. The interactive experience will make you spend money on chocolate but if you have a sweet tooth you will think it is totally worth it.
  • The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade (formerly know as the Manhattan Express) is a good place to entertain the kids while they play carnival style games and video games. It is cheap relative to amusement park standards but Adventuredome at Circus Circus and Excalibur have options that are comparable.

Is There a Buffet?


The Splurge

Gallagher’s Steakhouse is probably a place where you could make the splurge, while it is good there are other steakhouses in Las Vegas where your money might get you a bit more.

The Must Do

The Rollecoaster gets you a view of the strip from way up high and Zumanity gives you a view of your inner super sensual side. Both are worthy of a “must” title so pick your poison.

What’s Free At New York - New York Resort and CasinoThe Bar at Times Square has free entertainment during the day and the arcade is free. The outdoor patios at Tom’s Urban and Nine Fine Irishmen get you a free view but that view really is only free because you buy a beer.

Nearby Hotels: MGM Grand, Excalibur,Monte Carlo, Tropicana

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What Is Cheap At Palms Casino Resort - Palms Place Hotel and Spa Las Vegas

The Palms
Charlyn Keating Chisholm

The Cheap

  • Social Bar. It’s located in the center of the casino and it is a cheap way to get a little bit of nightlife action without a full blown nightclub experience.
  • $5 Movie Mondays at the Theaters inside Palms. Also 2 for $22 Tuesdays and that includes 2 tickets, 2 medium drinks and popcorn.
  • The Lounge Cabaret Bar is open daily and offers live music and comedy shows.
  • The Eatery is the perfect food court for the budget traveler, with options including Earl Of Sandwich, McDonald’s, Panda Express, just to name a few.
  • Palm Place is the hotel alternative to Palms and it is large and very well priced.

Is There a Buffet?

The Bistro Buffet is open daily and the Sunday Brunch is quite good. You can still find cheaper meals in the food court but this worthy of a look.

The Splurge

The Ghostbar is where you’ll drop your big dollars. Get a table reservation and enjoy the strip views. Lounge, dance, mingle and you might find that you can get accustomed to the VIP life in a Las Vegas nightclub.

The Must Do

During pool season you have to hit the Palms Pool for “Ditch Fridays” as the spectacle of a Vegas pool party is a sight to see. It’s not free unless you are staying at the hotel but even then you have to get in early.

What’s Free At Palms:

A seat at Social does not cost a thing and if a DJ is on the decks you can even dance right tat your table. The bourbon, though, you’ll have to pay for but it is well worth it. The pool at Palms Place is free and offers the perfect spot for a break in your stress filled life.

Nearby Hotels: Rio, Palms is off the strip so you'll need a quick 5 minute ride to the center strip.

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What Is Cheap At Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • Anthony Cools hypnotizes willing audience members and you get to laugh at them. How fun does that sound? At under $50 for a ticket this is a good deal for a show in Las Vegas.
  • Dueling Pianos at Napoleon's Lounge inside Paris Las Vegas is a good way to spend an evening, there is no cover charge but if you plan on sitting down you might be forced to buy a drink.
  • JJ’s Boulangerie has some huge sandwiches for a good price. Don’t try to eat one alone, just split it and save some cash.
  • Gustav’s Bar in the center of the casino is just a casino bar but on more than one occasion I have seen a good crowd of fun people having a good time just socializing.
  • Le Cabaret just off the casino floor offers nightly entertainment and a place to sit down while having a cocktail. Free is good, right?

Is There a Buffet?

Yes. They attempt to go French at this buffet but they still have pretty much all the other stuff you would expect. It’s not cheap and frankly (I’m a broken record on this one) you can get cheap food elsewhere on the property that is better quality.

The Splurge

Gordon Ramsay Steak is your splurge meal because you are probably familiar with his big television personality. The steak is good but the Beef Wellington and the Fish and Chips are your go to dishes.

The Must Do

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant has to be on your list if you like a good view and you want to spend a little bit of money. If you need romance this is where you get it.

Nearby Hotels: Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, Bellagio, Bally’s

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What Is Cheap At Planet Hollywood Resort Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • Pinks Hot Dogs is a cheap alternative to having a big meal.
  • The Heart Bar has a tendency to get going in the early evening and could be your alternative to a crowded nightclub. It is a bit tame compared to a nightclub but there are no lines, no cover and you can sit down.
  • Earl of Sandwich will get you a good sandwich for the best on the strip.
  • The V Theatre in the Miracle Mile Shops is budget show central with plenty of good budget friendly entertainment options.
  • Murray: The Celebrity Magician is family friendly and cheap. This afternoon show is $34.95 and if you find a coupon in the resort it is possible to get in for even less than that.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes. The Spice Market Buffet has often been voted the best in Las Vegas so in this case I might recommend that you consider the elevated price tag for dinner. You must be hungry and you must be willing to try as much food as possible to really get your money’s worth.

The Splurge

Britney Spears in Las Vegas could cost you a good chunk of cash but if you really enjoy her music it will feel like a free night of epic entertainment.

The Must Do

Gordon Ramsay Burger is a spot that you should visit just to have a good burger and a bit of a Ramsay experience. He has three restaurants in Las Vegas but this is the most affordable.

What’s Free At Planet Hollywood Resort Las Vegas:

The Miracle Mile Shops are a free way to kill sometime doing some window shopping. Cabo Wabo Cantina has a fabulous patio dining scene but you’ll have to at least order a drink if you plan on taking in that atmosphere.

Nearby Hotels: Monte Carlo, Aria, Cosmopolitan, Paris Las Vegas

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What Is Cheap At Rio Las Vegas

Rio Hotel Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • Hash House A Go Go offers big portions for a competitive price so long as you decide to share a meal.
  • X Rocks Topless Reviue is an adult show that does not get much publicity but it is fun and very affordable.
  • Martorano’s might not be incredibly cheap but if you order a meat ball and a glass of wine you‘ll quickly realize that this is one of the bet deals in town.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes, two of them. The Carnival World Buffet and the Village Seafood Buffet. While the Carnival World Buffet is a favorite of many the seafood buffet is worth the money. Yes, it is $45but you get your money’s worth in crab legs, oysters and lobster.

The Splurge

Voodoo Steakhouse gets you a meal with a view followed by a night on the patio at Voodoo Nightclub. It can get expensive but it will not entirely break the bank.

The Must Do

Penn and Teller are a great magic/comedy act and when you compare them to other headliners you actually get a pretty good deal for tickets to the show. If you are a thrill seeker try the VooDoo Zipline.

What’s Free At Rio Las Vegas:

Free music in the Masquerade Village still happens but remember that free show in the sky? Well, that is no longer something to look forward to while waiting to get into the seafood buffet.

Nearby Hotels: Palms Las Vegas

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What Is Cheap At SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Sayers Club
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • 800 Degrees Pizza is a must try with their low priced high quality pizza. You design it and then you devour it.
  • The Center Bar is in the middle of all the Casino action and from this spot you get plenty of energy coming from the casino floor. You might not spend an entire evening here but you can get a cheap mingle on. Going into a nightclub at SLS might cost you but this is free.
  • Umami Burger is not just a spot for a good burger it is also a sports book and a beer garden. Find a spot on the patio to enjoy a beer and you’ll have a view of both the Las Vegas strip but a few televisions to catch the game you placed some cash on.

Is There a Buffet?


The Splurge

Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres is a culinary experience that must be on your list. Yes, it can get expensive but so much is done well and in such an inviting atmosphere that you’ll realize that it feels like a good deal when all is said and done.

The Must Do

The Sayers Clubis a different kind of nightlife. It’s an intimate approach to the lounge that appreciates music, cocktails and conversation. Head out to the patio or sit at the bar and you’ll get a few different experiences.

What’s Free At SLS Las Vegas:

Strip side lounge at Umami Burger is like getting something for free. Order a beer at the bar and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Nearby Hotels: Stratosphere Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas, Circus Circus

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What Is Cheap At Stratosphere Resort and Tower Las Vegas

The Stratoshere Tower
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • Grab a slice of pizza at Tower Pizzeria and you will soon realize that it is possible to share one slice and be full.
  • The greatest Happy Hour in Las Vegas will cost you $19.99 and happens from 6pm to 10pm daily at the C Bar at Stratosphere. It is bottomless and for 4 hours you can really get your Las Vegas night set into high gear.
  • Level 107 Lounge has happy hour prices from 4pm to 7pm and then again from 10:30pm to 4am.
  • All day unlimited ride pass for $36 gets you to the top and a chance to get on Insanity, Big Shot and X-Scream as many times as you want.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes. It is affordable and if you eat enough you will save some cash on future meals because you’ll be so full you won’t have to eat again.

The Splurge

Dinner at Top of the World can get expensive but it is well worth it. The view is romantic and expansive and the food odes its job of making you look not look out and down.

The Must Do

Get to the top of the Stratosphere Tower and get your adrenaline pumping on at least one of the thrill rides. Go ahead, it is a lot of fun and you’ll soon realize that 900 feet from ground level actually looks like a lot more when you are strapped to a piece of metal.

What’s Free At Stratosphere Tower:

A trip to the top of the tower is free for locals but if you plan on having drinks at Level 107 Lounge or a meal at Top of the World there is no fee to go up to the top of the tower either.

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What Is Cheap At Treasure Island Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Treasure Island
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • The dinner show is back at Kahunaville at Treasure Island with Island Heat and it is like a luau in Las Vegas. You get dinner and a show for $59.99 or just a show for $39.99.
  • Happy Hour at Senor Frog’s means that you walk around the strip with a giant plastic cup around your neck, if that is what you are into you’ll be glad you showed up for the drink specials.
  • Grab a quick slice of pizza at Pizzeria Francesco’s for a super cheap meal.
  • The Mystere dinner and a show cheap deals are worth a look considering that $79 gets you a meal at one of four restaurants at Treasure Island and a ticket to the show.
  • Poolside happy hour at Kahunaville runs from 4pm to 7pm daily and gets you a seat right beside the Treasure Island Pool. Drink and food specials all are under $7 per item.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes. This buffet at $27.95 for dinner is on the cheap side relative to other Las Vegas strip hotels. While it is still expensive, if you go in for a late lunch/early dinner you might be able to cut out one meal in your day. So, get there at 3:30, lunch price is $23.95 and then take your time and you have just discovered the Vegas formula for eating cheap.

The Splurge

Go the dinner and a show route at Treasure Island’s seafood restaurant, Seafood Shack or at Phil’s Italian Steak House and pay only $129 for a good meal and a great show.

The Must Do

Mystere by Cirque du Soleil is more than a must do. It should be required viewing for anyone who visits Las Vegas. It is the first Cirque show to hit the strip and it is still among the best.

What’s Free At Treasure Island:

Remember the great pirate battle out front of the Treasure Island Hotel, well, that does not happen anymore so instead find a seat at one of the outdoor patios and have a drink. The view of the pirate ships is still free.

Nearby Hotels: Mirage, Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo

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What Is Cheap At Tropicana Las Vegas

Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • If you like a good laugh The Laugh factory at Tropicana gets you an evening of comedy for $34.95. You can go the VIP route for $10 more but there is no need as this is an intimate venue so there is no need for you to have a seat on the stage.
  • Hard Rock fans will enjoy Raiding the Rock Vault as this show is performed by actual former members of rock bands that you grew up with. This is not a tribute show, it is more of an all star rock concert. The $59 ticket is a good deal when you consider the music and the history behind these musicians.
  • The South Beach Food Court is a good spot for quick bites and inexpensive fast food. Nothing gourmet or over the top but enough for the calories that you will need to keep you going.
  • The Tropicana Lounge has live entertainment and drink specials during Happy Hour. While it is not a destination lounge it is a spot to check out for an inexpensive drink before your evening starts.

Is There a Buffet?


The Splurge

Bacio Italian Cuisine can be considered a splurge spot but I should warn you that it seems to be just a bit too expensive for a budget minded traveler. While I understand a splurge is a splurge in this case it is not splurge-worthy.

The Must Do

The pool. You’ll stay at Tropicana and really enjoy the look of the rooms but when you get to the pool you will feel like you are stealing. It is a fun and spacious pool that is still among the best in Las Vegas. There is no extra charge to use the pool so stay all day.

Nearby Hotels: Luxor, New York - New York, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay

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What Is Cheap At Venetian - Palazzo

Whisky at Delmonico
Zeke Quezada

The Cheap

  • Food Courts! Venetian/Palazzo have the best options when it comes to food courts. They have two of them and from a breakfast omelet to a late night snack this is the ideal place for a cheap and quick meal.
  • Lipshtick is really good comedy by really funny, talented comedians that just so happen to be women. The tickets start at under $40 so this show is a steal!
  • Book a room through the hotel and you get 2 free tickets to one of the shows at the property.
  • Fusion Latin Mixology Bar is a really good deal when you consider the high quality drinks that come out from behind the bar. Put some change in the slot machines and your drink might be comped.

Is There a Buffet?

No. With so many excellent restaurant options there is no need

The Splurge

Dinner at Carnevino is where you will put your extra money. Go big or go old. 240 day dry aged steak that introduces you to complex beef flavors that you never knew existed or a huge chunk of beef that should be shared yet you will devour alone. Go with a big Italian red and your night is set.

The Must Do

Here is your list of what must be done. Chicken and Waffles at Yardbird, three beers at Public House, a cocktail at Delmonico along with at least two different Whisky tastings, and a game at Lagasse’s Stadium. Oh, wait, maybe you should also visit Canyon Ranch Spa and ride a gondola and…

What’s Free At Venetian/Palazzo:

Find a seat at The Label, a lounge with a good atmosphere and a cocktail list that hits on the classic cocktails. The entertainment is free but the cocktails are not. If you just want to listen to some music this is a comfortable spot to get feel for the classic Las Vegas lounge.

Nearby Hotels: Wynn/Encore, Treasure Island, Mirage, The LINQ

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What Is Cheap At Wynn Las Vegas - Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

When you decide to stay at Wynn Las Vegas you are not necessarily looking for cheap alternatives but that does not mean that you cannot appreciate a good deal when you see one. There a few gems at this property and you'll be surprised at the value that comes from choosing a luxury resort.

The Cheap

  • Michael Monge performs in the Eastside Lounge and his show is a steal when you consider the caliber of his talents. There is a cover charge but it is minimal and you get an evening of good music and entertainment.
  • Red 8 for lunch is surprisingly affordable for this luxury property. Go with some dim sum or order off of the menu and you’ll realize that family style dining can be affordable even at a luxury hotel.
  • Dinner and a show for $190 and I am calling that cheap? Well, it is a good deal and when you look at the relative price of the individual experiences you’ll see that Wynn Las Vegas is helping your pocketbook. Check their website
  • Taste of the Arts at Wynn Las Vegas (free) is a collection of artwork found around both Wynn Las Vegas and Encore at Wynn. Find the concierge and they will have a brochure with self guided walking tour in formation and you’ll be on your way.

Is There a Buffet?

Yes. It can be expensive but let me just say that sometimes you just need to spend a little to get a whole lot.

The Splurge

SW Steakhouse is your spot for the big meal. Yes, it is expensive but the room has some serious energy and the view of the Lake Dreams helps elevate the complete experience even more.

The Must Do

Dinner at Lakeside followed by Le Reve. Experience their impressive “ocean to table” fresh fish and then watch the magical performance that is Le Reve. 

What’s Free At Wynn Las Vegas:

If you find a seat at Parasol Down you might forget that you are in Las Vegas. You’ll definitely not realize that the Las Vegas strip is a stone’s throw away. Walk out to the patio and enjoy the view, it’s free. Taste of the Arts is also free.

Nearby Hotels: Palazzo/Venetian, SLS Las Vegas, Treasure Island, Circus Circus

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