Cheap Food in the French Quarter

Eat Well for Less at These 10 Restaurants

Delicious food on a budget is hard to come by in New Orleans' tourist-heavy French Quarter, but if you know where to look, there are some very good options for cheap eats. Serving everything from po-boys to diner fare, local specialties to quasi-ethnic treats, these ten restaurants should keep you well-fed and leave you with plenty of drinking money still in your pocket.

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    Central Grocery

    Home of the Original Muffuletta
    ••• Michael Bentley/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    This French Quarter institution is a must-visit regardless of whether your vacation budget is of the beer or champagne variety. The fact that a Central Grocery muffuletta comes pretty cheap is just a bonus. A full sandwich, stuffed with mixed Italian meats and cheeses and salty, flavorful olive salad, costs $14.50. A half costs $7.50, but keep in mind that a half sandwich is more than enough for one person. Add in a bag of locally-made Zapp's potato chips apiece and you can pretty easily split a muffuletta between four friends.

    Pro tip: muffulettas taste even better after they've "marinated" for a few hours, so pick one up before you start drinking and stow it in your hotel for a late-night snack.

    923 Decatur St. / (504) 523-1620 /

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    Johnny's Po-Boys

    Johnny's Po-Boy
    ••• La Citta Vita/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    Johnny's has been serving up tasty breakfasts and overstuffed po-boys (a New Orleans sub sandwich) for over 60 years. Counter service and packed-in tables keep costs to a minimum. Breakfast sandwiches start at $2.95 and meat, eggs, and biscuit platters run around $6. Po-boys start at $7.50 and plate lunches (pork chops, red beans and sausage, and the like) start at around $8. It's simple food, but it's done right and the atmosphere is breezy and friendly. Cash only.

    511 St. Louis St. / (504) 524-8129 

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    Verti Marte
    ••• A. Breaux/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    Situated kitty-corner from the storied LaLaurie Mansion, this simple convenience store and takeout counter is a favorite place to take out-of-town guests for their very first New Orleans po-boy.

    The menu of sandwiches and meals-to-go is huge, surprisingly affordable, and unbelievably delicious. A meatball po-boy costs $6.10, a half-shrimp-half-oyster po-boy costs $9.50, a plate of Chicken Creole with two veggie sides costs $8.50. Verti Marte is vegetarian-friendly, with grilled veggie and mushroom sandwich options, among others. Cash only.

    1201 Royal St. / (504) 525-4767

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    Clover Grill

    ••• Clover Grill Sign. © Chad Kainz / Creative Commons via Flickr

    Clover Grill is a classic greasy spoon that's generally chock-full of stereotypical Bourbon Street denizens. It's noisy and service is brusque, but that's part of the charm. Omelets start at $5.49, burgers at $6.49. Nothing on the menu will change your life, but it does the trick. 

    900 Bourbon St. / (504) 598-1010 /


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    Felipe's Taqueria

    ••• Tacos at Felipe's Taqueria. Provided by Felipe's

    The French Quarter outpost of this local chain serves cheap and mighty tasty Mexican food into the wee hours of the morning most nights, though the food is more than good enough to eat sober. Ingredients are impeccably fresh and service is quick and friendly. A super burrito is $6.50, fish and shrimp tacos are $2.75 each (they're small, so you'll want a couple, at least), pork tamales are $2.75 (same). 

    301 N. Peters St. / (504) 267-4406 /

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    Lucky Dogs

    Lucky Dogs Hot Dog Cart
    ••• A Lucky Dogs hot dog cart in front of the Krazy Korner on Bourbon Street. © Megan Romer, 2013 / Licensed to

    These ubiquitous hot dog carts, immortalized as "Paradise Dogs" in the brilliant Pulitzer Prize-winning A Confederacy of Dunces, are all over the place in the Quarter. The enormous hot dogs run around $6 with all the fixings. They taste like, well, something you bought off of a hot dog cart, but if you've had a few drinks and like the idea of connecting to some literary history, give 'em a try. Cash only.

    Found throughout the French Quarter /

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    Cafe Beignet

    Cafe Beignet
    ••• Sign at Cafe Beignet. © Audrey Julienne / Creative Commons via Flickr

    Though it's sometimes thought of as "that other beignet place," Cafe Beignet, with two French Quarter locations, actually offers an excellent menu of breakfast items, sandwiches, and New Orleans specialties like gumbo and jambalaya. And the beignets aren't bad, either! Everything on the menu is under $10, and though the line to order at the counter can be long, it moves very quickly and is worth the wait.​

    311 Bourbon St. or 334-B Royal St. / (504) 524-5530 /

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    Camellia Grill

    A Chocolate Freeze at the Camellia Grill
    ••• A Chocolate Freeze at the Camellia Grill. © Mills Baker / Creative Commons via Flickr

    This relatively new French Quarter outpost of the legendary Uptown diner is a most welcome addition to the neighborhood. Take a seat at the enormous, wrap-around counter and be ready for some flamboyant and entertaining service and some very good classic diner fare. Omelets run around $7.50, a bacon cheeseburger is $6.69, a heaping order of chili-cheese fries is $3.99, and a slice of the house pecan pie is $3.99 as well.

    540 Chartres St. / (504) 522-1800 

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    Cafe Maspero

    Cafe Maspero - Muffuletta
    ••• Paul Frederickson/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    Cafe Maspero can be a bit of a tourist haven, but for good reason. The food is reliable and affordable, and there's something on the menu for a variety of palates, including both those that love Creole food and those that prefer something less exotic. A cheesy crock of French Onion Soup is $4, an overstuffed turkey and ham club is $8.75, jambalaya is $4/small or $9.25/large, red beans and rice are $4/small or $8/large.

    601 Decatur St. / (504) 523-6250 /

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    Ali Baba

    St. Peter Street
    ••• St. Peter Street. © Megan Romer, 2013 / Licensed to

    Gyros are really the perfect drinking food. They're easy to eat, the offer a bit of grease to line the stomach, but a good balance of protein and veggies and carbs to mitigate the hangover. And at Ali Baba's, they're cheap (around $7) and yummy. Other Greek and Mediterranean specialties round out the menu: falafels (a good vegetarian option), spanikopita, baklava, and the like. Cash only.

    732 St. Peter St. / (504) 412-8111