Where Can I Find Cheap Food At The Mandalay Bay Hotel?

Cheap Eating In Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas
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The Mandalay Bay can be a very pricey place to try to get a meal but you can go to the food court near the convention center and easily get a sandwich and a drink for under $10. Try the House of Blues for lunch or dinner - the average entrées are between $10 and $15. Citizens Kitchen and Bar has some lower priced entrée’s as well but the overall bill can make a move upward very fast. Raffle’s Café has some low priced entrée’s and on a relative scale, it is friendly to the wallet.

Walk over to Della's Kitchen at Delano Hotel and they have ample portions that are worthy of sharing. The food is very good so you might be inclined to be a bit greedy with your portions. There is also a food court near the convention space and happy hour menus are quite plentiful in this resort.


  • Hussong's Cantina - You don't have to settle for just the chips and salsa and a beer but you could and you would probably be full. Happy hour specials and a simple taco are reasonably priced at this Mexican food spot in the Mandalay Bay Place. As with most spots, once you add alcohol the idea of cheap is gone.
  • Burger Bar - Yes, burgers are cheap but this burger is if the gourmet style so it will cost you more than a fast food meal but will be significantly better. The beer list is very impressive so be careful.
  • Slice of Vegas - If you need a quick slice of pizza or an affordable salad or pasta this spot at Mandalay Place is convenient and fairly quick. They are open for lunch and dinner and the pizza by the slice counter is good for an after dinner snack.
  • Tacos and Tequila - Mexican food can be cheap and this location is affordable. You'll have to stay way from the big entrees and do not even begin to explore the tequila options.
  • Shake Shack - Although you have to take the monorail to New York-New York Resort for this cheap meal it really is not that far and when you consider how cheap and how good the meal is you'll realize that it's worth it. Shake Shack is among the best deals on the Las Vegas strip.