Cheap flights from Hong Kong to Beijing

While there are plenty of flights on offer getting a cheap flight from Hong Kong to Beijing is no easy task. This is largely a business route and that comes with business prices. Below you'll find some insider tips on the best cheap airlines, the best times to fly and a sneaky shortcut that will get you the best value cheap flights from Hong Kong to Beijing. 

How Much Is a Ticket Between Hong Kong and Beijing?

You won't be surprised to hear that it depends when you travel, but in general, you should pay between you should expect to pay between $300 on average for a return, including taxes, between Hong Kong and Beijing, with higher prices to be expected during Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival. You'll have swung a good deal if you bag tickets for under $200, while a $150 return will probably need you to leave midweek and travel during unsociable hours. Of course, you could always take our sneaky shortcut - find out more below.  ​

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Cheapest time to travel to Beijing

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Beijing is a long way north of Hong Kong, and during the winter the temperature plummets with buckets full of snow dumped onto the city. Naturally, flights to Beijing are cheaper during the off season, which runs roughly from November to April. Remember, Chinese New Year and other traditional Chinese festivals see planes packed with Hong Kongers visiting family, and ticket prices will be considerably higher. In particular avoid the two Golden Week holidays - carriers hold tourists to ransom as thousands look to travel  

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The cheapest airline flying from Hong Kong to Beijing

A Cathay Pacific airplane.
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You will most consistently find cheap flights from Hong Kong to Beijing by using Dragon Air, the cheap domestic carrier run by Cathay Pacific. They have several flights a day, competitive fares and regularly run deals on this route. Hong Kong Airlines should be your second option and their fares are often as cheap as Dragon Air. Both carriers only offer direct routes and are ideal if you want to take a short weekend break - or conceivably a day trip.

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What about if I change planes?

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If you're willing to change planes in some far-flung Chinese city, you can probably knock $50 off the trip. But you'll need to add in plenty of extra hours. Connections with Xiamen Air, China Southern and China Eastern are all possible, but they often connect in regional towns that add several hours onto your journey. You'll also need to navigate connections in some off the beaten track airports - this option is really only for the adventurous. 

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Hong Kong to Beijing flights that are 20% cheaper

Shenzhen Airport departures

Flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and China are still not wholly considered as domestic, and as a result, prices are artificially high. For a cheaper deal, take the roughly two hour train journey to Shenzhen Airport, just across the Hong Kong – China border. Here you will find plenty of connections to Beijing and flights that are usually 20% cheaper than flying from Hong Kong.  You can even travel to Shenzhen airport by bonded ferry on arrival in Hong Kong without having to pass Hong Kong immigration. 

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Make it a weekend with

If you're looking for a weekend break to Beijing or other points in China, Zuji offers some the best value package deals out of Hong Kong, including flights and hotels. Typically these are two night, three-day deals, although they offer longer stays and flight only deals as well. If you want to stay in a four-star hotel or better and are staying for at least a couple of nights, these package deals will usually work out cheaper than booking the hotels and flights individually. 

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