6 Dirt-Cheap Disney Souvenirs Your Kids Will Love

Get More Magic for Less Money

Wondering if it's possible to take a Disney vacation on a budget? Planning an affordable Disney vacation is not as difficult as you may think. It simply means doing your homework and making a few choices that will keep your overall cost down, such as timing your trip right and selecting a wallet-friendly hotel. 

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Also consider easy ways to keep your spending in check while you are at Disney World. When it comes to souvenirs, you'll find an assortment of inexpensive, small items in the gift shops, but it can take a lot of willpower to pass up the flashier, more expensive keepsakes. On a budget? Limit your time in the gift shops and turn on your kids to these less expensive options.



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    Ask Your Favorite Disney Character for an Autograph

    Disney Chip and Dale autograph for a boy
    Walt Disney Parks

    Did you know that you can get an autograph from your favorite Disney characters (with just a few exceptions)? You can purchase a Disney autograph book in any gift shop, make an inexpensive personalized version before your trip, or take DIY Disney souvenirs to a whole new level.

    You can track down your favorite Disney characters and schedule meet-and-greets with MyMagic+. And don't forget: hugs are always free, too.

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    Collect and Trade Disney Pins

    disney pins collection on a bag
    Walt Disney Parks

    Pin trading is not only a great way to collect souvenirs, it's also a fun activity that adds a fun dimension to your Disney vacation. Pins are available at gift stores in Disney's theme parks, cruise ships, and resorts. Kids can focus on a favorite character, collect sets, or look for commemorative pins. You may trade up to two pins a day with any cast member and also swap with other guests. Get started by buying a pin or two or, if you have more than one child, consider a pack of five or six pins. Then start trading. Make sure to research the basic Disney pin-trading rules before beginning.​

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    Get a First Haircut (and Mouse Ears) for Under $20

    Harmony Barber Shop Disney World
    Walt Disney Parks

    Going to Disney World? Head to Harmony Barber Shop in the Magic Kingdom for an inexpensive and oh-so-fabulous memory. A $19 My First Haircut package buys you a cut, special "first haircut" mouse ears, and a guaranteed fabulous photo op. Special Disneyfied haircuts for boys and girls under 12 years old can be had for just $15. The stylists will also be happy to add Disney sparkle to adults' hair, too--also for under $20. Schedule ahead with MyMagic+.

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    Collect Disney Pressed Penny Souvenirs

    Pressed Penny Disney Cruise Line
    Disney Cruise Line

    For just two quarters and a penny, you can make a collectible pressed-penny Disney souvenir. They're fun for kids and, best of all, you can have 10 for just over $5. You'll find coin-press machines at many resorts and attractions at Disney World and Disneyland as well as at some Disney Cruise Line ports, and each one offers a selection of different images. Here's a tutorial for how to make a bracelet from Disney pressed pennies. 

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    Go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt for Hidden Mickeys

    Hidden Mickeys Coronado Springs DisneyParks
    Walt Disney Parks

    Disney destinations are filled with "Hidden Mickeys"—silhouettes and images of Mickey Mouse's iconic head cleverly hidden by Walt Disney Imagineers throughout the theme parks, resorts, and cruise ships. It’s fun to find and take photos of Hidden Mickeys on your smartphones and, if you like, put together an album when you get home. (You'll find the Mickey-shaped knot hole pictured above at the dock at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Disney World.) 

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    Buy Your Frozen Souvenirs Before You Go

    Elsa Dress Frozen

    If your kid is obsessed with Elsa and Anna and knows every word to "Let it Go," you can save significant money by buying a "Frozen" souvenir or two from Kohl's before you leave home. To make the souvenir more special, consider offering it as a surprise on the day you leave or when you arrive at your Disney destination.