Chateau Beer Garden at Paris Las Vegas

Chateau Beer Garden at Paris Las Vegas
Photo by Zeke Quezada

I sit down on a bright yellow couch and sink down far more than should be acceptable. I feel like if I had to leave in a hurry I might need a little assistance getting up. Somehow, that is the way a comfortable couch should feel when you are on vacation. 2 girls walk by and ask if I mind if they share one of the seats in my tiny enclave and the truth is most guys would have bought them free drinks just to have them stick around. They use some drink coupons that gets them a 2 for 1 special and they enjoy the atmosphere.

The music is on and a few televisions seem to be showing a game. A type away on my Blackberry and the level of comfort is perfect for an afternoon on the Las Vegas strip.

At the bar two very attractive bartenders create the type of tropical drinks that can get you in trouble and a group of guys are placing bets to see if they can order all 30 different beer selections on the menu. A typical day in Las Vegas and the proper way to spend some time in a beer garden.

My server approaches, with her looks right out of those magazines that my wife keeps in her nightstand, with a fairly large pitcher of a bright yellow cocktail. The Sunshine Tea. Looks like I will need to spend an afternoon slowly sipping and then stumbling back to my room for a nap. By the time I'm done with half of the pitcher the two girls have joined the group of guys. I have a slight tan and I realize that I should have rubbed in a little SPF 30. The late afternoon crowd slowly transforms into the nightclub types and the music gets a little louder and the energy definitely goes up.

20 beers on tap, another 10 in bottles and a girl to guy ratio of 5 to 1. What is not to like about a place like that? The Chateau Beer Garden is located right on the Las Vegas strip above Sugar Factory and just adjacent to Chateau Nightclub.

You can head to the Beer Gardens at lunch and sit around with some decent food options including pizza that is about as good as you'll ever get at a bar. A few baguette sandwiches and a couple of salads round out the selections and I can guarantee that you'll be more than pleased with the quality of the food. It's clear that the menu at the Chateau Beer Garden was not a simple after thought.

Chateau Beer Garden at Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas
Open daily at 10 am
For General Information or Reservations: (702)331-5100
Check out the Chateau Beer Garden Web Site