A Walking Tour of the Chase Field Ballpark

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Chase Field Entrance and Rotunda

Chase Field
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The rotunda inside the main gate of Chase Field looks very different when there aren't thousands of people walking through it. Stop to admire the artwork on the upper levels depicting Arizona scenes, as well as the map of Arizona on the floor. To the right, you can see a glass case where the Arizona Diamondbacks keep the 2001 World Series trophy, and some memorabilia from that game, including a World Series ring.

Chase Field Tour Tip #1: You'll walk over a mile on this guided tour of the ballpark, and most parts of the tour aren't air conditioned.

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Historical Baseball Photos at Chase Field

Chase Field Tour
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Even if you regularly attend Arizona Diamondbacks games or other events at Chase Field, you'll get to enjoy some experiences on this guided tour that typical ticket holders don't get to see. For instance, when the concessions are closed and their security doors are in place, there are classic photos to enjoy. Who knew?​

Chase Field Tour Tip #2: During the tour, you'll have access to restrooms and water fountains, but no concessions or stores inside the stadium are open. For security reasons, you must stay with your assigned staffer/tour guide.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Locker Room

Chase Field Tour
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There are locker rooms for both the visitors and for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Like in all ballparks, the home team facilities are much nicer than those for the visiting team. On the Chase Field tour, you'll see a video where the Diamondbacks mascot, Baxter the Bobcat, shows you where the players hang out and prepare before the game.

Chase Field Tour Tip #3: On this tour, you will not get to see the hydrotherapy room, weight training room, laundry room, coaching room, security areas, or executive offices.

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Chase Field Tour Plaques, Artwork and Photographs

Chase Field Tour
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On the level where only staff and players have access, your tour will stop at various works of art, displays, and photographs that the public doesn't usually get to see. On this wall, there are plaques showing the starting lineups for Opening Day of each season that the Arizona Diamondbacks have been an MLB franchise. It's hard to believe we came to know so many players in our short history!

Chase Field Tour Tip #4: This tour is suitable for all ages. Bring your camera.

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Where The Public Usually Doesn't Go

Chase Field
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Your tour begins with a walk around the main concourse of the stadium, where you'll see many photographs, the kids' area, museum area, pool, and field of play. From there you'll go where most fans don't usually tread! Other areas that you might see on your Chase Field tour include the dugout, party suites, and corporate suites. You might also stop in the area designated for the media, to see where they eat, work, and watch the game.

Chase Field Tour Tip #5: The Team Shop is usually open during the time that tours are given, so you can stock up on Dbacks gear while you are there.

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Game Day Tours at Chase Field

Chase Field
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On Friday and Saturday game days, tours are offered in the late afternoon, too. Some players (Dbacks as well as members of the visiting team) might be at the ballpark early to get in some batting practice or work in the weight room, so you never know who you'll meet in the hallways! Bring a ball and autograph pen, just in case. The pre-game tours are popular, so sign up early for those. You must have a ticket to that game to go on the pre-game tour.

Chase Field Tour Tip #6: Not every tour is exactly the same. You might get to see the locker room, or, you might get to see the dugout--it all depends what's in use on the day you visit.

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Location, Schedule, Tickets

Chase Field
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Chase Field Ballpark Tours take place at (where else?) Chase Field. Here's a map and directions to the ballpark. The meeting place for the Chase Field tours is at the main plaza, in front of the box office.

Parking may be available at the 2-hour meters right in front of the Chase Field Plaza on 4th Street. Since the tour takes about 1-1/4 hours, that meter should cover you. Bring quarters! Be careful not to park at the 15-minute meters; City of Phoenix Police are quick to write citations. If there are no 2-hour meters available, you can always park in the garage to the south.

Chase Field tours are available all year long, at various times of the day. Advance tickets are highly recommended. To purchase Chase Field tour tickets, you can either visit the Box Office or call 602-514-8400 (toll-free 1-888-777-4664). You may purchase regular tour tickets online, but game day ballpark tour tickets are not available online. For more information about the tours and the current schedule, visit Chase Field online.

Chase Field Tour Tip #7: The least attended/least crowded tour is the first tour in the morning. It's also the least hot tour on non-game days in the warmer months. The Chase Field ballpark tour is a popular tour for schools and camps, but they are scheduled separately from the regular public tours.

Proceeds from the tickets sales for the guided tours at Chase Field go to the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation, which supports programs dedicated to working with the homeless, indigent healthcare and children's programs.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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