Charlotte's Best Nurseries and Plant Centers

Rountree Plantation

 Rountree Plantation

Each spring, Charlotte's nurseries and garden centers come alive along with the plants they sell as people turn their thoughts back to their gardens. But for these locations and their staff, it's a year-round love affair. If you're looking for plants that you won't find at your superstore's garden section along with years of knowledge and advice, here are some of Charlotte's best nurseries and garden centers.

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Pike Nurseries

Pike's Nursery in Charlotte
Courtesy of Pike Nurseries

12630 N Community House Rd
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 341-7453
Pike Nurseries Web site

Pike Nurseries has only been in Charlotte for around 10 years, but the history of the company goes back several decades. In their time in town, they've become known as go-to "plant people," providing the best selection of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, houseplants, seasonal color, sod and more. But they can help with all aspects of outdoor living like patio furniture, grills, pottery, fountains, bird houses, and bird feeders.

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Campbell's Greenhouse

Campbell's Greenhouse in Charlotte
Courtesy of Campbell's Greenhouse

209 McDonald Ave
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 331-9659
Campbell's Greenhouse web site

 Located in the historic Dilworth neighborhood, Campbell's Greenhouse is a gardener's dream. They have a large bonsai collection and excellent custom arrangements, along with topiaries, statuaries, planters, tropical foliage, gift baskets, and unusual varieties of exotic plants. Orchids are a specialty at Campbell's. They even run an “Orchid Care” program to help bring damaged orchids back to life.

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Southern Styles Nursery and Garden Center

Southern Styles Nursery & Garden Center
Southern Styles Nursery & Garden Center

4245 Rea Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226
(704) 544-8686
Southern Styles Nursery and Garden Center web site

Located in Charlotte since 2000, Southern Styles offers everything from the extremely common to incredibly unique. They have over 80 varieties of Hosta (from miniature hosta to giant hosta), 20 different type of ferns, 25 varieties of landscape grasses, herbs, annuals, Japanese Maples, and so much more. They have a grower's plant picker database handy if you need some inspiration. Delivery and installation are offered, and everything is handled by their in-house staff. The site is pet friendly as long as they are leashed and vaccinated.

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Royal Gardens Inc.

Royal Gardens Inc.
Courtesy of Royal Gardens Inc.

1733 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 334-3764
Royal Gardens web site

As you're driving by, it's easy to mistake this for just another house. But this family-run garden shop is worth a stop inside if you're sprucing up your yard. The inside of the house is a "gift shop" of sorts with a selection of gardening gifts and small tools. But the outside holds a very impressive selection of fountains and larger pots to hold your plants. During planting months, you will find vegetables and herbs, along with some actual plants. There's a great atmosphere that provides an excellent hideaway from the busy city.

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Rountree Plantation Garden Center

Rountree Plantation
Courtesy of Rountree Plantation

517 Rountree Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217
(704) 523-6362
Rountree Plantation web site

 The selection at Rountree is immense, and the staff very well-versed in their plants. In addition, they have a section with locally made crafts, soaps, candles, planters, birdhouses, and other yard and garden decorations. Rountree is family owned and operated and strives to be "your most trusted garden center and plant supplier." They have a full service garden center as well as a stocked commercial department which caters to the landscape and lawn maintenance industries in North and South Carolina

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