Central Arkansas Escape Rooms and Mystery Rooms

The escape room concept has been popular on the west coast for some time, but it is gaining popularity in Arkansas.  For those unfamiliar, escape rooms are live action games played by friends, coworkers and sometimes even strangers.  Participants must decipher a series of clues, and some red herrings, to work through a series of puzzles and escape before time runs out. It's safe (nothing horrible happens if you don't escape) and a fun team-building and friendship building exercise.

Each room and each company has a different posted success rate for completing the challenge.  They frequently change the rooms up so cheaters can't give away all the answers.  The typical solve rate for escape rooms is around 20%, which means only 1 in 5 rooms is escaped.  A large amount of failure is due to team dynamics.  There are many clues.  It's easy to get distracted from the right direction because there is so much going on.  You can see how well you work together in an escape room.

Typically, the maximum number of players than can be accommodated per room is 10, but some of the companies will run two separate rooms for a larger team.  Having more than 10 people usually leads to confusion and chaos. 

Most escape rooms only allow you one hour to complete the challenge.

Escape rooms aren't meant to be scary.  They are meant to be challenging.  It's more of a logic game than a haunted house. You usually aren't even really "locked" in.  You can leave at any time.  They are just a fun way to bond with friends.

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Mystery Mansion Escape Room (Little Rock)

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Mystery Mansion has 2 unique rooms with one in the works.  They can accommodate up to 10 people aged 10 and older.  You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle.  The unique part of Mystery Mansion is that it is actually held in the historic Foster-Robinson Mansion in downtown Little Rock.  It's a pretty cool mansion to visit even without the puzzle. Admission is $20-25 per person.  You can book online.   Mystery Mansion is located at 2122 S Broadway St in Little Rock, AR. 

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Central Arkansas Escape Room (North Little Rock)

Central Arkansas Escape Room offers two different rooms. They have a maximum occupancy of 10 people aged 10 and up.  You have 60 minutes to escape.  This was the first escape room in the area and the owners still have a blast with it. Admission is $20 per person. You can book online.  Central Arkansas Escape Room is located at 109 E C Ave in North Little Rock, AR. 

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The Escape Little Rock

The Escape Little Rock is a newer escape room, with a somewhat unique requirement that you must rent the whole room when you reserve.  For $99, 2 to 6 people can spend one hour solving a puzzle.  All ages are welcome, with kids under 13 requiring a chaperone. You can book online. The Escape Little Rock is located at 1216 S Main St in Little Rock, AR.

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Escape Mystery Rooms (Conway)

Escape Mystery Rooms in Conway has 3 different room themes and a minimum age of 10.  You have one hour to escape.  You can book a room for 2-6 people for $25 per person. Escape Mystery Rooms is located at 707 Parkway Street in Conway, AR.

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Escape Hot Springs

Hot Springs is a fun day trip, and Escape Hot Springs is a great attraction to visit while you are there.  They have 3 different rooms that fit 10 people maximum.  They even have a Hot Springs themed room.  You have an hour to complete the puzzle.  Admission is $20 and you must be over 10 years of age.  Escape Hot Springs is located at 200 Spring Suite #200 in Hot Springs, AR.

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A Narrow Escape (Hot Springs)

A Narrow Escape is another Hot Springs escape room.  They have 2 room themes that hold a maximum of 8 players that are 7 years or older.  You have 60 minutes to escape.  The cost is $20 per person or $160 for a private room of up to 8.  A Narrow Escape is located at 801 Central Ave Ste 37 in ​Hot Springs, AR.

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