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Crush on the Celebrity Silhouette

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The Celebrity Silhouette has enough lounges and bars scattered throughout the ship to keep anyone who likes to socialize happy. Starting at the top, there's the forward Sky Observation Lounge, along with the outdoor Sunset Bar and Mast Bar. These three will be familiar to those who have sailed on other Celebrity Solstice-class ships.

Moving through the ship, guests will find other familiar bars such as the Ensemble Lounge, Martini Bar, Quasar, Galleria Tastings, and the Passport Bar. The Celebrity Silhouette also has a Michael's Club, but the lounge has been transformed into a brew pub, with selection of more than 50 beers.

Let's take a look at each of these bars and lounges on the Celebrity Silhouette.

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Michael's Club

Celebrity Silhouette - Michael's Club
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

Michael's Club is in a familiar place on the Celebrity Silhouette--next to the Ensemble Lounge and Murano Restaurant on deck 5.

In the other Celebrity ships, Michael's Club offers a selection of rare malts, whiskies and scotches. However, Michael's Club has been transformed into a brew pub on the Celebrity Silhouette, with over 50 beers, including some flavorful craft beers.

One of the beers, DeuS Brut des Flandres, sells for $49 a bottle, making it the most expensive beer at Michael's Club. This strong Belgian ale is fermented in Belgium, but then transferred to the Champagne region of France to be re-fermented and stored for 9 months. It's almost like a sparkling wine since it has an alcohol content of over 11 percent.

In addition to ales, Michael's Club sells lagers, lambics, ciders, wheat beers, and seasonal beers. It even has some beer cocktails. Guests can even take classes in the club and learn how to pour the perfect draft beer or enjoy a tasting of six international beers. The pub has snacks to go along with the beer such as homemade potato chips, bread sticks, and lightly-spiced caramel popcorn.

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Cellar Masters

Celebrity Silhouette - Cellar Masters
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

Cellar Masters is a classic wine bar midship on deck 4 on the Celebrity Silhouette. Cellar Masters has wine tastings and even has an Italian-designed wine system with 32 choices of wine. You can serve yourself 24-hours a day by using your room key card and pushing a button!

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Ensemble Lounge

Celebrity Silhouette - Ensemble Lounge
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

The Celebrity Silhouette Ensemble Lounge is a convenient place to meet for a before or after dinner drink. It's found just outside Murano Restaurant, but is also near Qsine, the Tuscan Grille, and Blu Restaurants.

The Ensemble Lounge often features live entertainment in the evening.

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Galleria Tastings

Celebrity Silhouette - Galleria Tastings
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

Galleria Tastings is on deck 5 near the Art Gallery and Galleria boutique shops on the Celebrity Silhouette. It is a molecular bar, but also has wine and food tastings. In addition, the space is sometimes used for fashion or art shows.

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Martini Bar

Celebrity Silhouette - Martini Bar
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

The Celebrity Silhouette Martini Bar is one of the most popular bars on the cruise ship. Located on deck 4 midship, the bar has an icy frosted top, which helps keep the martinis and other cocktails cold. With 26 different martini cocktails made from over 200 varieties of vodka, there's bound to be one that suits every taste!

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Mast Bar

Celebrity Silhouette - Mast Bar
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

The Mast Bar is high up on deck 14 outdoors on the Celebrity Silhouette. It's a casual bar, with great views of the sea.

The Celebrity Silhouette also has a Pool Bar on deck 12 next to the pool.

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Passport Bar

Celebrity Silhouette - Passport Bar
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

The Passport Bar has a traditional look, with dark woods and upholstered furniture. It is located on deck 3 of the Celebrity Silhouette near the Guest Relations desk.

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Celebrity Silhouette - Quasar
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

Quasar is the Celebrity Silhouette's disco and dance club. It has contemporary decor and a nice-sized dance floor.

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Sky Observation Lounge

Sky Observation Lounge
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

The Sky Observation Lounge is contemporary in design and is large enough to seat many guests plus has a nice-sized dance floor. The lounge is used for those seeking out great views forward in the day time, so it is often filled with passengers and their books or reading materials. In the evening, Sky is used as a dance club on the Celebrity Silhouette.

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Sunset Bar

Celebrity Silhouette - Sunset Bar
Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison

The outdoor Sunset Bar on the Celebrity Silhouette features marvelous views out over the wake of the cruise ship. As its name suggests, the sunset views are the best!

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