Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Ship - Interior Photos

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Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Ship

Tony Hisgett / Wikimedia Commons via Flickr / CC-BY-2.0

The 2,886 guest Celebrity Silhouette is the fourth ship in Celebrity Cruises' Solstice class, following her sister ships the Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox, and Celebrity Eclipse. Only the Celebrity Reflection is a newer ship in the class. The first ship in Celebrity's next class of ships, the Celebrity Edge, launched in late 2018.

Although those who have sailed on any of the sister ships will find the Celebrity Silhouette familiar, the ship has two new restaurants and several new venues that will appeal to cruise travelers.

These photos of the interior of the Celebrity Silhouette help demonstrate the similarities and differences between this ship and her (slightly) older or younger sisters.

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AquaSpa Waiting Area

Celebrity Silhouette - AquaSpa Waiting Area
Linda Garrison

The Celebrity Silhouette AquaSpa has this lovely waiting area, along with a full menu of spa treatments for the guests on the cruise ship. 

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Persian Garden

Celebrity Silhouette - Persian Garden
Linda Garrison

The Persian Garden is a marvelous area of the AquaSpa where guests can relax before or after their spa treatment. The heated stone lounges take the soreness out of tired muscles and aching joints.

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Fitness Center

Celebrity Silhouette - Fitness Center
Linda Garrison

Like most modern cruise ships, the Celebrity Silhouette has a modern fitness area with all the latest exercise equipment. The fitness staff also teaches a variety of classes and gives lectures/presentations on fitness/wellness topics. Since the fitness center has plenty of windows, those getting their exercise on the treadmills have great views of the sea.

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Solarium Indoor Pool

Celebrity Silhouette - Solarium Indoor Pool
Linda Garrison

The Solarium indoor pool is for adults only on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship. The area is very relaxing in all sorts of weather.

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Celebrity Silhouette - Solarium
Linda Garrison

The Solarium pool and comfortable seating area is a popular place for adults to relax or take a swim. 

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Deck 5 Hallway

Celebrity Silhouette - Deck 5 Hallway
Linda Garrison

Be sure to walk slowly in the contemporary hallways and passages on the Celebrity Silhouette. The artwork and decor are interesting to see and to examine a little more closely. 

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Entertainment Deck - Ensemble Lounge

Celebrity Silhouette - Entertainment Deck - Ensemble Lounge
Linda Garrison

The passageway through the Ensemble Lounge links the aft dining areas on deck 5 with the rest of the Entertainment Deck venues.  

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Entertainment Deck Passageway

Celebrity Silhouette - Entertainment Deck Passageway
Linda Garrison

The entrance to the Entertainment Deck area on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship has some distinctive artwork like the piece in this photo.

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Celebrity Silhouette - iLounge
Linda Garrison

Computer classes on Apple products and software are taught in the iLounge of the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship.  

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Celebrity Silhouette - Hideaway
Linda Garrison

The HIdeaway on the Celebrity Silhouette is a quiet spot that's perfect for reading and relaxing. 

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Celebrity Silhouette - Hideaway
Linda Garrison

The Hideaway area on the Celebrity Silhouette features quiet spaces to read, think, or just be away from it all. 

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Celebrity Silhouette - Hideaway Nest

Celebrity Silhouette - Hideaway Nest
Linda Garrison

Doesn't this "nest" look almost like a cocoon? It's in the Hideaway on the Celebrity Silhouette. 

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Celebrity Silhouette - Cardroom
Linda Garrison

Many bridge players and those who enjoy a card or board game when on a cruise vacation will appreciate this lovely card room.

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Library and Atrium Tree

Library and Atrium Tree on the Celebrity Silhouette
Linda Garrison

A tree is found in the atrium of all the ships in the Solstice class. This photo shows the famous "atrium tree" on the Celebrity Silhouette, along with the library.

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Celebrity Silhouette - Library
Linda Garrison

The Library on the Celebrity Silhouette has comfortable seating and offers a quiet place to read. The seating is comfortable, and the setting is conducive to quiet thinking.

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X Club Teen's Area

Celebrity Silhouette - X Club Teen's Area
Linda Garrison

Teens love this brightly colored venue called the X Club. It's a perfect place to gather and have fun with new cruise friends.

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Art Studio

Celebrity Silhouette - Art Studio
Linda Garrison

Guests can enjoy classes in drawing, painting, beading, and culinary arts in the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship's Art Studio.

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Atrium Tree

Celebrity Silhouette - Atrium Tree
Linda Garrison

 All of the cruise ships in the Celebrity Solstice class have a tree in the atrium. This photo shows the one on the Celebrity Silhouette. 

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Grand Foyer

Celebrity Silhouette - View of Grand Foyer
Linda Garrison

The Grand Foyer of the Celebrity Silhouette makes a grand statement. Musicians often perform at the bottom of the Grand Staircase, and their music can be heard in many of the venues overlooking the Grand Foyer.

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Grand Foyer

Celebrity Silhouette - Grand Foyer
Linda Garrison

The Grand Foyer on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship is bright, open, and contemporary. It's the hub of the ship, and many lounges and shops overlook the Grand Foyer.