Dining on the Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Ship

The Lawn Club Grill on the Celebrity Silhouette

 Linda Garrison

The Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship has some of the most diverse specialty dining venues at sea. One favorite is Qsine, with its dozens of small tasting items that feature surprising presentations. However, the Lawn Club Grill is also a big hit with cruise travelers. Of course, several of the popular excellent specialty restaurants found on other Celebrity ships have made their way to the Celebrity Silhouette, like Murano, Blu, and Tuscan Grille.

In addition to these specialty restaurants, the Celebrity Silhouette has one of the most spacious and airy buffet restaurants at sea, the Oceanview Cafe and Bar.

Those looking for something light and/or quick will appreciate the Mast Grill near the pool, The Porch next to The Lawn Club, and the Aqua Spa Cafe in the Solarium. 

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The Lawn Club Grill

The Lawn Club Grill is a casual outdoor restaurant with great views
Linda Garrison

The Celebrity Silhouette Lawn Club Grill is a small (58-seat) outdoor restaurant that occupies the same space as the Corning Glass Works on the previous Celebrity Solstice-class ships. You step directly from the Lawn Club grass into the casual eatery, with its salad bar, flat-bread ovens, and grills. People all over the world love to barbecue and the Lawn Club Grill enables amateur chefs to grill their own food, using world-class equipment accompanied by tips from master chefs. If you don't feel like cooking, one of the chefs will do if for you, but it's supposed to be part of the fun.

Dining at the Lawn Club Grill will probably be more fun for a family or group of friends than just for a table for two. One person from each table volunteers to be a grill master and a second person volunteers to make the flatbread or pizza. A server takes the orders, and the volunteer chefs don aprons and select the pieces for grilling or the flatbread toppings based on the orders from their table.

The flatbread toppings include any items from the large salad bar or traditional Margherita, BBQ chicken, sausage and peppers, Mediterranean vegetables, or pepperoni. The grilled meat selection is excellent, with steaks such as New York strip, Filet Mignon, or rib eye. Other grilled items include veal or lamb chops, bratwurst, salmon, red snapper, or a selection of kebab items. The wait staff delivers the side dishes, which include lobster macaroni and cheese, baked potato, baked beans, dirty rice, and creamed corn.

The fun meal is topped off with a good selection of desserts, including apple crumble, blueberry cobbler, cheesecake, carrot cake, and a hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. 

The Lawn Club Grill has small overhead heaters, which will come in handy on cool nights. The ship also provides blankets for wrapping up in if it's windy or cold. The Lawn Club Grill space is somewhat protected by glass walls, but it could get cool or hot depending on the weather, so dress appropriately. Casual dress is welcomed, but no swimsuits.

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Qsine Restaurant

This innovative restaurant on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship
Linda Garrison

Celebrity introduced the Qsine Restaurant concept on the Celebrity Eclipse, and the innovative restaurant has been a big hit with cruise guests on that ship and the other ships in the fleet where it has been added.

The fun on the Celebrity Silhouette starts with the menu, which is presented on an iPad. Each of the 20 items are bite-sized and designed to be tasted and shared with the table. It's a little like tapas. By touching the item's icon on the iPad menu, you get a description of the item, plus a few items (like the disco shrimp) have an accompanying video.

The server delivers the selections, which are shared with the table. Most items have a unique presentation. For example, the disco shrimp mentioned above is presented in a glass with a flashing "disco" light in the base. The sushi lollipops are like sushi on a stick, and much easier to eat than with chopsticks! 

Dining at Qsine incurs an extra surcharge, but it's worth it just for the dining experience. The restaurant only seats 72, and it's wise to book in advance.

This sample Qsine menu provides just a glimpse at the magical items served in this outstanding restaurant. It's a dining experience you will want to share with your friends back home!

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Murano Restaurant

Murano is the most elegant restaurant on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship
Linda Garrison

Murano on the Celebrity Silhouette is one of the most elegant specialty restaurants at sea. Its Continental menu and exquisite service make it a traveler's favorite. Murano has an extra surcharge.

Murano's appetizers include many items found in French restaurants ashore like foie gras, escargots, and sweetbreads. The soups and salads are interesting, and the main dishes like lobster, rack of lamb, filet Mignon, and duck are exceptional. Some of the items are prepared tableside, adding to the overall dining experience. Be sure to save room for the dessert souffle.

In addition to its a la carte menu, Murano also has a five-course fixed menu. The restaurant seats 76 and is perfect for a special onboard celebration like a birthday or anniversary.

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Tuscan Grille Restaurant

Tuscan Grille is a terrific Italian steakhouse restaurant
Linda Garrison

The Tuscan Grille is an Italian steakhouse restaurant on the Celebrity Silhouette with many familiar favorites like Caesar salad, cioppino, many pasta dishes, and veal.

The atmosphere is not as formal as Murano, but the service is still exceptional, and the menu is varied enough to return more than once.

The Tuscan Grille has an extra surcharge.

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Blu Restaurant

Blu Restaurant is designed specifically for those staying in the AquaClass
Linda Garrison

Blu is one of the prettiest restaurants at sea. Done mostly in white and blue, it's very contemporary and dramatic, and the exclusive nature of the venue adds to its mystery since the restaurant is not open to everyone on the ship.

Blu is primarily for the exclusive use of those staying in the AquaClass staterooms on the Celebrity Silhouette. Originally the menu was supposed to be heart-healthy and light but has involved into a "clean cuisine". In addition to the AquaClass guests, suite guests can dine in Blu if there are openings.

Blu offers a continental breakfast and open seating dining in the evening.

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Cafe al Bacio and Gelateria

Celebrity Silhouette - Cafe al Bacio and Gelateria
Linda Garrison

The Cafe al Bacio on the Celebrity Silhouette is a very busy specialty coffee house found on deck 5 on the other side of the atrium from Bistro on Five. In addition to the coffees and pastries, the cafe has a nice gelateria with gelato and Italian ices.

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Grand Cuvee Restaurant

The Grand Cuvee Restaurant is the spectacular main restaurant on the Celebrity Silhouette. Located aft on decks three and four, it has the same gorgeous bubble chandeliers found on the Celebrity Solstice, and the huge wine tower dominates the whole dining room.

The Grand Cuvee menu includes an excellent selection of items, including some classified as "heart healthy".

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The Porch Restaurant

The Porch Restaurant
Linda Garrison

Like The Lawn Club Grill, The Porch dining venue was first introduced on the Celebrity Silhouette. Located next to the Lawn Club, it offers quick bites, sandwiches, paninis, salads, and soups. This casual spot also offers great views of the sea and the lush green grass of the Lawn Club.

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Oceanview Cafe

The Oceanview Cafe is the buffet dining option
Linda Garrison

The Oceanview Cafe is the Celebrity Silhouette's casual buffet dining venue. It's open 24 hours a day and serves a variety of items for breakfast, starting with early risers' breakfast, followed by the breakfast buffet, and late breakfast until late in the morning. All items are found on the various stations placed around the huge, well-lit area. The Oceanview Cafe is surrounded by windows, so it is very bright and has an attractive feel.

Lunch includes various international cuisines, as well as salads and hot items.

The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating.

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AquaSpa Cafe

The AquaSpa Cafe features lighter fare
Linda Garrison

The AquaSpa Cafe is conveniently located in the Solarium of the Celebrity Silhouette. It offers a healthy alternative breakfast and lunch.​

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