Celebrity Reflection - Dining and Cuisine

Celebrity Reflection Opus Restaurant
Celebrity Reflection Opus Restaurant.

 TripSavvy / Linda Garrison

The dining options on the Celebrity Reflection are almost identical to the Celebrity Silhouette dining venues. That's a good thing since those restaurants and casual eateries are some of the best afloat.

The Celebrity Reflection has a dozen dining venues. The first eight restaurants either have an extra surcharge or are only open to suite guests (Blu). Six have a fixed fee, and the Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria has a la carte pricing.

  • Murano Restaurant
  • Blu Restaurant
  • Qsine Restaurant
  • Tuscan Grille Restaurant
  • The Lawn Club Grill
  • The Porch
  • Bistro on Five
  • Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria

These four dining venues do not have an extra surcharge and are available to all cabin and suite guests.

  • Opus Restaurant
  • Oceanview Cafe
  • AquaSpa Cafe
  • Mast Grill

In addition to the dining venues listed above, the Celebrity Reflection also offers 24-hour room service.

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Murano Restaurant

Murano Restaurant on the Celebrity Reflection cruise ship
Linda Garrison

Celebrity's Murano Restaurant has a classic, elegant decor with Continental cuisine and exceptional service. Anyone who loves fine dining will enjoy eating at Murano on the Celebrity Reflection. Reservations are required and there is an extra surcharge.

Those dining in Murano should try the warm goat cheese souffle, rack of lamb, lobster, and the Grand Marnier souffle for dessert.

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Blu Restaurant

Blu Restaurant on the Celebrity Reflection cruise ship
Linda Garrison

Many who choose to stay in the AquaClass cabins or suites on the Celebrity Reflection love to use their cruise vacation for spa pampering and keeping fit. The Blu Restaurant, which specializes in "clean cuisine", is an excellent complement for the AquaClass guests. This restaurant serves many traditional favorites but strives to keep the calories down by using tasty, lower-calorie alternative sauces and ingredients.

Although AquaClass guests can use Blu exclusively for breakfast and dinner, other suite guests are allowed to book reservations in the restaurant if space is available.

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Qsine Restaurant

Celebrity Reflection - Qsine Restaurant
Linda Garrison

Qsine is one of the most innovative restaurants at sea, and guests always leave the venue talking about the exciting food experience they've shared. In addition to the Celebrity Reflection, those sailing on the Celebrity Eclipse and Celebrity Silhouette can also enjoy Qsine. The menu is composed of many small dishes, perfectly designed for tasting. It's a lot of fun. Reservations are required and there's an extra surcharge.

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Tuscan Grille Restaurant

Celebrity Reflection - Tuscan Grille Restaurant
Celebrity Cruises

The Tuscan Grille is the Celebrity Reflection's Italian steakhouse specialty restaurant. The antipasto and prosciutto are delicious starters, and it's fun to have a Caesar salad made tableside. The Tuscan Grille is located aft on deck 5 and has terrific views of the sea. The restaurant requires reservations and has an extra surcharge.

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Lawn Club Grill

Celebrity Reflection - Lawn Club Grill
Linda Garrison

The Lawn Club Grill is Celebrity's newest restaurant. It was first added to the Celebrity Silhouette and was so popular that the cruise line also added it to the Celebrity Reflection.

The Lawn Club Grill is outdoors and casual, and the food is fun and delicious. One person in each party becomes the Grillmaster and has the opportunity to prepare the menu (with the assistance of one of the professional chefs). Although grilled foods are the star of this dining venue, the flatbread pizzas and hot blueberry cobbler with ice cream are deservedly very popular. This specialty restaurant requires reservations and has an extra surcharge.

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The Porch

Celebrity Reflection - The Porch
Celebrity Cruises

The Porch is open for breakfast and lunch on the Celebrity Reflection. Situated next to the Lawn Club, it's a nice casual eatery with a small surcharge. The breakfast and lunch paninis are both very good. Reservations are not required.

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Bistro on Five

Celebrity Reflection - Bistro on Five
Linda Garrison

Bistro on Five is the Celebrity Reflection's creperie. It's fun to watch the chefs in the open kitchen at work. They make crepe-making look so easy! Since the bistro is open from 6 am until late in the night, it's a good choice for those who like to eat at odd times or who just like a delicious snack. There's a small surcharge, but reservations are not required.

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Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria

Celebrity Reflection - Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria
Linda Garrison

Like the Bistro, the Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria is located on deck 5 of the Celebrity Reflection. This casual venue has a la carte pricing and offers fresh pastries, specialty coffee and teas, after dinner drinks, and gelati.

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Opus Restaurant

Celebrity Reflection Opus Resaurant
Linda Garrison

The Opus Restaurant is the name of the main dining room on the Celebrity Reflection. Like her sister ships in the Solstice class, this restaurant is one of the most elegant main dining rooms at sea. I love the chandelier and the huge two-story glass wine tower. It's just a gorgeous venue and has seating for 1,460.

The dress code varies each night at the Opus Restaurant. Guests need to be sure and check their "Celebrity Today" daily program for the dress code. There is no surcharge to dine in the Opus Restaurant, and guests can choose from either the traditional fixed seating (two different times) or Celebrity Select Dining, which is open seating.

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Oceanview Cafe

Celebrity Reflection - Oceanview Cafe
Celebrity Cruises

The Oceanview Cafe is the Celebrity Reflection's buffet restaurant. Located on deck 14 aft, the casual venue features a nice variety of international cuisines. Open for three meals daily and late into the night, the different stations provide such items as made-to-order pasta, stir-fry, pizza and sushi, and a full salad bar at lunch an dinner. Breakfast includes made-to-order egg dishes, pancakes, waffles, and all the traditional breakfast dishes. With high ceilings and plenty of windows, the Oceanview Cafe lives up to its name. The eatery also has outdoor seating aft on deck 14.

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AquaSpa Cafe

Celebrity Reflection - AquaSpa Cafe
Linda Garrison

The AquaSpa Cafe is conveniently located in the Solarium on deck 14 of the Celebrity Reflection. The cafe has light and healthy breakfast offerings as well as a healthy-alternative lunch buffet. There is no surcharge to dine at the AquaSpa Cafe.

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Mast Grill

Celebrity Reflection - Mast Grill
Linda Garrison

Sometimes when cruising, all you want for lunch is a hamburger or a hot dog and some French fries. On the Celebrity Reflection, guests should head to the Mast Grill, which is open for lunch and through the late afternoon. It's a nice spot for lunch or an afternoon snack.