Celebrity-Owned Hotels

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Scratch a celebrity and you'll find someone who knows his or her way around hotels. Movie actors uproot themselves to go on location. Theater actors doing a play in another city need hotels for the duration of their run. And musicians, sports stars and other travelers in the celebrity limelight also see the inside of many different hotels.

All that exposure inspires some celebrity travelers to want to open, own, or invest in hotels. If you'd like to stay in a celebrity-owned hotel, you can find them in many desirable locations. You won't necessarily see the celebrity making beds or even on the hotel premises, but his or her taste should be evident throughout the property.

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Etiquette at a Celebrity-Owned Hotel

It's unlikely that you will encounter the celebrity owner when you visit his or her place, so if you're a fan and that's the only reason you're choosing to stay at the property, you may be disappointed. Most of these places are professionally managed as an investment. 

If you do visit when the celebrity is on site, respect his or her privacy. Do not ask for selfies with the famous person or interrupt a conversation to inject yourself. It is possible that the celebrity may maintain private quarters within the hotel or resort. Do not try to track the famous person or find the inner sanctum. He or she is there for some of the same reasons as you: to enjoy the surroundings and have some privacy.

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