Where Do Celebrities Hang Out in Phoenix and Scottsdale

10 Places To See Famous People

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Are you always on the lookout for celebrities? I'm not much of an autograph hound, but I know that there are large segments of our society that are just enthralled with the lives of the rich and famous. If you are one of those people, then you live in the right place -- Phoenix and Scottsdale are considered by many celebrities to be desirable locations for grabbing some sunshine, relaxation, great drinks, and great food.

There are a few places in the area where you can hobnob with the rich and famous. Fans of Heather Locklear, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and (in the past) Amy Winehouse, just to name a few, would have to check themselves into rehab to get close to them. Those of you who are rapper DMX, Charles Barkley, and Mike Tyson groupies might have had your best chance to get to know them in one of our jails.

Rehab and jail are not convenient places for most of us to meet celebrities, so here are ten public spots where you might see famous people around town.

  1. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in downtown Phoenix. Try the Executive Terminal for those that own their own jet. There's basically only one way in and one way out. 
  2. Chase Field, behind home plate. When big shots roll into town and want a couple of tickets to a Diamondbacks game, the front office can usually scare up some decent seats for them. Likewise, at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, check who's sitting in the seats on the floor at Phoenix Suns games. Same concept, taller people playing a different sport.
  3. The Arizona Biltmore. If money is no object, here's one of the finest resorts in the area. The rich and famous often lounge around here. Other resorts that famous people enjoy are Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, The Phoenician, The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess and The Boulders.
  4. Rolf's Salon. If you think this place just cuts hair, you're mistaken. A person (male or female) could spend all day there getting pampered. Some of the rich and famous do just that!
  5. There are some public golf courses in the area where you are more likely to come across famous people, although many of them will play at private clubs. If you are lucky enough to be playing golf with a famous person, be gracious if they cheat, uh, I mean, make a mistake.
  6. Cooper'stown. Alice Cooper is a local resident (and a darn good golfer) and opened this hot bar/eatery downtown. Also Maherle's. Both are in downtown Phoenix and attract mostly athletes and musicians. On the north end of town, you'll find athletes and some other notables at the Fox Sports Grill. From time to time they interview famous folks and broadcast from there.
  7. AJ's Fine Foods, Gourmet Grocery. Need some caviar, imported cheese or that special wine? Even famous people need to buy the basics. . . .
  8. The Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction. Every January you can hob-nob with people who bid on classic and expensive cars.
  9. During the month of March, baseball autograph hounds are everywhere around town for Spring Training Baseball, where you can get up close to the players at practice sessions and at the games.
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