Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Ship Interior Photos

The Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship passes the Celebrity Eclipse in the Hudson River in front of the skyline of New York City...
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    Grand Staircase

    Celebrity Eclipse - Grand Staircase
    Celebrity Eclipse (c) Linda Garrison

    Celebrity Eclipse Is Member of Solstice Class

    The Celebrity Eclipse is the third in a series of five members of the Solstice class of ships of Celebrity Cruises.

    The Celebrity Eclipse joined two other ships in the Solstice class, the Celebrity Solstice (2008) and the Celebrity Equinox (2009). The class of ships quickly become very popular and, as these photos show, her interiors are gorgeous. Since the Celebrity Eclipse was launched, Celebrity added two additional sister ships, the Celebrity Silhouette, and the Celebrity Reflection

    The Celebrity Eclipse was named on April 24, 2010, in a gala christening celebration in London. The Eyjafjallajökull volcano added some excitement to the new ship's first week in service. The pre-inaugural activities included an unexpected "repatriation" mission that evacuated stranded British tourists home from Spain. The excitement continued when the naming ceremony featured the ship's godmother, the courageous yachtswoman, and breast cancer survivor Emma Pontin.

    The Celebrity Eclipse sails the Caribbean in the winter months and Europe in the summer, with repositioning cruises between the two continents in the spring and fall.

    These Celebrity Eclipse pictures provide an excellent look at the interiors of the cruise ship.


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    Grand Lobby

    Celebrity Eclipse - Grand Lobby
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Lobby Tree

    Celebrity Eclipse - Lobby Tree
    Celebrity Eclipse

    Like her sister ship the Celebrity Solstice, the Celebrity Eclipse has a large tree in the elevator lobby.

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    Elevator Lobby

    Celebrity Eclipse Elevator Lobby
    Celebrity Eclipse (c) Linda Garrison
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    Main Foyer

    Celebrity Eclipse Main Foyer
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Celebrity Eclipse Elevator
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Team Earth

    Celebrity Eclipse - Team Earth
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Statues on Celebrity Eclipse Boulevard

    Celebrity Eclipse - Statues on Celebrity Eclipse Boulevard
    Celebrity Eclipse

    These two headless statues are located in the same place as these two are on the Celebrity Solstice. I think I like the Solstice ones better!

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    Celebrity Eclipse Library
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Deck 5 Artwork

    Celebrity Eclipse - Deck 5 Artwork
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Celebrity Eclipse - Artwork
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Celebrity Eclipse - Casino
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Celebrity Eclipse iLounge
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Fitness Center

    Celebrity Eclipse - Fitness Center
    Celebrity Eclipse

    The Celebrity Eclipse Fitness Center is located next to the AquaSpa, but has a separate entrance.

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    Celebrity Eclipse AquaSpa
    Celebrity Cruises
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    AquaSpa - Massage Table

    Celebrity Eclipse AquaSpa - Massage Table
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Persian Garden

    Celebrity Eclipse Persian Garden
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Celebrity Eclipse - AquaSpa
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Video Arcade

    Celebrity Eclipse - Video Arcade
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Kid's Area

    Celebrity Eclipse - Kid's Area
    Celebrity Eclipse
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    Cabins and Suites

    Celebrity Eclipse - Celebrity Suite
    Celebrity Cruises

    The cabins and suites on the Celebrity Eclipse are much like those in the other Solstice class Ships.<p>The 3000-passenger ship has over 1400 cabins, with 11 different cabin categories ranging in size (and price) from the 140 inside staterooms to the two luxurious penthouse suites.

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    Celebrity Eclipse - Qsine Restaurant
    Celebrity Eclipse


    The Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship has at least ten different dining options. 

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    Lounges and Bars

    Celebrity Eclipse - Cellar Masters
    Celebrity Eclipse

    Like her sister ships, the Celebrity Eclipse has at least 14 places for its guests to enjoy a drink and/or socialize with cruise friends. 

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    Outdoor Areas and Exteriors

    Celebrity Eclipse - Swimming Pool
    Celebrity Eclipse


    The Celebrity Eclipse is a beautiful ship, with interesting interior and exterior venues. In addition to the swimming pool, the pool deck has comfortable padded lounge chairs and hot tubs. The adults-only Solarium pool is indoors with a glass roof and provides a quiet respite in all types of weather.

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    Theater at the Naming Ceremony

    Celebrity Eclipse Theater at the Naming Ceremony
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Naming Ceremony

    Celebrity Eclipse Naming Ceremony
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Cutting the Ribbon at the Naming Ceremony

    Cutting the Ribbon at the Celebrity Eclipse Naming Ceremony
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Conclusion of the Naming Ceremony

    Conclusion of the Celebrity Eclipse Naming Ceremony
    Celebrity Cruises
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    Celebrity SunWalk 2010

    Celebrity SunWalk 2010
    Celebrity Cruises

    The Celebrity Eclipse naming celebration coincided with a marathon walk in Southampton, the "Celebrity SunWalk," raising funds for the breast cancer charity, "Walk the Walk." The charity was founded by Nina Barough, who served as Godmother of Celebrity Eclipse's sister ship, Celebrity Equinox.