Celebrating Passover in Paris: A Short Guide

Pascal Deloche/Getty Images

If you're going to be in Paris for Passover (referred to as "Pesach" by most French Jews and the less-than-accurate "Pacques Juive" (Jewish Easter) by some others), there are plenty of food shops and a few restaurants serving delicacies for Passover seders. Here are some ideas of where to head for the festivities. 

Celebrations in Paris: Group Festivities 

Kehilat Gesher is a Franco-American reform congregation that welcomes conservative denominations and generally sponsors a series of activities for Passover.

Kosher Food Shops and Restaurants

The Marais district in northeast Paris is home to a lively Jewish community, and the site of the "Pletzl": the neighborhood where French Jews have lived and congregated for hundreds of years, starting as early as the 13th century. Read our guide to the area around the Rue des Rosiers for ideas on where to shop and eat for Passover. 

Michel Gurfinkiel has a comprehensive online guide to kosher food shops and restaurants in Paris. Make sure to call ahead, as many shops and restaurants will be closed for part or all of Passover.

Celebrating Jewish History in Paris: Get Some Culture in Before Dark

Paris has a remarkably rich (and tumultuous) Jewish history. One way to celebrate Passover in the city might be to learn more about this centuries-old heritage. Visit the Paris Museum of Jewish Arts and History, or take our self-guided walking tour of the Marais district and the old Pletzl for a deeper look at Jewish Parisian life, past and present. To hold in memory those who suffered and perished in the Shoah, meanwhile, the nearby Shoah Memorial and Museum will allow you to contemplate the struggles, suffering, and triumphs of European Jews during the early to mid- twentieth century.