New Year's Eve in the USA: The Best Places to Celebrate the New Year

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    New Year's Eve in the United States

    New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square, New York City.
    Chun-Teh Chen/Getty Images

    New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular days of the year to go out and celebrate, saying goodbye to the past year and welcoming in the new year. And each of the USA's big cities does the night a little bit differently! From the center of Times Square to the streets of the Big Easy, here's how to celebrate New Year's Eve in the United States.

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    New Year's Eve in New York City

    Crowds Celebrating New Year On Times Square
    Nicolas Schild / EyeEm / Getty Images

    New York City is, of course, the most famous place to spend New Year's Eve in the United States, thanks to the legendary party thrown each December 31st in Times Square. Click below to learn more about the Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop and other ways to spend New Year's Eve in New York City. There are many cool ways to spend New Year’s Eve in New York, even if you aren’t standing in the middle of Times Square.


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    New Year's Eve in Los Angeles

    A stock photo of fireworks over Downtown Los Angeles, California
    LPETTET / Getty Images

    Los Angeles offers cool California breezes for ringing in the new year. It's also the place to be if you want to check out the time-honored New Year's Day tradition of the Tournament of Roses Parade in nearby Pasadena. If you don’t enjoy the North's snowy nights, escape to L.A. and experience a warmer New Year’s Eve.

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    New Year's Eve in Chicago

    New Year's Eve Fireworks, Chicago
    Leo Patrizi / Getty Images

    Chicago is brrrrisk at New Year's, but it still throws some hot parties and offers some family fun, too. If you aren’t afraid of the chill, Chicago is a must-see on NYE.

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    New Year's Eve in Washington, DC

    Traffic on the road with State Capitol Building in the background, Washington DC, USA
    Panoramic Images / Getty Images

    There are plenty of parties, balls, and bars to residents and visitors to enjoy in the Nation's Capital on New Year's Eve. Beyond the DC line, there are are family-friendly First Night celebrations in Washington's nearby suburbs, including Old Town Alexandria.

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    New Year's Eve in Las Vegas

    Series of fireworks in Las Vegas for a national holiday
    franckreporter / Getty Images

    The roster of high-rolling activity on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas is exhaustive, with blockbuster shows and loads of parties. Our guide to Las Vegas Travel has the low-down on the best nightclubs events, performances, and bars to check out on New Year's Eve.

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    New Year's Eve in Florida

    White and gold fireworks explode over a blue and white Cinderella Castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom.
    Celebrate the Spirit of the Season during the Holiday Wishes fireworks at Disney's Magic Kingdom. © The Walt Disney Company

    Head down to Miami for a wild and glitzy New Year's Eve or consider a New Year's Eve for the whole family at Disney World. Warm Florida is always a good choice for ringing in a new year.

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    New Year's Eve in New Orleans

    USA, Louisiana, New Orleans, Mississippi River and skyline illuminated at night
    Henryk Sadura / Getty Images

    Spend New Year's Eve partying on Bourbon Street, listening to jazz music, and/or anticipating the Sugar Bowl. New Orleans is always up for a party, so New Year's Eve here is an easy—or rather a "Big Easy"—choice.