Celebrate Being Irish in Brooklyn on St. Patrick's Day

New York City's St. Patrick's Day Parade
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Take your pick of ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Brooklyn! There are parades, bars, restaurants serving traditional corned beef and cabbage, and at least one wonderful shop that sells imported Irish goods, from cable knit sweaters to shamrocks and all things green.

And, one can always get in the mood through sartorial magic: rent a kilt.


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    Rent a Kilt, Buy an Irish Tartan Scarf

    What better way to celebrate one's Irish-ness than by dressing for the role? An affiliate of the Bay Ridge store Celtic Rose rents the full kilt kit for men. It includes a kilt, Prince Charlie Jacket and vest, belt and sporan. Choose from among five different tartan patterns.

    Celtic Rose also sells a variety of everyday Irish clothing, such as wool sweaters, kilts for the ladies, tartan plaid scarves, and other items from Ireland that evoke the old country.

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    Brooklyn's two most Irish neighborhoods, Bay Ridge and Park Slope, have their own neighborhood parades, complete with bagpipes and parade marshals in kilts and traditional Irish garb. It's a proud tradition.

    Get the details of when and where to join or watch the Bay Ridge and Park Slope St. Patrick's Day Parades.

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    Have a party at home. Get take-out corned beef and cabbage from a kosher deli or bagel shop

      Or head to an Irish restaurant:

      • Kettle Black in Bay Ridge is an all-purpose restaurant and bar, a good place to stop on St. Patrick's Day for that traditional corned beef and cabbage meal. (8622 3rd Avenue bet. 86th and 87th Streets in Bay Ridge)
      • Gordon Bennet Irish Pub in Williamsburg also serves authentic Irish fare.
      • Or, if you've booked way in advance, you can also get corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day at Peter Luger's in Williamsburg.



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      Do a Pub Crawl in Bay Ridge, Starting at the Wicked Monk

      Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a classic Bay Ridge pub crawl, starting at this interesting bar that irreverently boasts a bit of real Ireland.

      Wicked Monk's owners imported some wonderful pieces from a 1897 Chapel in Greenmount Monastery in Gallows Greenin, Cork, Ireland. They brought to Brooklyn an old monastery pulpit (to house a DJ), and a confessional booth (for private phone calls), and gargoyles (to leer over the enormous bar).