Ohio's Famous Cedar Point Amusement Park

Sandusky's Cedar Point Amusement Park
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If you've ever wondered, "Where's the roller coaster capital of the world?" now you know: Cedar Point, in Sandusky Ohio, makes the claim, and has often been voted the "Best Amusement Park in the World" (by Amusement Today).

On the shore of Lake Erie, about an hour and half from Cleveland, Cedar Point was already a popular spot for sailing and swimming when it got its first coaster in 1892. More rides followed, as did a boardwalk and the Hotel Breakers, still open today.

With its lakeside location, the Park still has a long stretch of sandy beach (one of the few, on Lake Erie.) But that, of course, is not the main attraction.

Cedar Point is a hot-spot for roller coasters. Tallest, fastest, steepest, vertical-loopiest - this is the place for thrills. Read more below, but note that Cedar Park is also a place with plenty for little kids and roller-coaster-'fraidy-cats too; kids, for example, love the PEANUTS (legendary comic strip characters) theming in areas such as PEANUTS Playground and Camp Snoopy.

Cedar Point Roller Coasters Include

  • Top Thrill Dragster coaster, with a 90-degree hill. (Remember your geometry lessons? That's straight up.)
  • Raptor, a steel inverted coaster
  • Mantis: built as the tallest, fastest, and steepest standup rollercoaster in the world.
  • Blue Streak: classic 37-year-old wooden coaster that's still a must
  • Corkscrew: the world's first triple-looping coaster

Also at Cedar Point

• The Cedar Point park has a huge collection of other rides as well, from wild thrill rides to tamer roller coasters; also, carousels and kiddie rides, and live shows, and two 180-hole mini-golf courses

•Soak City water park is included in Cedar Point park admission, but can also be visited separately.

•Adjacent Challenge Park has go-karts, miniature golf, X-Treme trampoline, state-of-the art games, and more (-separate admission.)

Cedar point has several areas for little kids: Planet Snoopy has train ride, teacup ride, monster trucks, bouncy tower, and more. Kiddy Kingdom, Gemini Children's Area, and Camp Snoopy are other prime kid-zones.

One caution: Cedar Point park has long hot lineups, and -- at time of writing--no line-reducing systems such as Disney's Fastpass or Universal's Express. (Check Cedar Point site for updates.)

Cedar Point Resorts

The waterfront Hotel Breakers -- a national historic landmark-- opened in 1905, and has 650 rooms and a choice location between the park and the Lake Erie beach. The Hotel Breakers is pricier than other lodgings in the area, but reportedly a place that's kept its historic feel. And of course staying on-site is convenient for a mid-day break.

Also waterfront, and owned by the Cedar Point amusement park, Castaway Bay has its own indoor waterpark (for resort guests only.)

Sandcastle Suites is another waterfront option. Visitors will also find many familiar chain hotels in Sandusky OH: Comfort Suites, Travelodge, etc.; and there's an RV-Camping village, Lighthouse Point

More about Cedar Point

  • Cedar Point is open May to October, and has water rides and its own waterpark to beat the summer heat.
  • Cedar Point has an "unofficial" fan site, PointBuzz
  • Cedar Point opens in October for HalloWeekends, with parade, Fright Zone, haunted houses for little kids, resort packages, Halloween shows, pumpkin carving, costume contests, Fright Nights on Fridays. A number of coasters and rides are open (weather permitting.)


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