Causeway Bay Hong Kong Profile

Crowd in Causeway Bay shopping district, Hong Kong

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Causeway Bay Hong Kong is one of Hong Kong’s prime shopping destinations; a rabbit warren of streets stuffed with markets and family-owned shops. The area is particularly well renowned for its independent and quirky fashion boutiques, while the massive SOGO department store also calls Causeway Bay Hong Kong home. The area isn’t rich in tourist attractions, although there are a few worthwhile sights including the spacious Victoria Park and the Noon Day Gun. The area also houses many mid-range hotels.

Causeway Bay is one of the most iconic areas in Hong Kong thanks to the crowds of shoppers and the bright lights of the neon advertising sign. It's an area best seen at night. Many of the shops in Causeway Bay keep their doors open until after 10 p.m. and the late-night crowds make New York or London look roomy. Several of the main streets have been pedestrianized to allow more room for shoppers. Causeway Bay differs from other parts of Hong Kong, notably Central, in that the majority of the shops are on the street rather than in shopping malls.

The Geography

Causeway Bay is located on Hong Kong Island to the East of the Central and Wan Chai districts. Yee Woo Street is the area’s main thoroughfare and splits the shopping district in two.

How to Get There

Causeway Bay is on the MTR subway, on the Island line (blue). The Causeway Bay station is one of the biggest in the system and has exits leading to different parts of the district. Important exits include exit A for the Times Square shopping mall and exits D3-D4 to the SOGO Department Store.

The Hong Kong tram also travels through Causeway Bay, stopping in front of SOGO. It's a great introduction to the district because you can see the crowds from the top of the double-decker tram. 

View of upper floors of Times Square shopping center, Hong Kong
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Where to Shop

Times Square is the main Causeway Bay shopping mall and SOGO is the biggest department store in Hong Kong. There is also Fashion Walk, filled with funky, independent, local retailers and the market around Jardine's Crescent. Find out more about ​where to shop in Causeway Bay.

What to See

The area’s main tourist attraction is the Noon Day Gun, set on the waterfront in front of the Excelsior Hotel. This naval canon was once owned by the immense Jardine company, a 19th century British, colonial trading house. Legend has it that the company fired the canon to salute one of their ships without seeking the approval of the governor. The governor was so annoyed that he ordered Jardine fire the gun at noon every day for-evermore.

Victoria Park is one of the city’s main stretches of green space in the heart of Causeway Bay and a fantastic respite from the shopper filled streets nearby. The park is busy from dawn, when Tai Chi practitioners stretch their limbs, to dusk, when joggers take over. The park is also one of the few in Hong Kong that actually has green grass that you can sit on without being shouted at by a park attendant. There is also a playground, tennis courts and a bike track.

If you're in town on a Wednesday evening, the bright lights and electric atmosphere of the Happy Valley races are just up the road.