Catching a Cab in Memphis

Thomas R Machnitzki via Wikimedia Commons

In Memphis, we rarely think of cabs as a standard mode of transportation. The fact is, most of us have cars. But what if you don't have a car? Or what if your car is in the shop? Or what if illness or intoxication makes it unsafe for you to drive? Taking a taxi can be a relatively convenient and economical choice for an occasional trip, particularly when you consider your alternatives:

  • While city buses are the cheapeast way to go, the bus schedule may not necessarily fit your schedule. Similarly, the bus route may not take you where you need to go.
  • If your car is temporarily out of commission, it is probably cheaper and more convenient to rent a car if you need to get around from day to day. But what if you just need to get out once or twice? A cab ride may prove to be more economical in this situation.
  • If illness or intoxication is preventing you from driving, you may be tempted just to chance it and drive your car anyway. But before you do, consider this:A 2003 Vanderbilt University study showed that a DUI in Tennessee can cost almost $16,000. This includes legal fees, an increase in insurance premiums, bail, and more. That does not include insurance deductibles if you wreck your car. Nor does it factor in your stay in jail. No matter how you add it up, a DUI is going to cost you.
    • On the other hand, the average cab fare in Memphis is $1.50 per mile. If it’s a ten mile trip from Beale Street to your home and you want to factor in a generous tip, you have spent a whopping $20.00 to get home.

    If the time comes when you do need to catch a cab, you will more than likely have to call for one. Aside from at the airport or on Beale Street, there are rarely taxis sitting around waiting for fares. Below you will find a list of some of the areas most prominent cab companies.

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