Castles-N-Coasters Amusement Park in Phoenix, Arizona

For amusement park fun for the whole family in the Phoenix area, Castles-N-Coasters near Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix is one of only a couple of places in the Valley of the Sun where the family can enjoy year-round rides, miniature golf, and an arcade, all in one location.

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Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf for People of All Ages
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Castles-N-Coasters boasts four world-class miniature golf courses with attractive courses, 18-holes each, incorporating water, landscaping, and creative design. Miniature golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Aside from the arcade, this is the only attraction at Castles-N- Coasters where there is no height requirement. Kids under 5 play free with a paying adult.

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Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats
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Much like bumper cars, bumper boats in the park's lagoon allows you to target a buddy and tap them with your boat. Previously a seasonal activity, this popular attraction has been extended year-round. There is a minimum height requirement of 44 inches tall.

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Go Karts

Go Karts are one of the most popular attractions at Castles-N-Coasters
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The Go Kart attraction track has a quarter mile of banks and hair pin curves. It has the park's strictest height requirements—riders must be 56 inches tall to ride alone or must be a minimum of 40 inches tall to ride accompanied.

The Go Karts are a favorite of parkgoers. If racing fun is on your agenda, get in line early. The Go Kart track is frequented by guests visiting for corporate parties, too.

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Get Wet at Splashdown Falls

Splashdown Falls
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At the mythical logging town of Splashdown Falls you can have fun and may get wet while doing it. Splashdown Falls is a wet roller coaster without the upside down loops. Single riders must be at least 42 inches tall, and accompanied riders must be a minimum of 36 inches tall.

Splashdown Falls is usually open year-round. During the summer months in Phoenix, this water ride is very popular. 

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Rope Walking and Zip Lines

On the Ropes and the Sky Wire
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On the Ropes is an elevated, three-story, obstacle course that will test your balance and your courage. It is a rope course with 28 different elements suited for adults and older teens.

For another way to get a great view of the entire park, you can take the Sky Wire zip line. You must be wearing shoes that will stay on (not flip flops) and you must be at least 46 inches tall and between 100 and 300 pounds to ride.

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Abundance of Rides

Rides at Castles and Coasters
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The variety of rides are the park's biggest attraction. Free Fall, like the name suggests, helps riders feel like their bottom fell out. It caters to the younger crowd. Sky Diver is the more extreme equivalent for taller thrill seekers. 

Other rides for dips and zings include the Magic Carpet ride, the Patriot Roller Coaster, and the back-and-forth and up-and-down Sea Dragon. There are several rides that are appropriate for younger children, including a memorable carousel.

There are plenty of areas where parents or kids can take a break from the sun and sit in the shade. The arcade is indoors and is a great place to beat the heat during a sunny, summer visit.

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Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars at Castles 'n' Coasters
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If you are in the mood to bump a family member or friend but don't want to do it in a boat, the park offers Ram Rods, the bumper car attraction. To ride solo in a bumper car you must meet a 50-inch minimum height requirement. You can ride accompanied if you are 40 inches or more. 

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Days of Operation

The Roller Coaster: Desert Storm
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Castles-N-Coasters is open every day but Christmas. The hours change with the seasons, days of the week, and if there are special events going on. Certain attractions and rides may be open only specific hours during their hours of operation. You can check the calendar to see if the attractions and rides that you want to experience are offered on the day you want to go.

Castles-N-Coasters is a popular place for corporate and school parties and events, and they may be closed to the public on those days. Call before you go to check the hours and make sure you can get in.

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