Where Can I See a Castle on My European Cruise?

Find a Castle, Palace, or Fortress on the Rivers and Harbors of Europe

There's something very romantic about a castle. For women, it's the idea of the princess living the life of luxury in a fortress, surrounded by hand maidens and chivalrous knights. For men, it's the idea of sword fighting, drinking, and camaraderie with their fellow musketeers. Whatever the attraction, European river cruises and ocean cruises offer cruise vacation travelers many opportunities to see and tour castles and palaces from across the centuries.

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    Castles of St. Petersburg, Russia

    Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg, Russia
    Catherine Palace

    St. Petersburg has many marvelous palaces or castles. Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and the Romanov family have palaces all over the city. The Hermitage Museum was once a winter palace, and the estates of the Catherine Palace and Peterhof are magnificent. If you love castles and well-manicured grounds, this is a great city to visit.

    Baltic cruises to northern Europe and Russian waterways cruises include St. Petersburg as a port of call.

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    Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen

    Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen
    Amalienborg Castle

    Amalienborg Castle is the home of the Danish royal family. Christiansborg Castle was also one of the homes of the royal family, but hasn't been used in over 200 years. It is now a museum and government building.
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    Three Danish Castles near Copenhagen

    Frederiksborg Slot near Copenhagen
    Frederiksborg Slot

    When your cruise ship is docked in Copenhagen, you might want to do a short driving tour into the Danish countryside and see three castles (or slots, as they are called in Denmark)--Frederiksborg Slot, Fredensborg Slot, and Kronborg Slot.

    Frederiksborg is huge and a picture-perfect castle in a beautiful setting. It's often called the "Danish Versailles". Fredensborg Slot is still used by the Danish royal family as a summer residence. Kronborg Slot is perhaps the most interesting of the three Danish castles. Although Shakespeare never visited Kronborg, he renamed the castle Elsinore and made it the setting of his famous play, "Hamlet".
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    Akershus Castle - Oslo Norway

    Akershus Castle in Oslo, Norway
    Akerhus Castle

    Akershus is one of oldest buildings in Oslo, having been constructed in the 1300's. It's easy to find since it's right across from the cruise ship pier. Oslo also has another castle--the Royal Palace of Norway.
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    Things to Do and See in Oslo
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    Steen Castle - Antwerp, Belgium

    Steen Castle in Antwerp, Belgium
    Steen Castle
    The 1,000-year old Steen Castle is on banks of the Schelde River near where cruise ships dock in Antwerp.
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    Tower of London

    Tower of London
    Tower of London

    The Tower of London is now a museum and is one of London's most popular tourist attractions. You can see the Crown Jewels, many examples of armor and medieval weapons, and of course there's those Beefeaters and ravens. London has other castles, including Buckingham Palace.

    Three ports near London--Southampton, Dover, and Harwich--are used as embarkation ports for cruises to northern Europe and the rest of the world.
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    Dublin Castle - Dublin Ireland

    Dublin Castle in Ireland
    Dublin Castle
    Although the Dublin castle is no longer the seat of English power in Ireland, the buildings that make up the 700-year-old castle grounds are still used for state functions. Dublin is a port of call on cruises to the British Isles and northern Europe.
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    Versailles Palace in Paris

    Versailles Palace in Paris
    Versailles Palace

    Many people may not think of Versailles as a castle, but it was certainly a royal residence. The baroque style is more ornate than like a fortress, but this grand building and its surrounding grounds are among the finest examples of a palace in the world.

    Paris is an embarkation port for Seine River cruises and is also a port of call for ocean cruises docking in Normandy. The City of Lights is also a perfect add-on extension for other European cruises.
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    Alhambra Palace - Granada, Spain

    Alhambra Palace in Spain
    Alhambra Palace

    The Alhambra Palace is an interesting mix of Moorish and European architecture. Originally built in the 1300's during the Nasrid Dynasty, the palace was modified by King Charles V in the 1600's.
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    Toompea Castle - Tallinn, Estonia

    Toompea Castle in Tallinn, Estonia
    Toompea Castle
    Toompea Castle is now the Estonian Parliament building.
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    Lipari Castle - Aeolian Islands of Italy

    Lipari Castle in Italy
    Lipari Castle
    Lipari is one of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Italy. The Lipari Castle sits on an acropolis overlooking the small town. It's a medieval castle, with a fascinating archaeolocial museum inside.
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    Rastatt Castle - Rhine River in Germany

    Rastatt Castle on the Rhine River in Germany
    Rastatt Castle
    Rastatt Castle can be visited from either the river ports of Speyer or Mannheim on the Rhine River in Germany. This 18th century baroque palace was modeled after the Versailles Palace in Paris. Rhine River cruises with Scenic Tours/Scenic Cruises include a candlelight dinner in the castle. It's quite a magical evening, with good food and entertainment in a marvelous setting.
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    Castles on the Romantic Rhine River in Germany

    Castle Pfalzgrafenstein and Castle Schonburg on the Rhine River in Germany
    Castle Pfalzgrafenstein and Castle Schonburg

    Because of the number of castles along a forty-mile stretch of the Rhine River (between Koblenz and Bingen), this "Romantic Rhine" area was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. Cruises sailing the Rhine River between Amsterdam and Basel, or the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers between Amsterdam and Budapest highlight this section of the river and provide narratives about the various castles.

    Sailing along this "Romantic Rhine" is a marvelous way to see a gorgeous part of Europe.
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    Reichsburg Castle - Moselle River in Cochem, Germany

    Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Germany
    Reichsburg Castle

    The Reichsburg Castle in Cochem dates back to the 11th century. The old castle has been restored and tours of the inside are available. The castle looks much like you would expect, with large rooms, fireplaces, and dark furniture. The views of the Moselle River are spectacular.
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    Wertheim Castle - Main River in Germany

    Wertheim Castle on the Main River in Germany
    Wertheim Castle

    Wertheim is a quaint town on the Main River in Germany. Like most river towns, it has its own castle, and this one dates back to the 12th century. Much of the Wertheim Castle is in ruins, but it was once one of the largest on the river.
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    Castles of Vienna - Danube River in Austria

    Belvedere Palace in Vienna
    Belvedere Palace
    Vienna has numerous castles and palaces, and they are some of the city's main attractions. Vienna is one of the most popular ports of call on Danube River Cruises. The castles include:More on Vienna - Viking Spirit Cruise
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    Prague Castle - Czech Republic

    Prague Castle in the Czech Republic
    Prague Castle

    You can't miss the Prague Castle when visiting this central European capital city. It towers over the city and offers great views from its courtyards.

    Prague is offered as an add-on river cruise extension for Danube River Cruises.
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    Durnstein Castle - Danube River in Austria

    Durnstein Castle on the Danube River in Austria
    Durnstein Castle

    The Durnstein Castle is famous because Richard the Lionheart was held captive there in 1192-1193. Durnstein is a favorite stopover for Danube River cruises, and not just because of these ancient castle ruins (although the river and vineyard views from the castle are breathtaking). The town has fascinating shops and an excellent winery tour, but is also just fun to stroll the narrow streets.
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    Schonbuhel Castle - Danube River in Austria

    Schonbuhel Castle on the Danube River in Austria
    Schonbuhel Castle
    Cruise ships sailing through the Wachau Valley of the Danube River in Austria get a good look at this beautiful castle--the Schonbuhel Castle.

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    Hinderhaus Castle - Danube River in Austria

    Hinderhaus Castle in the Wachau Valley of Austria on the Danube River
    Hinderhaus Castle

    The Wachau Valley of Austria has many castles, including this one--the Hinderhaus Castle near Spitz.
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    Budapest Castle - Danube River in Hungary

    Royal Palace of Budapest
    Royal Palace of Budapest

    Budapest is one of my favorite cities on the Danube River. Filled with mystery and intrigue, the city is split into two parts--Buda and Pest--by the river. Castle Hill sits on the Buda side of the river, and the old Royal Palace is now a museum.
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    Golubac Castle - Danube River in Serbia

    Golubac Castle on the Danube River in Serbia
    Golubac Castle

    Golubac Castle was built in the 14th century. It sits in a lovely place on the Danube River near the Iron Gates.
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    Castle of Ram - Danube River in Serbia

    Castle of Ram in Serbia on the Danube River
    Castle of Ram

    The 16th century Castle of Ram is near the village of Ram near Kostolac, Serbia and the ancient Roman archaeological site at Viminacium. More on the Castle of Ram

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    Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness in Scotland
    Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness in Scotland

    Rumor has it that that Loch Ness monster lives in a cave underneath the ruins of Urquhart Castle in Scotland. We didn't see Nessie, but enjoyed touring the castle and seeing one of Scotland's most famous Lochs.