Casino Resort Vacation Trips to Love

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One of the pleasures of traveling as an adult is that you are welcome in casino resorts on your vacation, glamorous places where a fortune can be won (or, yes, lost).

Whether you have post-wedding cash to blow, are hooked on Texas Hold 'em, or simply enjoy playing games of chance, you may want to try your luck on a casino gambling trip.

The best casino gambling spots in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean offer more than just gambling, though. Fine accommodations, great restaurants, sunshine and beaches, spas and golf courses, and other attractions can be found among select locations below.

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    USA, Nevada, downtown Las Vegas, neon signs on Fremont Street
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    Center of the universe for those who like to play, Las Vegas hotels are the ultimate vacation getaways. In this 24/7 city, you can get married, dine like a king and queen, and even commune with nature in the vast desert on your trip.​Search TripAdvisor for a Las Vegas Hotel.

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    Scenic view of an idyllic beach at Nassau, Bahamas, on Paradise Island. Caribbean and tropical beach scene at Nassau with white sand coastline and deep blue sea, Bahamas. Atlantis Caribbean beach resort at Nassau, Bahamas.
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    Atlantis casino is the largest in the Caribbean. It contains nearly a thousand slot machines, close to 3,000 guest rooms including a tower just for grownups, celebrity-chef restaurants, an amazing aqua center, and even a dolphin retreat.​Search TripAdvisor for a Hotel on Paradise Island, Bahamas.

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    Occidental Grand Aruba
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    Dry little Aruba boasts the most casinos in the Caribbean, and each of her major hotels has one. If your trip is based around gambling, you may prefer the Renaissance Aruba. Among all Aruba hotels with casinos, this one stays open 24/7 and is in the center of both the town and the action.​ Search here for an Aruba Hotel.

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    Montreal, Canada, has just one casino, the shipshape Casino de Montreal. French is spoken at the tables, but most gamblers catch on quickly when money is on the line. Away from the casino, Montreal is a sophisticated city with fine hotels, shops, and restaurants.

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    turning stone lodge rear
    ••• The first-class Lodge at Turning Stone Resort. Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Located among upstate New York farmland, Turning Stone Casino has built a world unto itself. Take a trip here, and you'll find four-star accommodations, exceptional food, golf courses, and a large spa. Unless you like to gamble, though, you won't find much else to do on a trip to this part of the state. Search for a hotel ​on TripAdvisor.

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    The beauty of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, is its beauty, a magnificent lake surrounded by mountains where couples can indulge their appetites for indoor and outdoor sports, gamble, and eat well on a trip that combines casino time with a genuine vacation.

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    Eastern Connecticut is home to two Indian casinos, the stylish Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, two of the largest casinos in the world. While the areas around these two casinos offer little in the way of tourist attractions, couples may want to combine a casino trip with a visit to appealing destinations up the road that include Newport, RI, and Boston and Cape Cod, MA.

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    The world's most glamorous casino, the elegant Casino de Monte-Carlo opened in 1863. Its decor, from crystal chandeliers to stained-glass windows, epitomizes a place that respects money. Unlike American casinos, where any shlub with cash in a stained t-shirt and dirty jeans can belly up to a table, there's a level of decorum and civility that reign here. Proper attire means you can't get in wearing shorts, sneakers or flip-flops and jackets for men are recommended after 8 pm.

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    Hundreds of gamblers play roulette and other games on the floor of Caesars Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. | Location: Caesars Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.
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    While few would opt to spend an entire vacation in Atlantic City (aside from the Boardwalk and the casinos, Atlantic City is a slum), there are good hotels and restaurants. Both the Borgata casino and hotel and the non-gaming Chelsea Hotel are oases of cool. The Pier Shops across from Caesars Palace on the Boardwalk encompass a bevy of top brands.

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    Niagara Falls Casino at night, Ontario, Canada.
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    More of a family destination than a romantic one these days, Niagara Falls does harbor three gambling casinos where adults can escape the hurly-burly of this tourist-trap town for the hurly-burly of the gambling hall.

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    This pretty lakeside town in Michigan is home to two casinos, Victories Casino & Hotel and Odawa Casino. Both are Indian casinos. Chicago residents have known about Petoskey for years; it's a great weekend getaway spot to drive to.

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