Casa Garcia Alvarado in Lima

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    Lima Hostess, Exclusive Setting


    The gracious and well-traveled Mrs. Ana Maria Garcia Alvarado de Astudillo hosts guests at her family's home, the Casa Garcia Alvarado. Built by her grandfather, the mansion in the Miraflores District of Lima was declared a National Historical Building in January 2005. Tours of the home are available to select operators seeking exclusive experiences in Peru. They include Globus, which offers the Casa Garcia Alvarado as an evening experience on its Peru Splendors Tour.

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    History of Casa Garcia Alvarado

    Casa Garcia Alvarado
    Lima's upper classes began to move out of the downtown area at the beginning of the 20th century. Miraflores was established as a residential district at that time. Elegant homes with large courtyards were the norm of the period. The Casa Garcia Alvarado was built in front of Miraflores Central Park on Avenida Larco in 1912 by the architect Rozzaga. It was remodeled in 1932.
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    History of the Family

    The home was built for the Castro Iglesias family, whose origins date back to the Colonial era. Ancestors of the family held the titles of Count of Lurigancho and Marques of Otero, for their service to the Spanish crown. The Castra Iglesias' lived in the home with their daughters Virginia and Rosa. Later, the mansion became home to the García Alvarado family, consisting of Rosa, her husband and children. The present owners, Mrs. Garcia Alvarado de Astudillo and her sister, are the daughters of Rosa.
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    Touring Lima's Elegant Past

    After enjoying Pisco sours and hors d' oeuvres served in the drawing room, guests receive a tour of the home by one of the family members. Mrs. Garcia-Alvarado de Astudillo grew up in the home in the forties, at a time when the wealthy classes in Lima still observed traditions of a bygone era.
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    Pisco Sour

    Pisco Sour, the traditional cocktail of Peru, is made with Pisco brandy.
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    Grand Salon

    Casa Garcia Alvarado
    Decorated with European furnishings and a carved wooden fireplace, the Grand Salon was the setting for a distinctive Lima tradition. Each Wednesday afternoon, family and friends were invited to high tea.
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    The Stained Glass Parlour

    Casa Garcia Alvarado
    Venetian mirrors, Tiffany lamps and Lalique crystal adorn the stained glass parlour.
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    The 1950's Bar

    Casa Garcia Alvarado
    Added to the home in 1955, the downstairs bar was a favorite place for the family to relax with visitors. Card games were frequent here, and the younger members of the family used the room for parties.
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    Outdoor Courtyard

    Casa Garcia Alvarado
    The house has a large inside garden surrounded by a Spanish-style corridor decorated with tiles from Seville, Spain. The family was known for frequent and elaborate entertaining, especially on holidays such as New Year's Eve.
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    The Bedrooms

    Casa Garcia Alvarado
    The home's bedrooms are decorated in traditional style and are all interconnected.
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    Dining Room

    The formal dining room features hand-carved solid mahogany furnishings and a grandfather clock from Germany. An antique Japanese screen conceals the service entrance.
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    Traditional Peruvian Dinner

    Guests enjoy a home-cooked traditional Peruvian meal during their visit to Casa Garcia Alvarado.