Carson Kitchen Downtown Las Vegas

••• Crispy Chicken Skins at Carson Kitchen. Photo by Zeke Quezada

You might have a vision of what Downtown Las Vegas is like and I can assure you that Carson Kitchen does not fit into your standard memory sequence. In fact I will go on record and explain to you right now that most of Downtown Las Vegas no loner appears like you might recall it or like someone you know might describe it. No, Carson Kitchen much like Downtown Las Vegas is where the cool kids are playing and you really should consider getting a new perspective on your new favorite place to play in Las Vegas.

Before you tell me you can’t find the place let me explain that Carson Kitchen is in the old John E. Carson hotel in Downtown. Right at the corner of 6th and Carson. Well...Actually the hotel is there but you’ll have to walk down Carson a bit and look for the black on dark grey sign in the window. The restaurant is that there it’s just that they have hidden the signage well enough to make sure that unless you really want to eat there you will be searching for a bit.

Before explaining that this take on small plates “Vegas style” is worth a drive to Downtown Las Vegas I should just make sure to let you know that this area of off of Fremont street is busting at the seams with new and exciting options for your Las Vegas vacation.

The room is ample for a trendy hotspot but can get crowded and generate a wait on busy weekend nights. If possible see if you can get a table at the high top that looks into the kitchen.

This spot allows you a view of what is coming out of the kitchen and since this is  a “small plates order as you get hungry” type of place you might find that seeing what other people are ordering might help you make a few tough decisions. There are some spots outside on the patio that you might enjoy for a meal and a drink and enough two top tables to even consider this a date night affair, even in the way people who really know each other go out for a date that does not have to include white table clothes and French accents.

How's The Food At Carson Kitchen

When you start considering the food you should be aware of the simple fact that there is no way you can leave without having the Crispy chicken Skins. You can try to act as if you don’t really enjoy the crust of a fried chicken but you would be lying to yourself. The crispy, salty texture combined with the honey on the side is a little gift from the culinary heavens. It is comfort food from the bottle of the chicken bucket, you remember that one piece that went forgotten after everyone else took the white meat. Indulge because you’ll find that this one starter will make you want to come back again and again. 

Moving on from the starter menu (social plates) is a challenge because this is a small plates restaurant so you'll be sharing plenty of items with your company for the meal. I suggest you bring people with small appetites who are willing to pay. The veal meatballs and the bacon Jam should find their way to your table to round out your new for salty and savory. You'll need to explore the Rainbow Cauliflower because you never could have guessed that that lifeless, colorless vegetable could produce so many flavors with a little char and some garlic and lemon juice.

Of course, how can you share a number of items without considering the mac n cheese?

If you have no aversion to splitting a burger you'll be happy with the size of the butter burger and the quality of the meat and the bun. Some places do one or the other right but Carson Kitchen has nailed down a quality burger with attention to a soft fresh baked bun quality beef and lovely boursin cheese that will make you insides tingle.

Carson Kitchen
124 South Sixth St, Suite 100
Las Vegas 89101, Downtown Las Vegas
(702) 473 -9523


Need some diversions in Downtown Las Vegas? After you meal pop into Oface Doughnuts for dessert (right next door) or walk a block east to the Downtown Container Park for an after dinner drink. Fremont Street also has plenty of old school Las Vegas diversions as well.