What is the Zip Code for Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn?

A Visit to Carroll Gardens

Evening sun on Carroll Gardens

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What is the Zip Code for Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn? The zip code for Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn is 11231. 

Of course, now that you know the zip code, you should probably know a bit more about the area. No, the this pocket of the world hasn't been immortalized on television like Beverly Hills, 90210, but it was featured in the 1980's classic film, Moonstruck, starring Cher and Nicholas Cage. The area is a haven for young families and there is a large playground in Carroll Park, which is the center of the local Brooklyn parenting scene. But you don't need a tot in tow to enjoy this charming part of Brooklyn. 

The area, once filled with Italian markets, has transformed into a neighborhood with artisanal eateries and boutiques and a public school with a bilingual french program. There are still signs of Carroll Garden's Italian roots, old timers meet at Carroll Park's bocce ball courts to play a game, and there are a handful of private Italian social clubs in the area. If you can't gain entrance to a private club, you can still have a drink at Brooklyn Social, which was a private club and is now a public bar. 

After your drink at Brooklyn Social, walk down Smith Street and dine at the many restaurants. Or wait for a table at Frankies 457, Buttermilk Channel or Prime Meats on Court Street. If you're looking for a good cup of coffee, there are also numerous cafes in the area including East One Coffee Roasters, Smith Canteen, Henry Local and many other spaces.

Pizza lovers can easily spend an entire weekend eating at the various pizzerias in Carroll Gardens, from old school joints like Giardini's on Smith Street to artisanal eats at the new Pizza Moto or Lucali. If you want to continue your pizza tour of Brooklyn, be sure to visit these restaurants

Folks crowd the aisles at Eataly in Manhattan, when they should simply head to Carroll Gardens and peruse the many Italian grocers from the famed Caputo's to G. Esposito & Sons. Or shop for cannolis and other pastries at the many Italian bakeries including Monteleone, Mazzola, and Court Street Pastry.

Across the BQE, folks can check out more Brooklyn eats in Carroll Garden's West. Walk down Union Street and you'll find one of NYC's classic restaurants, Ferninando's Focceria, which has been open since 1904, and you'll also discover great Mexican food and other good eats. 

So, don't just look up the zip code and send a letter to someone in Carroll Gardens, instead hop on the F train and explore this scenic section of Brooklyn. 

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