Carrie Trousil

Carrie Trousil is a freelance writer who has lived in the Milwaukee area for nearly ten years. Having progressed from poor college student to professional, Trousil has seen Milwaukee through a number of different lenses -- student, historian, vegetarian, carnivore, home-buyer, patient, pedestrian, gardener, reader, writer, renter, athlete, house-sitter, cinemaphile and more. She's currently renovating a home built more than 120 years ago (back when corners were not square, but nails were), and blowing off tension as a member of the Rushin' Rollettes, Milwaukee's scariest roller derby team.


Carrie Trousil has written for many publications in Milwaukee, from the hyper-local Riverwest Currents, to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Other publications include: MKE, the Outpost Exchange, the Irish American Post and the Shepherd Express. Trousil also worked as managing editor for GUMBO Teen Magazine, a bi-monthly glossy written entirely by inner-city youth.

Carrie Trousil

Milwaukee is a lot bigger than people realize. From the North Shore to Washington Park to Bay View, each section of this diverse city has its own history, vibe and vision. I've been learning about Milwaukee for ten years, and am still amazed daily when I discover a new facet to this city. Each Milwaukeean has a unique take on the world around them, and every person knows a different city -- which makes this job awesome because it gives me the chance to discover the world of my diverse neighbors.

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