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International Carrasco Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay
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Carrasco International Airport

5X7M+5G8, Capitán Juan Antonio Artigas, 14000 Ciudad de la Costa Departamento de Canelones, Uruguay
Phone +598 2604 0329

Carrasco International Airport, also known as General Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport, is the main hub for international flights to and from Uruguay. Though small, this single terminal airport is the country’s largest, with the capacity to serve four million passengers a year. Located in Ciudad de la Costa, an extension of the capital city of Montevideo, it is commonly cited as being one of the most efficient and energy-saving airports in Latin America. Reaching Montevideo's city center from Carrasco is extremely easy.

Carrasco International Airport Code, Location, and Flight Information

Know Before You Go

Carrasco International Airport consists of a single terminal with three floors servicing both national and international flights. The arrival hall is on the ground floor, the departure hall on the first, and the viewing-deck terrace on the third. The airport is full of natural light, and is safe, quiet, and not very busy. It operates as both the hub for the airline Amaszonas Uruguay and as an air base for the Uruguayan Air Force.

In recent years, the airport was remodeled to enhance its efficiency, beauty, and service capacity. The immigration process is now automated, making it easy for Americans, Europeans, Argentines, and Brazilians holding passports with electronic chips to scan them at the e-gates and pass through in minutes. Carrasco even has its own solar plant, helping it to reduce its carbon footprint. Passengers (and those waiting for passengers) can enjoy the landscaped terrace on the upper level of the airport, which offers clear views of flights taking off and landing.

Carrasco International Airport Parking

All parking options are easily accessible and can be paid with credit card or cash (pesos or dollars).

  • Standard parking: 95 pesos ($2.25) per hour or 570 pesos ($13.48) for more than six hours, up to 24 hours. This option is free if you leave the garage within 10 minutes of entry.
  • Supplier parking: 95 pesos ($2.25) per hour for long-term parking (over 24 hours).
  • Roofed parking with valet service: 690 pesos ($16.32) a day. After the first 24 hours, an additional 172.50 pesos ($4.08) will be charged per hour, up to a maximum of four hours.

Driving Directions

The airport is located off highway Route 101. Reach Route 101 by taking Avenida Italia from the city center to the roundabout near the airport and hop on Route 101. Alternatively, you can take Avenida Italia to Camino Carrasco to Route 101. The third option is to drive along the coast via the Rambla to Avenida de las Americas, then connect to Route 101. All routes should take about 40 minutes or less to reach the airport.

Public Transportation, Rideshares, and Taxis

You can take a public bus, airport shuttle, taxi, Uber, or remis to go between the airport and downtown. Montevideo does not have a metro system.

  • Public buses: Bus companies C.O.P.S.A., COT S.A., and CUTCSA all provide service between the airport and the city center. The cost ranges from 65 to 196 pesos ($1.54 to $4.64), and must be paid in cash. You can catch the bus right outside the terminal; any bus which says "Montevideo” will take you into town, and most will stop at Rio Branco bus station or Plaza Independencia. If you want to go to Tres Cruces (the bus terminal connecting Montevideo to other cities), ask the driver to alert you when you are there, as most buses stop outside of and not in the terminal itself. Buses run every 10 to 15 minutes between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., and every 30 to 35 minutes outside of those hours. Expect the trip to take about an hour.
  • Airport shuttles: These are minibuses you can book with Taxi Aeropuerto Carrasco in the arrival hall. They take you to your desired location in Montevideo and cost 400 pesos ($9.46). They leave when they reach the minimum number of five passengers, but they have a capacity for 12. Depending on the number of passengers and destinations, they can be quite quick or take up to an hour to reach your destination.
  • Taxis: The taxi stand is in front of the arrival hall. The fare is about 1,350 pesos ($31.93) to Tres Cruces and 1,650 pesos ($39) to the city center. Note that taxis can be quite cramped. If you’re going all the way into Montevideo, an Uber or remis will be a more comfortable option for about the same price or less.
  • Remises: Remises are a door-to-door private taxi service common in South America. You can book with BYB Remis if you want a remis company with English-speaking drivers. Prices will be comparable to taxis.
  • Uber: An Uber from the airport to the city center will cost around 770 pesos ($18.21) and 650 pesos ($15.37) to Tres Cruces Terminal. This will be the best option for price, comfort, and efficiency.

Where to Eat and Drink

  • McDonald’s: Cheap, fast, and you know what to expect. It’s located in the arrival hall.
  • McCafe: This slightly upscale version of McDonald’s serves coffee and pastries. You'll find locations in both the arrival and departure halls.
  • Starbucks: Located in the departure hall; get your coffee and snacks before takeoff.
  • Partria: The only sit-down restaurant in the whole airport, Patria offers typical Uruguayan food like steaks, empanadas, chivito, and vegetables grown from their own hydroponic garden. Expect decent quality and high prices. There are three locations throughout the airport.

Airport Lounges

Carrasco only has one lounge, the Aeropuertos VIP Club Partidas, located on the airside of the departure hall. With an area for working and an area for relaxing, drinks, and showers, it’s open 24 hours a day to members of certain airline loyalty programs (like LATAM’s) for free; for non-members, the walk-in fee is $70.

WiFi and Charging Stations

The airport has free WiFi; connect to the “Antel-Wi-fi” network. Power outlets are located throughout the airport.

Carrasco International Airport Tips & Facts

  • The best views at the airport can be seen from the airy, bright terrace on the third floor.
  • You can visit the onsite Colonel Jaime Meregalli Aeronautical Museum to learn more about aviation.
  • If you do not want a porter to help with your bags, either firmly tell them “No, gracias,” or do not make eye contact. If you do let them help you, they will expect a small tip of about 20 pesos or $1.
  • The white, undulating roof of the airport was inspired by the sand dunes of Uruguay’s beaches.
  • Since the 2009 renovations, the airport charges $40 per passenger as a tax to make up its remodeling costs. This is usually added into the ticket price, but if not, you can pay it at the airport fee counter, next to the check-in counter.
  • Get your nails done, your eyebrows waxed, or a haircut at Peluqueria Aeropuerto, located next to the arrival hall.
  • Carrasco was the first Latin American airport to run partially on solar energy.
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