The Carnival World & Seafood Buffet Buffet at Rio All-Suite Hotel Casino

Now Part of the Carnival World Buffet

Photo Courtesy of Harrah's

If you remember the seafood buffet you might be disappointed to find that the Carnival World Buffet has now been combined with your favorite spot for crab legs to form one giant food feast. This combination of great eats is probably for the best because it allows for a little more protein with your diet.

The Bottom Line

If you love seafood it's a great meal, if you love to eat you will be blown away by how well the food is prepared, displayed and served. The Village Seafood Buffet is what Las Vegas Buffets will aspire to become. Precise flavors that fill your mouth with wonderment. If you are not a seafood lover the carving station will beckon you to ridicule any other you have ever visited. You might forgo the steakhouses of Las Vegas for a trip to the Village Seafood buffet.


  • The Service - Like knowledgeable tour guides the servers are top notch
  • The Variety in Cuisine - The Pacific Rim? Baja? Mediterranean? It's all covered.
  • The Room -This is not your typical Las Vegas buffet , it has a "New Vegas" vibe
  • Oh , yeah, shellfish, unlike any flavors you have had before
  • So you need beef? The brisket, the flank steak, the prime rib. You might not be able to handle it.


  • The line to get in. It's good, so everyone wants a piece of the action
  • The price. $34.99 per person for a buffet? You'll walk out convinced it's worth it.
  • The limits of the human body, you will fill up before you can fully experience everything


  • The clams and mussels transported me to a beach side picnic in Veracruz. I could have had a few dozen more.
  • The Thai bbq prawns are a mess, but the bell pepper snap in your mouth and you soon forget that you have to peel the shrimp
  • Sushi that rivals your favorite sushi bar at home. Yeah, they have spicy tuna rolls and yes, have as much as you want.
  • Marinated Calamari and Bay shrimp salad is so good you can almost see the Greek Islands as you frolic in the gentle surf.
  • The soups - Clam chowder is fine but the Brazilian Shrimp with okra turned me inside out. I had to hit that twice!
  • Lobster Tails and Crab Legs are staples at the Village Seafood Buffet but there is no shame in loading up on the crustaceans
  • Flank steak, brisket and prime rib that apparently hold all the juice of the dry beef you find around town
  • Seafood pasta is that blend of flavors that speak of artery blocking goodness. Yeah, incredible!
  • Dessert - gelato is what you need to know. Pistachio nut and Elvis Flavor. Yeah, the King has a gelato named after him.
  • Did I mention gelato? Peanut butter and banana have never tasted so good.

The Cost of the Buffet:

$34.99 with Saturday and Sunday brunch served from 9 3 p.m. for $29.99

The Village Seafood Buffet at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is now Part of Carnival World Buffet

The view from within the new Rio seafood buffet is what one would expect of a restaurant that you would find tucked away in one of the Luxury resorts on the strip. You get the sense that the designers felt the pull of the ocean currents and gently flowed through the room to create a comfortable dining room. The clean sight lines, modern decor and a new lighting scheme help you erase the visions of plates piled high with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and prime rib.

That's not to say that you won't find those items at the new Rio seafood buffet, it's just that with the proliferation of flavors and aromas that surround the food stations, you won't ever find them and you won't look for them.

You will separate your food in such an anal way so as to avoid combining flavors that were meant to be savored on their own. Listen when I say this; savor the moment and every bit of the dining experience you get when you decide to dine here. Fine dining is being redefined in Las Vegas and the Village seafood buffet is doing just that to the Las Vegas buffet experience.

Customer service is off the charts, when you dine here your server not only knows enough about every dish, they will help you decide where to direct some extra attention. It’s a simple formula. Each server has tried each dish, they know what works and they can help you make the most of this culinary adventure. You are touring the culinary treats of different cultures and they are there to lead you through. Utilize them.

I should mention that if you happen to enjoy gelato, you might want to have dessert first and embark on a journey through the flavors that made you race after the ice cream truck as a kid. Except, this is where the idea of a self imposed sugar rush have matured and you will be glad that you can appreciate the proper pairing of sugar cookies to Pistachio Nut gelato.

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