Carnival Liberty Dining Venues and Cuisine

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    Carnival Liberty Dining - appetizer
    ••• This was one of my favorite Carnival Liberty appetizers--tuna tartare, shrimp, and smoked salmon. Yummy!. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    The Carnival Liberty is a large mainstream cruise ship owned by Carnival Cruise Lines that sails 7-day cruises to the eastern and western Caribbean year-round. The ship carries over 3000 guests and was launched in 2005. The Carnival Liberty was the first Carnival ship to undergo the $500 million fleetwide Fun Ship 2.0 enhancements in late 2011, and these changes included the addition of some great new casual dining venues on the cruise ship. The 2.0 changes will be rolled out to the entire Carnival fleet through 2015.

    There's at least a dozen places to dine on the Carnival Liberty, each offering a variety of cuisines. Except as noted below, all are included in the base cruise fare.

    • Golden Olympian Dining Room
    • Silver Olympian Dining Room
    • Emile's Bistro (Casual Buffet, Deli, Pizza Bar, and Mongolian Wok)
    • Blue Iguana Cantina
    • Fish & Chips
    • Guy's Burger Joint
    • Harry's Steakhouse - fixed surcharge of $30 per person
    • Origami Sushi Bar
    • Jardin Cafe - a la carte pricing

    In addition to...MORE these dining venues, the Carnival Liberty also has a special Chef's Table dinner with a surcharge of $75 per person. This dinner starts with hors d'oeuvres in the gallery, followed by dinner designed by Carnival's master chefs in either one of the dining rooms or in a intimate, quiet room on the ship like the library. These dinners are limited to 12 persons.

    The Carnival Liberty also has 24-hour complimentary room service.

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    Golden Olympian Dining Room

    Golden Olympian Dining Room
    ••• The Golden Olympian Dining Room on the Carnival Liberty is one of two large dining rooms on the cruise ship. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    The Golden Olympian is one of the two main dining rooms on the Carnival Liberty. This dining room is located midship on decks 3 and 4 and is used for Carnival's "Your Time Dining". Guests who select this dining option when booking can dine anytime they choose between 5:45 and 9:30 pm each evening. They can meet and dine with the same group or eat with different people each evening.

    The Golden Olympian Dining Room and Silver Olympian Dining Room serve the same menus each evening. Guests also get the same entertainment from the waiters and other dining staff. It's all fun, but in a nice environment, with good service and a very good selection of dishes.

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    Silver Olympian Dining Room

    Carnival Liberty Silver Olympian Dining Room
    ••• Carnival Liberty Silver Olympian Dining Room. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    The Silver Olympian Dining Room is the largest dining venue on the Carnival Liberty. This room is located aft on decks 3 and 4 and offers the same menu as the Golden Olympian.

    The Silver Olympian Dining Room is used for traditional fixed seating at two times each evening--6:00 pm or 8:15 pm. Guests will need to choose which type of dinner seating they wish when they book their cabins--either fixed in this dining room or open seating in the Golden Olympian Dining Room.

    I thought the food was very good, with some items excellent (like the hot chocolate melting cake that's on the dinner menu every night). Memorable appetizers included Oysters Rockefeller, escargot, a seafood sampler, and an asparagus vichyssoise soup. Main courses that we wanted (but didn't order) a second helping included a fish dish, shrimp, lobster, and a nice steak. In addition to the chocolate melting cake, the ship featured other good desserts, including the ever-popular Baked Alaska. We sat at a table for six...MORE in the Golden Olympian, and I think everyone enjoyed their dinners.

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    Emile's Bistro - Casual Buffet, Deli, Pizza Bar, and Mongolian Wok

    Emile's Bistro on the Carnival Liberty
    ••• Emile's Bistro on the Carnival Liberty includes a Casual Buffet, Deli, Pizza Bar, and Mongolian Wok. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    Emile's Bistro is the large casual dining venue aft on deck 9. Emile's serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and features a wide selection of international cuisines.

    The buffet lines have a similar breakfast each day, with all the usual American and English breakfast foods. There's even a separate omelet station that also serves eggs cooked to order. Sometimes the line is a little long, but moves quickly. The fruit bar is also popular, but the choices are good.

    Lunch includes buffet items, but diners can also enjoy the delicious Mongolian wok. Although there is usually a line, the wait is worth it. If you don't want stir-fry, the pizza bar is open 24 hours a day. Sometimes a sandwich from the deli is just what you want, and the one in Emile's is usually open from 11 am to 11 pm.

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    Blue Iguana Cantina

    Blue Iguana Cantina on the Carnival Liberty
    ••• Blue Iguana Cantina on the Carnival Liberty. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    Who doesn't like Mexican food? It's certainly one of my favorites, and the Blue Iguana Cantina outdoors on the Lido deck next to the BlueIguana Tequila Bar serves up some good burritos or tacos. There are three meat selections, and a large variety of stuffings like cheese, rice, and beans. Nearby is a large salsa bar, with a great selection of toppings.

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    Fish & Chips

    Carnival Liberty - Fish & Chips
    ••• Fish & Chips is upstairs from Emile's Bistro on deck 10 aft. It serves ceviche, fish soups, fried fish, and fried oysters. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    The Fish & Chips food court eatery is a little difficult to find. It's upstairs from Emile's Bistro on deck 10. It only takes most Carnival Liberty passengers a couple of days to find it, so it's a good idea to try early in the cruise. Fish & Chips not only has fried fish and French fries (chips); it also features fried oysters, fish soups, and cold fish appetizers like ceviche.

    Hint: The upstairs dining area near Fish & Chips is usually a little quieter than the hustle and bustle seen at Emile's. It's perfectly okay to get a plate from the buffet, Blue Iguana Cantina, Mongolian Wok, deli, or pizza bar and take it to this seating area.

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    Guy's Burger Joint

    Carnival Liberty - Guy's Burger Joint
    ••• Guy's Burger Joint is the casual hamburger stand on the Carnival Liberty. In my opinion, it features the best hamburgers at sea. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    Guy's Burger Joint was added to the Carnival Liberty as part of the Fun Ship 2.0 enhancements, and I think this terrific hamburger stand will be a big hit. It certainly was with us!

    Carnival partnered with Food Network celebrity chef Guy Fieri to develop the concept for the casual eatery. The burgers are delicious, and there's a nice "fixins" bar where you can add a wide variety of toppings to your burger. Many were trying the burger topped with chili or cheese, but I liked mine plain, topped with grilled onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. Delicious!

    Guy's Burger Joint is open most days from noon to about 9:30 pm, so it's a perfect spot for a late lunch if you've been ashore. The burger stand is located outdoors next to the Lido pool. Seating is available outside or indoors at Emile's.

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    Harry's Steakhouse Restaurant

    Carnival Liberty - Harry's Steakhouse Restaurant
    ••• Harry's Steakhouse serves delicious prime steaks and seafood on the Carnival Liberty. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    Harry's Steakhouse is the only dining venue on the Carnival Liberty with a fixed extra surcharge ($30 per person). Named for the famous jeweler Harry Winston, the dining room is decorated with jewels and is very elegant. Located in a quiet spot midship on deck 10, Harry's is perfect for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. Reservations are required.

    As expected, Harry's menu is filled with delectable cuts of prime beef, along with lamb, chicken, fish, and seafood items. The surf & turf combination of a filet and lobster tail is one of the most popular items. The portion sizes at Harry's are much larger than you would expect at an upscale dining room since usually the higher the price, the smaller the servings. So, be sure to go hungry or don't order as many different items if you like to clean your plate.

    My husband Ronnie and I dined at Harry's and really enjoyed our meal. Ronnie had lobster bisque, salad, and surf & turf (lobster and filet mignon). I...MORE had tuna tartare, beefeater tomatoes and Gorgonzola cheese, and surf & turf. All were Delicious. Ronnie had the cheesecake for dessert, but since I was stuffed, I limited myself to the sorbet.

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    Origami Sushi Bar

    Carnival Liberty - Origami Sushi Bar
    ••• Origami is the Carnival Liberty's sushi bar, conveniently located on the Promenade. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    The Origami Sushi Bar on the Carnival Liberty's Promenade is a great place for a snack before dinner. Located on the busy Promenade on deck 5, Origami is open from 5 pm to 8:15 pm most nights. The selection is small--only two different rolls per night--but the sushi is fresh and complimentary. Since we had the late dinner seating, Ronnie and I enjoyed a late afternoon sushi snack most days before getting ready for dinner, as did many of the other Carnival Liberty passengers. There's also saki to wash it down (for an extra fee).

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    Jardin Cafe

    Carnival Liberty - Jardin Cafe
    ••• Those who love their premium coffees and don't mind paying extra for them will need to check out the Jardin Cafe on the Carnival Liberty's Promenade. Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison

    Many travelers insist on having their premium coffee drinks, so the Carnival Liberty has its own patisserie, complete with pastries, desserts, and various coffee drinks. Other than Harry's, this is the only eatery on the Carnival Liberty with a fee. (All prices are a la carte.)